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Want to create an impact in the kitchen? Nothing works as instantly as red. From modern, farmhouse, classic to transitional, red paint in kitchens suits every interior. A Red kitchen is attention grabbing and leaves a strong impression at a single glance. You can choose to be bold or subtle by picking the different shades of red.

Range of Red Kitchen Designs

  • Modular Kitchens: Kitchens with modern setting, sleek design, minimal detailing, open floor plan, simple colour palette and can be customized. Red modern kitchens are suited for all space sizes. They make the most out of a room. Expect to have smart units, appliances and a highly functional space. With modern kitchens in red colours, the
  • Traditional: Red traditional kitchens are one of the most famous. They feature classic design elements, natural material fittings, simple stone worktops, warm ambient lighting and some interesting details. Such kitchens in red have standout features such as panelled doors, bold accessories, brass units and glass doors.
  • Transitional: The kitchens which are neither truly modern nor traditional but are a combination of both. Such kitchens feature mixed design elements from both periods. Red transitional kitchens are perfect for people who want to incorporate contemporary functionality and rustic charm. These culinary spaces are flexible, bright and inviting.
  • Italian Kitchens: Italian kitchens come in both modern and traditional styles. They elevate the comfort, looks and practicality of kitchens. Their sleek and clean lines make them put together. Choosing red Italian kitchens means choosing the full package for upcoming decades. Italian kitchens in shades of red are the epitome of balance between art & design.
  • German Kitchens: German fitted kitchens are known for their high-end functionality, top-notch materials and a space designed with advanced engineering. Most of the Red German kitchens are based on modular design principles. Their ergonomic design makes people relaxed, jolly and comfortable while cooking.
  • Handless Kitchens: Kitchens without handles are handleless kitchens. A red handleless kitchen looks bold, charming and organized. Since all of the storage solutions, appliances, and utility units are integrated. The racks, drawers, cupboards and any other pantry are built-in. Such culinary rooms are easy on the eyes, airy, fresh and minimalistic.
  • Island Kitchens: It is the type of kitchens with a freestanding countertop either at the centre, side or parallel to the worktop. The freestanding structure is called an island and a kitchen with it is known as an island kitchen. A red island kitchen has superior functionality, style and space. You can prepare and eat food using the island. Kitchen islands can be stationary as well as moving. They are typically designed to match the aesthetics & style of kitchens.

Shades of Red Kitchens

  • Dark Red Kitchens: All dark shades of red come under this category. It is perfect for bright, vibrant and flashy kitchens. Most of the industry settings prefer dark tones of red in kitchens. These fitted dark red kitchens look inspiring and work great for open spaces. If you have a large sized kitchen with a lot of glass windows; it’s a good-to-go. Also, for island culinary rooms, dark red cabinetry leaves a nice impression.
  • Light Red Kitchens: Light red kitchens neutralize the space, offering harmony and tranquil ambience. Works wonders for small spaces. This is because light shades reflect light and give an illusion of large dimensions. Introduce a friendly, cool, and chic environment for cooking & socializing with fitted kitchens in light red colour. Add beautiful accent lighting, especially with a warm white tint to accentuate its beauty even more.
  • Cranberry Crunch: The kitchen’s beauty goes above and beyond with a cranberry crunch red kitchen. They look ultra-polished and expensive. The kitchens with cranberry red shade can be decorated with a glossy finish. It leaves an eye-catching impression when mixed with white countertops. Use cranberry as cabinetry and white for the island, worktop and walls.
  • Roasted Red: A roasted red kitchen makes your space look beautifully elegant. This colour scheme is awesome for people looking to soften the interior. Combine with grey of the same texture, or add stainless steel cabinetry. Add wooden stools. Lamps overhead or task lights are ideal for creating a gentle ambience.
  • Ruby Red: Add a warm and welcoming taste inside your vibrant kitchen with a ruby shade of red. It’s ideal for homeowners looking for understated tones of red in the kitchen. We want you to consider light wooden pieces for countertops and cabinet units. Add glass windows, doors and some lamps to create an illusion of a bright & open space. Prefer using white shades on the walls.  Fitted red kitchens in ruby shade easily blend with charcoal grey base units as well.
  • Burgundy: A deep red or burgundy kitchen mostly suits the traditional or rustic settings. It adds more depth when combined with a pastel red. Modern red burgundy kitchens with gloss finishing never fail to leave an impact. Worktops in such spaces should be painted with the same colour or install quartz, granite or marble.

Colour That Combines Well with Red Kitchens

  • Red and Cream Kitchens –This duo can brighten up a modern red-fitted kitchen. Cream balances out the vibrancy of red. It is widely used in country-designed spaces and shaker styles of kitchens. Use cream for the floor, worktop, walls, and ceiling. You can use washed wood or tiles in this shade. It makes the kitchen look insanely beautiful
  • Red and White Kitchens – Is red a too bold choice for a kitchen? The white colour when combined with red shade level up the entire game. You can still show off the red by painting the worktop, cabinetry and the splashback in red. We suggest keeping the background in white. It settles down the look and is really an amazing combination.
  • Red and Black Kitchens – Sounds uncommon? Add drama and mystery with the splash of black and red shades. Using the brick splashback in red with a plain black countertop and cabinets works great in an L-shaped layout. Skip on the glossy finish. Let the matte texture create harmony inside the culinary room—a muted grey addition used along leaves a classic influence.
  • Red and Pastel Shades – We cannot skip on red and pastel shades when talking about red kitchen colour combos. The blend of both shades create spaces where you would love to spend time in. Try adding pastel shades of orange, brown, pink, and red itself. Pair such contrasts with metallic brass accents and silver finished crockery.

Best Modern Red Kitchens: Customized Yours with Us!

Modern red kitchens are coming again in trend they make the perfect hub inside your home. Modernise your space with beautiful shades of red with the best kitchen fitters in the UK. With the top kitchen experts, you can share your unique requirements and have the fitted kitchen of your dreams. TEL Kitchens designs bespoke red kitchens offering you different models, materials, styles, and functions that also in a surprising price range. We are the best kitchen design & fitting company in London which people trust. Our pride lies in matching the needs & desires of our customers. Talk to us to share yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with you for red kitchen fitting services in the UK?


Simply contact us through call, email or text. We will plan the appointment. The team will schedule further meetings to collect your project of red kitchen manufacturing.

Are red kitchens in trend?


Yes, red is an energetic colour, it leaves a bold and vibrant impact. They are always in trend.

What colour accessories to choose for a bespoke fitted red kitchen?


Use accessories that dominate the red colour and do not clash with it. Black, stainless steel and wooden kitchen accessories work well with a red bespoke kitchen.

How do I keep my glossy red kitchen subtle?


Incorporate white and beige, and use it on walls, floors, backsplash and countertops. Use red for wall units or some décor. This way you can keep the kitchen in red understated.

Do you guide appliances and colour shades for red kitchens?


Yes, our expert kitchen designing team in London offers friendly advice to their clients about the right selection of appliances and best colour combinations for red kitchens.


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