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Cashmere Kitchen

Cashmere Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

The trend of muted kitchen colours is dramatically increasing now like cashmere kitchen. Homeowners are bending towards neutral and grey undertones. Cashmere kitchens are an impeccable choice when it comes to designing exceptionally beautiful kitchens. There is no surprise in knowing how much attention they started gaining in the last few years.

Cashmere kitchen designs are known for their soft undertones, giving a subtle appearance to the room. You must have heard of the admiring interior cashmere kitchens offer. This chic hue reflects the charm of white shades. Someone who does not want to go with fresh whites often chooses cashmere kitchen manufacturing services.

A kitchen in cashmere colour complements every style, shade, and design. This refined colour palette makes an inviting, refreshed, and bright aura. It makes a perfect vibe for family & friends to get together. Whether you dream of creating a seamless cooking room or a vibrant one; our experienced kitchen installers pull the strings to create the perfection.

TEL Kitchens is a well-known kitchen fitter in London. Our bespoke cashmere kitchens are crafted with utmost care and meticulous detailing. We use cutting-edge technology to add a striking statement to your properties. Our selection of materials, colour schemes, finishing and accessories flawlessly blends with spaces. Want to experience it? Contact us right away.

Popular Colour Variations for Cashmere Kitchens

  • Pearl Grey: Pearl grey is a muted tone of cashmere that looks stunning, catches attention and opens up the space. It reflects light and is therefore ideal for small spaces. Someone who loves charcoal grey but prefers a slightly light shade can try pearl grey.
  • Soft Beige: This elegant cashmere colour variation brings peacefulness to the ambience. It works great with a kitchen having earthy tones such as moss green and rust orange. Also, timber, oak and maple worktops pair well with it.
  • Creamy White: Quite easy and gentle on the eyes, perfect to make your kitchen luxurious and expensive. This cashmere colour shade blends with versatile finishing. Using dark fittings with creamy white brings a dramatic touch to the place.
  • Light Cashmere: A popular colour variation, easily pairs with marble, quartz and granite worktops and floors. It works effectively in bespoke cashmere kitchens. It’s a great choice to make a minimalistic statement.
  • Dark Cashmere: This shade closely resembles the soft chocolate brown and makes kitchens more appealing & interesting to the eyes. This paint colour looks great in Premium Italian kitchen designs. Muted cabinets harmonise the kitchen in dark cashmere.

What Colour & Style Goes with Cashmere Kitchens?

Here is the list of different kitchen component colours to try with a kitchen in a cashmere shade.

  • Worktops: Neutral tones look classic in cashmere kitchen fittings. The kitchen experts in London suggest white, cream and pale yellows for timeless looks. Quartz, granite, marble and natural wood tones such as maple, oak and beech create a warm ambience. Timber worktops add depth & texture.
  • Splashback: Soft pastel backsplashes create a sense of freshness & femininity. Shades like soft pink, mint green and light blue add glamour without overpowering the tranquillity of cashmere kitchens. It also blends nicely with the cabinets in a cashmere shade.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: A soft beige and white work best on kitchen cabinets. Crisp white leaves a clean and bright impact while brown and warm grey adds richness. Such light-tinted units complement the beauty of cashmere kitchen without overshadowing it.
  • Flooring: Flooring in cashmere kitchen looks great when designed of wood, tiles, and natural stones. Wood brings warmth and comfort while tiles of contemporary styles add voguish looks. Investing in an underfloor heating system elevates comfort, if you can stretch the budget, do it.
  • Lighting: The addition of accent, ambient, task and recessed lighting enhances the soft tones of cashmere kitchen. Pendant lights and lamps ideally create a focal point inside the modern cashmere kitchens.

Why You Should Have Cashmere Fitted Kitchens?

Everyone knows the beauty of a white kitchen, it makes the space luxurious, modern, sophisticated and above all; spacious. But not everyone wants to paint the white in their kitchen. And this is where cashmere kitchens come into the role. It produces a similar impact with even more efficiency.

  • Versatile: Cashmere kitchens suit every kitchen; traditional or modern; very well. They work in most of the settings. Regardless of kitchen size, it improves the appeal of a space.
  • Adds Warmth: Cashmere fitted kitchens leave a beautiful aura inside a kitchen without dominating other features. Its subtle shade complements multiple finishes.
  • Looks Modern: This soft and gentle colour tone is phenomenal, leaving a modern touch wherever it is used. To make the kitchen contemporary & clean; cashmere tones are nothing less than a blessing.
  • Reflects Light: Light cashmere shades in the kitchen make narrow rooms appear bigger. It is because they reflect light; using the right ambience light, and leaving a room for natural light blends perfectly with cashmere kitchen settings.

Modern cashmere kitchens are insanely beautiful; thanks to the best kitchen manufacturing agencies, who put their best foot forward in delivering such services.

  • Matte Cashmere Kitchen Fittings

Matte cashmere is favourite of thousands of homeowners as it absorbs light and make the space look not too bright and not too dull. It maintains the perfect balance between sophistication and drama. It certainly reflects light but without reflection. The surface finish is quite smooth, giving an overall clean and bright impression. This solid yet calming cashmere kitchen blends ideally with wooden furniture.

  • Gloss Cashmere Kitchens

Kitchens with a glossy finish in cashmere shade look stunning & lively. They reflect light and make the space even more spirited. With this impression of larger space, these are best used in both residential and commercial settings. The cashmere kitchens are best in conjunction with natural light and accent warm lights. It helps in making the kitchen finishes a little warm.

  • Two-Toned Cashmere Kitchens

Though cashmere kitchens work beautifully along, their beauty goes above & beyond when combined with another tone. An additional colour brings out the depth & details in the interior. It adds another feature of interest to the entire space. Combining two different hues & contrasts will look balanced and attractive. Since a cashmere colour is not too flashy and bold; the addition of another shade gives it a new identity.

Custom made Cashmere Kitchen Fitting Services in London

Hiring professional kitchen contractors can ensure the reliable execution of cashmere kitchen fittings. TEL Kitchens, being the pioneer in the kitchen manufacturing industry delivers high-quality bespoke modern kitchens. Our expert team offer valuable insights, suggestions and guidance that help clients in making informed decisions. We closely operate the project with clients to avoid possible pitfalls. Each kitchen unit is created depending on unique specifications. Our best kitchen experts ensure that the design meets the necessary building regulations and safety measurements. Easily create a look that truly belongs to your unique personality. Book your appointment with the best kitchen installers in your city.

Local Cashmere Kitchen Manufacturing Contractors

The popularity of cashmere kitchen solutions is due to how amazingly they combine with many kitchen fittings, finishing and shades. The enhances the kitchen statement, making it soft, charming and refreshed! Its luxurious charm makes it stand out. TEL Kitchens are your best partners to plan, design and install modern cashmere kitchens in the UK. We use state of art designing and fitting methods combined with a wealth of experience. Bring the next-gen touch into our every fitted kitchen and experience the desirable kitchen features. Our experienced kitchen experts in London have been manufacturing high-quality kitchen units for over a decade now. Contact our local kitchen fitters for exclusive services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour is cashmere kitchen in the UK?


A cashmere shade is a soft blend of beige and grey. It gets its name from wool cashmere which is equally beautiful and luxurious.

Is cashmere kitchen on trend?


Yes, a kitchen in cashmere shade effortlessly blends with versatile interior settings including rustic and modern. It makes the space look minimalistic & clean.

What colour sink goes with cashmere kitchen?


Light grey, charcoal grey, soft blue, pastel emerald green, and pale pink create a cohesive look and go perfectly with cashmere.


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