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Wooden Kitchen

Wooden Kitchens that Never Go Out of Style!

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Wooden Kitchen

Wooden Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

Wooden kitchens in solid wood are known for their timeless beauty and mesmerizing elegance. Irrespective of the style- traditional, modern, or shaker, wooden kitchens are full of character and infuse a natural vibe into the kitchen. Create a welcoming and warm environment by getting solid wooden kitchens. Looking for kitchens that come with long-lasting quality and a beauty that never goes out of style, wooden kitchens serve as an excellent choice. Whatever is the colour scheme, light or dark, the natural shades of plain wood look stunning and classy. Apart from natural charm, wooden kitchens infuse character and depth from their woodgrain pattern and enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen.

Nothing comes close to the magical charm and beauty of a wooden kitchen. The intricate visible grains and the natural finish certainly make it unique to you and are indeed inspiring too. Versatile and rich! Get your perfect kitchen style and design with a wooden kitchen. Get a farmhouse feel with a modern shaker kitchen while handless cabinets will give it a more defined look.

At TEL Kitchens, we are specialists in designing and manufacturing wooden kitchens, with cabinets made in 100% real wood. We source the best wood from the European and American markets to deliver high-quality solid wood kitchens that inspire awe. It’s the beauty of solid wood such as oak and pine that can be carved with precision without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Elegance and durability, strength and stability make wooden kitchen stand above the rest in the market.

The Real Reason Behind the Popularity of Wooden Kitchens

Wooden kitchens are the most popular and trusted choices when it comes to manufacturing a new build or going for kitchen makeover. They are stylish, trending and appealing to every generation. Here’s are some reasons what makes wooden kitchens popular.

  • Durable: When it comes to solid wood, it’s highly resistant to peeling, chipping and even dents. Kitchens made with hardwood come with a long shelf life. Even if there is a dent or damage, it can be easily repaired by refinishing or sanding. This makes it long-lasting and keeps your kitchen away from costly repairs.
  • Stylish: The wooden kitchens are evergreen. They are timeless and stay on trend always. They are not only suited for traditional kitchens but also, they’re perfect for every style, design, or layout.
  • Low maintenance: Maintaining a wood kitchen is easy and does not cost much. It doesn’t require those lengthy cleaning routines. Just an occasional varnishing, will do the magic and turn it new.
  • Welcoming: It has been seen that kitchens made with artificial elements sometimes turn the ambience uninviting and cold. The kitchen made with real wood not only imparts a natural look but also infuses a positive vibe that makes you feel homely and relaxed.
  • Versatile: Wooden kitchens can easily be paired with all the colour palettes and worktops. This versatile nature of the wood kitchens makes them truly timeless and much-loved kitchens by homeowners.
  • Affordable and Easy to Fix: Wooden breaches are easy to fix as compared to other materials such as stone or synthetic ones. Any scratches or dents on wood can easily be sanded, fixed, glued, filled in or oiled to give them a bright new look. Even in case of any damage, wood can easily be replaced without breaking the back.

Wood Kitchens with a Character

Achieve an uninterrupted and streamlined flow of cabinets and worktops with beautifully designed and manufactured wood kitchens by TEL Kitchens. Whether it’s an open plan kitchen or a simple wall kitchen, it makes the space appear filled with character without any distractions. The smooth and soft finish of the wood makes things easier to navigate and gives it a fresh vibrance. Make your statement subtle yet striking with wooden kitchens.

High-Quality Wood for Superior Kitchens

Here are some most practical and famous choices for wood for your wooden kitchen cabinets.

  • Oak Wood: Oak Wood is the most practical choice for having a long-lasting and elegant wood kitchen. Its beautiful natural grain patterns impart beautiful aesthetics and its hardwood nature makes it a hard-wearing and sturdy choice.
  • Pine Wood: Though it is not as hardwearing and strong as oak wood but is certainly a great option in case you are on a tighter budget.
  • Maple Wood: This hardwood has a smooth and uniform texture. Maple wood can be painted and stained in any colour and is perfect for any kitchen design- traditional or modern.
  • Birch Wood: Another popular hardwood, with an evenly grained texture and is beautifully smooth. It is a perfect alternative to maple or pine tree wood.

Wooden Kitchen Styles

Here are some popular kitchen styles in wood from the portfolio of TEL Kitchens. Choose your best one.

  • Shaker Kitchens in Wood: Known for its simple, timeless, and functional design, Shaker-style wooden kitchens are perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes. The classic engraved cabinets are one of the unique features of this kitchen wood.
  • Traditional Kitchens in Wood: Traditional kitchens in wood are mainly known for their ornamentation and finer details. Made in high-quality oak, pine and walnut wood, these homes infuse a cosy and nostalgic feel.
  • Modern Wooden Kitchens: These sleek, minimalistic kitchens in wood are a popular feature in contemporary and urban spaces. They often are usually made with engineered wood and finished with high gloss laminates.
  • Victorian Kitchens in Wood: These beautiful kitchens in wood are elegant, give a vintage feel and are inspired deeply by the Victorian Era. They are known for their intricate tile work, beautiful mouldings, and highly rich cabinetry.
  • Wooden Style Georgian Kitchens: These classic kitchens are symmetrical and usually accompanied by central islands that have matching cabinets. They are made of high-quality hardwood such as oak and mahogany.
  • Country Style Kitchens: Country Style kitchens are popularly seen in cottages and farmhouses. Open-shelving and distressed finishes are its biggest USP.

High-Quality Wooden Kitchen Manufacturing Process

TEL Kitchens believes that quality is the essence of every masterpiece, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure quality at its highest peak. Along with advanced technologies, we use proven techniques to make kitchen cabinets. Depending on the customer’s preferences, we use veneered wood or solid wood for the carcass of the cabinets. Timber is sourced from the best markets to give an impressive front look to the cabinets. The wooden cabinets are designed in-frame and are crafted using traditional methods such as mortise and tenon joints along with dovetail drawers. We use the best quality accessories and soft close runners for the drawers which make the opening and closing as swift as a breeze.

Looking for something unique, extraordinary, or unusual? Our team would be happy to craft that for you.

How to Get Started with TEL Kitchens?

Just schedule a call with us and our designers will help you assist with the kitchen designing to manufacturing process. Just share a rough drawing of your kitchen or if you have 3D renders or elevation plans for your kitchen. We also help you with the kitchen planning and designing. Our team member shall visit you on-site to discuss your expectations and analyse the site. After getting the design plans ready, we will be able to provide you with a quotation or cost estimate. If you’re satisfied with the cost estimate shared, we can go ahead with the manufacturing of your kitchen. We perform snagging along with you to ensure the kitchen is flawless and meets your expectations. The kitchen is now ready to be delivered.

Why Choose Wooden Kitchen from TEL Kitchens?

TEL Kitchens, the leading kitchen manufacturer of wooden kitchens in London, offers a diverse range of wooden kitchens. Add elegance and warmth to your space by getting bespoke kitchens in wood that are made to measure for your home. We ensure that every inch of the space gets utilized properly and optimally. We offer a range of kitchens from basic, standard to premium, luxury kitchens that resonate with your lifestyle perfectly. Contact us today and let’s transform your kitchen space right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of wood is best for kitchen cabinets?


Different types of timber have different properties and are loved worldwide for their natural and earthy feel. The most popular ones are oak, pine, and maple wood.

Are wooden kitchens fashionable?


Absolutely. Wooden kitchens are known for their versatility. Therefore, they stand perfect for any type of kitchen design or layout and pair amazingly with any colour combination. This makes them evergreen, all-time in trend and perfectly fashionable.

Are solid wood kitchens worth it?


Yes, solid wood kitchens are worth the money invested as they are durable, stylish, require low maintenance and last for long.

How long do wood kitchen cabinets last?


Using solid wood in cabinet manufacturing will not only make them stylish and appealing but also sturdy and long-lasting. The average life span of the cabinets is 50 years. It can even be more depending on the care and maintenance.


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