pinterest Case Study: 89 Exclusive Modular Kitchens at Luxe Towers


For a new experience of life

Delish Gold

A generous shower of golden light often identifies with luxe. Coupled with clever corner utilisation, this kitchen is made to complement a specific lifestyle.

Simply Diced

This collection of cubed storage spaces is lovingly curated to surpass expectations. From appliances to accessories, there is nothing that this kitchen design can’t accommodate.

Grilled Streaks

Don’t like displaying items in the kitchen? This kitchen embraces handle-less cabinets that offer a space-conscious interior and spacious internal storages at the same time.

Grey Ghost (Compact)

Perfect for those who don’t spend much of their time in the kitchen, Grey Ghost is a conservative design that only incorporates what’s essential.

Grey Ghost (Grand)

When it comes to luxury, you can’t compromise. This kitchen design incorporates all the essentials from its miniature contemporary but comes with a dash of extravagance.

Charming Routine

There’s beauty in the most ordinary things. If you appreciate simplicity, there’s nothing better than going for a kitchen design that you’re familiar with and already love.


The 89 modular kitchens delivered by TEL Kitchens soon became the focal point of marketing strategy for the Client.

The project – Luxe Tower and Eastlight Apartments soon witnessed an exceptional growth in queries and became one of the most admired properties in the area.

The trust shown by Canbury Constructions while handling over the project for a huge 89 kitchens eventually helped establishing our expertise over delivering large number of kitchens at one single time.

This project turned out to be a game changer for us that established our authority in the market to deal with any project, irrespective of size, complexity and number.