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Black and White Kitchen

Stand out from the crowd with monochromatic white and black kitchens

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Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

Black & white kitchens are dark & mysterious and create the ultimate cooking zone. They balance the tranquility of white and the vibrancy of black. This yin and yang combination of black and white kitchen adds perfect harmony inside the cooking place. It nicely complements modern, traditional and transitional kitchen styles. The undefined beauty of these kitchens is the topic of discussion among homeowners in the UK. This lovely combination makes their culinary rooms appealing and functional.

When this monochromatic combination is used, one of the two colours takes the lead while the other highlight accent features. One shade is kept dominant rather than giving prominence to only one. For instance, black kitchen units such as cabinetry, appliances, and accessories are combined with white walls, ceiling or floors. Most of the experienced kitchen experts in London follow this design principle. However, bespoke black and white kitchen solutions give endless possibilities.

Classic black and white kitchens have been popular since the first stylish home kitchens became popular centuries ago. TEL Kitchens is the eminent kitchen manufacturing company in London, offering bespoke modern white and black kitchen design & fitting solutions. With gorgeous designs crafted by our talented craftsmen, you will find your dream kitchen in no time.

Want to get started with the UK’s best kitchen fitting firm? Consultation will be free without any obligation; our project management team actively look after progress throughout the installation. Contact us to know more.

What Colour Walls with Black and White Kitchens

A kitchen with black cabinets and white worktops or vice versa needs to be balanced with a sleek wall colour. Wondering the best combinations to use with this monochromatic combo? Here you go:

  • Green: The pop of green in black & white culinary space bring it to the life by adding the energetic sprinkle. Try out sage, army green, tea, jade and hunter shades of green with this combination.
  • Grey: Grey looks wonderful in big spaces especially when black is used as an accent shade. In other words, where the dominant colour is white, grey walls suit the best.
  • White: White helps bring the grace of an open airy atmosphere. Works ideal for both small and large spaces. It charms up the interior with gold metallic accent features.
  • Pastel: Pastel shades such as light blue, soft pink, light beige, charcoal, and pale yellow are an amazing way to wind up a black-and-white fitted kitchen.

Reasons to Have a Black and White Kitchen Space

  • Powerful Contrast: The striking contrast of these bold shades leave a remarkable influence. The impact it makes is hardly possible through any other colour combination. It instantly catches the attention. This amalgamation of depth & drama brings out the jaw-dropping contrast inside the space.
  • Suits Various Styles: Another advantage of black and white kitchen designs is they partner with almost all styles of kitchen. Including modern, and traditional. Stainless steel appliances, wooden accessories, rustic black kitchen cabinetry with white walls, ceiling and furniture look great. Combining vintage & antique furniture and sleek fittings offers a quirky interior.
  • An Elegant Space: The modern black and white kitchens are handleless, minimalistic and sophisticated. They are ideal for someone appreciating nobility. The black colour acts as a backdrop, allowing you to add accents of other metals, and materials. It is the perfect pick to create clean & polished looks.
  • Clean & Maintained Space: Black worktops and countertops are less likely to show spots and fingerprints. However, glossy finishes can make them visible a little bit. It encourages people to keep their counters clean. So, eventually, the space becomes more maintained & gorgeous.

Worktops and Cabinets

The classic combination of white worktops and black cabinets always remains in trend. This is due to their clean and modern aesthetics. This pair mixes up well and does not look odd at all. Black cabinets are versatile and crafted in different styles suiting the kitchen theme. For instance, combining metallic appliances with black cabinets brings stylish charm. While black cabinets with white walls act as an accent colour. For personalized looks, talk to your kitchen expert for more suggestions and ideas to decorate the space.

Gold and Copper in White & Black Kitchen Designs

The touch of metals in a white & black kitchen reflects light and adds a visual interest. Especially using copper and gold can have a positive influence. It can be added in the form of metallic hardware as well as small decorative items. Cabinets handles, appliances, candle holders, compact kitchen gadgets & tools, sculptures, vases and picture frames in copper and gold finishes give a nice plush makeover.

Black and White Kitchen Tiles

Tiles can be fitted on backsplash, worktops and floors. This palette makes room to add colourful accent features & accessories. Ceramic & porcelain are best for walls and floors. Black creates a masculine impact while white offers clean & refreshed tones. Black and white kitchen tiles are usually available in ceramic, marble, quartz and other stones. Choosing the exclusive quality of these materials features low maintenance, resistance and durability. They last longer and keep the surface slip-free as well as resistant to stains.

Texture and Finishes

The texture and finishes in monochromatic surfaces are usually mixed matches to keep the balance. As an example, kitchen designers in the UK prefer matte & glossy, and opaque & dense for depth and layering. It does not let black and white shades of the kitchen strike the eye. It, on the other hand, adds softness to the bold statement kitchen. Just like any other colour, these shades do have many variations. The kitchen installers choose to make unique impressions. Thus, depending on the colour contrast, textures & finishes selection varies. A professional kitchen fitter picks the one that goes hand in hand with the kitchen theme.

 Decorating Black and White Kitchens

  • Incorporate Wood: Wood features great acoustic when fitted in interiors, they reflect organic beauty, and are durable. Decorating white and black kitchen with wood aesthetics will bring earthiness inside. Incorporating wood as furniture, decorative accents, and storage brings a bohemian vibe. Consider timber, oak, faux, birch and ash. They add detailing and make rooms captivating.
  • Use Rugs, Wall Art, and Playful Pops: A white and black kitchen does not have to be boring, and this is where rugs and textiles come into play. Adding colourful, soft and stylish area rugs sprinkles interesting colour pops. Using different shades of table clothes, hand towels, accessories, curtains and tea towels injects personality into the room. So, don’t bother to try out different colours.
  • Exposed Brick Wall: An exposed brick backsplash or any wall looks unique and stylish. They are an excellent way to add character to a white & black kitchen. This industrial look suits all residential and commercial settings. Such kitchen designs can be easily personalized.
  • Glass Windows & Doors: Natural light plays a big role in the interior functional & aesthetic features. The right placement of windows in black-white kitchens creates the perfect contrast. Plan installing obstructed windows for your dark and light kitchens to take full benefit of natural light.
  • Smoked Pendant & Chandelier: In black and white kitchen, the smoked pendants create modern, classic and expensive looks. Their gold & copper finishes perfectly complement dark tones of black. Since these chandeliers and smoked lights come in various styles, you can easily find the one that matches your kitchen. Try it out in black and white kitchen!

Best Black and White Kitchen Manufacturing Experts in London

If you want to add a character and statement in your kitchen – the black & white kitchens are the way to do it. TEL Kitchens has hundreds of kitchens in black and white designs. We work on versatile projects covering residential, commercial and industrial client bases. Try out different design trends, finishes and materials with our bespoke kitchen design services. Our team is well-equipped with all the tools, technologies and logistics to kick off the kitchen fitting work in London. Share your project requirements with us. We will discuss the entire plan with you. Talk NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are black and white kitchens still in style?


Black and white kitchens are always in style, they are timeless, elegant and look bold.

What colour goes with the black and white kitchen?


Endless colours can be combined with white and black kitchens. However, yellow, grey, pale blue and pastel walls elevate the space even more.

What colour blinds suit in a black-and-white kitchen?


Wooden and white faux blinds look chic and luxury when fitted inside a kitchen with a white and black interior.

Who are the black and white kitchen specialists in the UK?


TEL Kitchens is an experienced kitchen installing company that take care of your project from start to completion. Every kitchen fitting ensures reliability & endurance as they are designed using the finest quality materials.


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