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Requirements of the Client [The Challenge]

Canbury Constructions holds a reputation of delivering masterpieces of excellence in each of their projects.

It was time for us to showcase our innovation and creativity at the highest level and ensure that we not only meet the client’s expectations but actually exceed them.

Moreover, 89 was a big number for us but we were confident about it as we had all the right expertise and professional kitchen team to complete the same.

But, the biggest challenge?

It was to deliver 89 kitchens that are functional, practical, aesthetically appealing and user-friendly with utmost perfection, accuracy and within the promised time.

Large living room integrated with kitchen and exotic furniture

Services We Delivered [Our Strategy]

Being renowned as the best Kitchen Manufactures in UK, something extraordinary was obviously expected from us.

From design till final execution, we were given responsibility to handle each and every aspect of the kitchens at Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments.

The best part was that, the client hired us in the initial stages when the architect was developing the layout of the bathrooms, living spaces and kitchens.

The strategy was simple, “Form Follows Function”.

Discussions & Kitchen Layouts

The work kick started with conducting several rounds of discussions and requirement analysis between our experienced professionals and other stakeholders at Canbury Constructions.

Brainstorming was done to finalize the kitchen layouts that work best for the proposed kitchen to make it convenient, functional and aesthetically appealing.

Something that reflects Canbury Constructions’ brand image as well!

The conclusion:

  • Open plan kitchen style was finalized with L-shaped, small L-shaped and straight layouts.
  • These layouts opened a good space for living and dining areas.
  • Appliances were also sorted that followed 2D elevation plans.

2D Plans

To get a better idea on the functional deliverables and the space utilization, 2D elevations plans for all the three layouts were drafted.

This gave a clear picture to the client on how the appliances would be integrated, the worktop area and other spacing needs.

After the 2D drafts, now was the time to work over the finishes, colour and material selection and without rendering things were IMPOSSIBLE!

3D Visualization and Rendering

When it comes to infusing life into 2D plans and the client’s vision, TEL Kitchens stands unprecedented.

We have the best team of 3D rendering artists along with high-tech software that enable us to deliver highly precise, engaging and impactful renders, that completely caught the client’s attention.

Whether its cutlery drawers, wicker baskets, lighting, magic corners or lacquer/veneer finish, 3D renders enabled the stakeholders to visualize each and every single aspect of the kitchen design in a detailed manner before the actual process got kick started.

The feedback was collected and the kitchen design was refined.

Now, the design was sent for the final approval.

Manufacturing & Installation

After receiving an affirmative response from the client, manufacturing for kitchens began in our workshop.

89 kitchens was a big number and anyhow we need to manage both time and client’s expectations at the same pace along with high-quality.

The matchless passion for excellence held by our skilled labours and professional craftsmen enabled to complete the entire manufacturing process as per the set timelines.

In no time, all the kitchen components and appliances were transported at the location. Zero delays as we have our own logistics and partners for most of the appliances brands.

Our expert technicians and experienced kitchen installers, installed and integrated the kitchens components to full accuracy with attention to even the smallest screw that needs to be placed.

The beautiful 89 modular Kitchens for Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments were complete and delivered BEFORE TIME.

What Makes this Kitchen a Success? [The Best of us]

The client was highly impressed with our quality delivered that too before time.

The kitchens were designed with a view to embrace modernity. While some kitchens are made using space-conscious planning, some flaunt spatial freedom.

The furnishings are well-finished, allowing the kitchens to make a statement about class and quality.

A set of ambient lightings brighten up the kitchens enough to aid with visibility while also maintaining a soothing environment.

Besides our expertise, the success of this project had three aspects:

Drawing of kitchen elevation plan


  • The L-shaped layout turned the kitchen more spacious, flexible and separated the work zones. The plan encourages high accessibility throughout the design.
  • The straight layout effortlessly adapted to reflect a luxury lifestyle with easy access and zero compromise on the storage spaces.
  • The small L-shaped layout helped adding clever space solutions within a limited space. Even in such a significant restriction, the design doesn’t lose its user-friendliness

The specifications:

  • A marble splashback binds the contemporary and rustic furniture, illuminating lamps and comfortable seating together, pronouncing the kitchens of the Eastlight Apartments as state-of-the-art.
  • Eye-catching beautiful lacquer or veneer finish, featuring cutlery drawers, magic corners & vegetable drawers where appropriate.
  • Recessed lighting for high level units.
  • Spacious stone worktop with stainless steel undermounted single/double sink as appropriate with single lever kitchen mixer.
  • Siemens integrated microwave oven or microwave combination oven, multi-function dishwasher, tall fridge freezer or under counter fridge, coffee machine.
  • Wine cooler unit.
  • Built-in canopy extractor hood.
  • Pull out waste and recycling bins.

Straight Modular Kitchen Plan

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Plan


  • Modern and appealing
  • Comfort, convenient and user-friendly
  • Practical and efficient use of every inch of space
  • Spacious with high quality fittings and finishing
  • Completely Ergonomic
  • User-friendly

Kitchens Available

For a new experience of life

Delish Gold

A generous shower of golden light often identifies with luxe. Coupled with clever corner utilisation, this kitchen is made to complement a specific lifestyle.

Simply Diced

This collection of cubed storage spaces is lovingly curated to surpass expectations. From appliances to accessories, there is nothing that this kitchen design can’t accommodate.

Grilled Streaks

Don’t like displaying items in the kitchen? This kitchen embraces handle-less cabinets that offer a space-conscious interior and spacious internal storages at the same time.

Grey Ghost (Compact)

Perfect for those who don’t spend much of their time in the kitchen, Grey Ghost is a conservative design that only incorporates what’s essential.

Grey Ghost (Grand)

When it comes to luxury, you can’t compromise. This kitchen design incorporates all the essentials from its miniature contemporary but comes with a dash of extravagance.

Charming Routine

There’s beauty in the most ordinary things. If you appreciate simplicity, there’s nothing better than going for a kitchen design that you’re familiar with and already love.

Analysis [The Conclusion]

The 89 modular kitchens delivered by TEL Kitchens soon became the focal point of marketing strategy for the Client.

The project – Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments soon witnessed an exceptional growth in queries and became one of the most admired properties in the area.

The trust shown by Canbury Constructions while handling over the project for a huge 89 kitchens eventually helped establishing our expertise over delivering large number of kitchens at one single time.

This project turned out to be a game changer for us that established our authority in the market to deal with any project, irrespective of size, complexity and number.

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