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Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Made Simple and Easy

A beautifully looking and functional kitchen makes meal preparation easier as well as turns entertainment more enjoyable. Kitchen renovations performed on outdated or poorly looking kitchens significantly make a huge difference not only in terms of aesthetics but add monetary gains to the property as well. Get ready to step into the modern era by opting for complete kitchen renovation services. Whether you’re planning a kitchen makeover or looking to add a kitchen extension, experts at TEL Kitchens are here to help.

Kitchen remodel will infuse a new vibe to your kitchen which will turn it more visually appealing, functional and practical. From kitchen design to final installation, we stand by your side to provide you with the best quality kitchen makeover that makes you fall in love with this new space. Our team of kitchen refurbishing experts are skilled at envisioning your needs and understanding even the unspoken words. From start to finish and everything in between, our seasoned team stays with you keeping you roped in on every single aspect.

Whether you have any design in mind or not or are looking for something out-of-the-box, something extraordinary, we promise high-quality kitchen renovation expertise at the most competitive prices. We know how to make things work and turn the process easier, affordable and convenient for you. Explore endless kitchen designs and materials for your new and improved kitchen underpinned by expert designers and tradesmen.

What is Kitchen Renovation?

A full kitchen renovation or refurbishment is a process where the look and feel of the kitchen is changed entirely with a focus on improving aesthetics, maximizing efficiency and making it more practical and functional. It can either be done by replacing the existing kitchen and starting from scratch or, by making certain major changes in the layouts, materials or appliances. TEL Kitchens, the local kitchen renovation company offers the best and in-budget kitchen remodel services in London.

Choose TEL Kitchens for Kitchen Renovations

As a result of the faith and trust shown by our clients, we are one of the most recommended and referred kitchen renovation companies in London. We are renowned for our professionalism, quality, best after-sale services and bespoke kitchen fit-outs. Here’s what makes us the best in the kitchen remodel field.

  • Personalized Service: We design and renovate according to your lifestyle, needs, budget and other requirements, thereby giving you a fully customised and personalized kitchen makeover service.
  • Superior Workmanship: Our craftsmen are highly experienced and expert. With an immense experience under their belt, you can rest assured that the kitchen makeover will be done at the highest of standards with high attention to detail.
  • Competitive Prices: Our prices and quotations are the best in the industry. Also, we have partnered with many leading brands that enable us to supply all your kitchen supplies on time and at the best prices.
  • Range of Styles and Layouts: We have 1000s of designs and layouts for various types of kitchens in almost endless finishes and colours. Whether you want to remodel it into a traditional kitchen or a modern one, we have stunning designs that are appealing and timeless.
  • Better Turn Around Time: We are highly responsive and active throughout the kitchen remodelling journey. We are one of the most reliable kitchen makeover professionals who are reckoned for offering the best turnaround time.
  • Start to Finish Partner: We are a one-stop partner for all your kitchen remodel needs. You don’t have to hire or subcontract various trades such as plumbing, electrical, heating etc. Our team has the right tradesman to do your job perfectly.
  • Experienced & Full-Time Team: We have been in the market for over a decade and it’s our world-class services that have established us as one of the most versatile and best kitchen makeovers in London. We have a full-time team that ensures trust, guarantees and best-in-class delivery.
  • Trusted & Local: We understand the tastes, geographies and concerns of people living in London. Based in Hayes, we have garnered a reputation for excellence in both quality service and exemplary project management.
  • Promised Time Delivery: It’s deeply rooted in our ethics that; we deliver what we promise. At every stage of the kitchen remodel, we make sure that time and budget are properly managed.
  • Maximise the Space: For your kitchen remodel, our team can create innovative and clever bespoke spaces to make sure that every inch of the space is optimally utilized.
  • Free Consultation and Quote: At TEL Kitchens, we offer free design consultation and a no obligatory site visit to analyse your space and understand your requirements. Get the quotation free of cost.

What Will You Get in Our Kitchen Renovation Service?

For us, every renovation project is unique. We make sure that every kitchen refurbished by us is completely bespoke and adds value. Thus, improving your everyday life and routine. Here’s what you get as a part of our kitchen makeover service:

  • Kitchen Extension Services: Want to make your kitchen big and modern? Our single-storey extension services help you add that extra space to your kitchen and make it bigger. Get the kitchen of your dreams with TEL Kitchens’s amazing remodelling services for kitchens.
  • Planning & Designing: We use 3D visualizations to design your new kitchen that suits your needs and makes the best use of space. We do it for free when you hire us for kitchen renovation services. In case you have your own designs, we happily proceed with the kitchen remodel using that.
  • Bespoke Kitchen Units: It’s completely up to you. If you want to reuse and need a budget kitchen we add the existing ones to the renovated space. Primarily we use the standard units but can also personalize them to make them fit in your newly renovated kitchen to amp the aesthetics and maximise the storage.
  • Kitchen Manufacturing/crafting: The kitchen is renovated, and the units are crafted according to the specifications mentioned in the design. They are crafted to the highest of precision and quality by our experienced craftsmen.
  • Kitchen Installation: After the units are crafted, the kitchen is all set for the installation process. Our experienced kitchen fitters install your new kitchen with minimum disturbance and fuss at your end. This will leave you with a beautifully finished kitchen that you’ll love for ages.
  • Sourcing: Over the years, we have built solid connections with various national and international brands for kitchen supplies. Whether you’re looking for doors, hinges, appliances, knobs, worktops, accessories etc, you get an amazing and endless choice of kitchen supplies in various colours, finishes, shapes and designs.
  • Electrical & Plumbing: Our team has expert plumbers and electricians who help you make the suitable changes required to incorporate the new changes during renovation.
  • Finishing & Decorating: Get the desired finish and the perfect look for your refurbished kitchen with the best accessories, high-quality worktops, cabinet frontals etc.
  • Carpeting & Tiling: Our kitchen renovation also includes performing the carpeting, tiling, flooring, adding plinths and more according to your requirements.

We Work With

  • Homeowners: We stand as the first choice as home makeover specialists amongst homeowners as we deliver high-quality kitchens with maximum space utilization. We ensure that the kitchens are finished to the highest standards.
  • Professionals: We have solid and long-lasting relationships with various professionals such as architects, designers, builders, construction contractors, real estate professionals and more. Be it a domestic property or a commercial one, we have always proven to be the best and most preferred kitchen makeover partners for them.
  • Landlords: A planned kitchen remodelling can help maximise the rental income by providing a modern and modular renovated kitchen that is inviting, elegant and appealing. We can make a kitchen focal point of the home so that the prospects can’t help themselves saying “YES” to the property.

Custom Kitchen Renovation Company

We offer custom kitchen refurbishments to cater the diverse needs and budgets. From standard cabinetry, appliances, and worktops to their high-end variants, we deliver the kitchen as desired. Whether you are renovating the kitchen for your home, rental property, or your workplace, we have the perfect makeover solution for you. Concerned about the budget? Don’t worry we have the right kitchen makeover solution for you.

Kitchen Style to Choose for Renovation

Not sure about how your kitchen shall look like, discuss kitchen design ideas at length with our team of design experts till you find something that suits you. Here are some popular kitchen makeover styles to choose from:

  • Modern Kitchen Renovation: Full-overlay cabinets, clean and defined lines, defined accent, and flat-panel handless cabinetry are some of the features of a modern kitchen. Want to make your kitchen pop with the natural beauty of the elements? Let’s discuss this design idea over a cup of coffee and start renovating your kitchen.
  • Small Kitchen Makeover: Having a small kitchen? This doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t look great. The designers at TEL Kitchens are experienced and experts in turning those small cosy corners into beautiful airy, brighter and bigger spaces. Our small kitchen remodel experts have the perfect knack to convert such kitchens into functional and practical spaces that rock!
  • Rustic Kitchen Refurbishment: Rustic Kitchen brings you down memory lane for retro kitchens made with timber, brick, stone, fireplaces and vintage appliances. The rustic charm is on the rise again. Want to imbibe the growing popularity of this kitchen design in your existing kitchen? We are the best local kitchen renovation contractor in London you can trust and rely.
  • Cottage/ Countryside Style Kitchen Remodel: Also known as farmhouse style, this kitchen is characterised by open shelving, soft colours, pendant lights, hardwood tile flooring and furniture-style cabinetry. Want this look? Book us right away.
  • Traditional Kitchen Renovation: A traditional kitchen showcases raised-panel doors, beautiful ornamentation, luxury countertops, corbels, decorative moulding and farmhouse sinks. And renovating a traditional kitchen would garner elegance, sophistication and a magical charm with it.
  • Contemporary Kitchen Refurbishment: Want to remodel your kitchen to a high-end German kitchen or a sleek Italian one or just want to stick to British style? TEL Kitchens is your perfect kitchen refurbishment partner in the UK.

Did you love any of these? Looking for something unusual? Enquire Now and book your free design consultation today.

Surprising Benefits of Kitchen Renovations

Going for kitchen refurbishing or remodelling is one of the best investment decisions one can go for.  It not only adds to the life of the kitchen and makes it appealing, but also adds value to the home. Here’re some amazing benefits of kitchen renovation that you must know:

  1. A New, Modern Look: Kitchen refurbishing gives you an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with advanced and improved modern materials. Be it the buyers or your guests, this contemporary aesthetic is absolutely attention-grabbing. Adding vibrant hues, an island kitchen and integrated appliances turn your kitchen into a culinary haven.
  2. Boost Property Value: Home buyers prefer buying a home that has a modernized and visually appealing kitchen. Going for appliance upgrades and other custom kitchen renovations are indeed a few of the cost-effective ways to boost a property’s equity.
  3. Saves on Energy Bills: Upgrading to a kitchen having energy-efficient appliances is a much-needed step towards sustainability. It not only cuts the energy bills but also makes your kitchen eco-friendly. A well-planned kitchen remodelling service will help add a whopping value to your home.
  4. More Space: Having a small, constrained and cramped kitchen, it’s time to reach our kitchen refurbishment company for the best, easy and pocket-friendly solution. Turning the kitchen modular and adding smart storage units such as larder units, carousals, corner units, or even an island will make your kitchen look well organized, spacious and less cluttered.
  5. Improved Efficiency & Functionality: by upgrading to new and efficient appliances, the efficiency of the kitchen is automatically improved. Also, our best kitchen renovation company makes sure that the kitchen is ergonomic which means lesser physical discomfort and lesser back pain. Every corner of the kitchen is made approachable, thereby maximising comfort and convenience.
  6. Building Dream Kitchen: Every person dreams of having a kitchen that has cabinets, worktops, appliances, colours, etc of their choice. Kitchen makeover specialists make sure that you get your dream kitchen in the budget you desire.

How We Work?

From design to installation of our renovated kitchen and every service in between, we guarantee that you will get the best kitchen remodelling services that are unmatched. Have a project? Working with us is amazingly simple.

  1. Fix Your Appointment: Just call us to schedule your free design consultation with our experts. You may call on the numbers mentioned on the Contact Us form or email us your requirements. Don’t forget to share your references, any design ideas, 2D or 3D layouts etc with us.
  2. Choose Your Style: You may browse through our portfolio, or our design team will guide you through various kitchen design ideas to help you finalize your perfect style. Our renovation expert will have an on-site visit to analyse the feasibility scenarios. After that, we prepare the design, and we share the quote or cost estimates for the proposed renovation.
  3. The Work Gets Started: After the quotation is approved, the renovation work gets started. This shall also include removing the old/existing units and disposing of them. Our highly qualified and skilled kitchen fitters transform your kitchen like magic.
  4. Final Delivery: Finally, the kitchen makeover is complete, and you get a beautiful new kitchen that exceeds your expectations and matches your needs and lifestyle.

Technical Expertise and Realistic Precision

Having served the industry for many years for bespoke kitchen design and installation, we leverage a superior level of expertise and technical knowledge. This enables us to deliver highly functional and superior quality remodelled kitchens. We use 3D visualizations and rendering techniques to produce drawings (3D renders) that enable us to plan the kitchen meticulously. From spatial planning to kitchen element selection, we ensure every millimetre of the space is utilized and all safety regulations are met. If you already have the 3D designs ready, we happily use them and transform them into reality. Otherwise, we create them for you so as to give a clear picture of the expected results for all stakeholders.

Kitchen Renovation Specialists Near Me!

We are just not ordinary kitchen makeover service providers, we’re certainly more than that. We are your reliable partners in your home renovation journey from start to finish. Our passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence keeps motivating us to drive more. Our team will guide you through the entire process with nothing hidden in between, to ensure a stunning and cohesive result. Headquartered at Hayes, we are your local kitchen renovation experts serving all major areas of London. Take a step towards us and start the transformation of your kitchen today!

Get Going Today

Why plan to buy a new kitchen? When you can easily renovate in your budget with TEL Kitchens. We aim to save you money and deliver you an awe-inspiring modern culinary experience with kitchen refurbishment. Kitchen renovation is an incredible way to enhance your kitchen experience and add capital gains to your property. Approach us today and bring your kitchen makeover ideas to reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in the UK?


A kitchen renovation in the UK starts from £25,000 and keeps on rising with the materials or other high-end elements you add. This includes the cost of installation as well.

What does a kitchen renovator do?


A kitchen renovation expert’s main role is to understand the client's requirements and then plan, design and remodel the kitchen accordingly. The kitchen renovator must deliver a kitchen that is aesthetically appealing, ergonomic, functional and stays within the budget of the client.

Who do you need to renovate a kitchen?


Apart from the kitchen refurbishment specialist, you may require the assistance of various tradesmen such as painter, kitchen fitter, plumber, electrician, carpenter and more. Hiring TEL Kitchens as your kitchen renovation company will keep you away from all these hassles of hiring or sub-contracting. Our team has professionals from all the trades and makes the renovation easier, faster and affordable.

Does renovating a kitchen add value in the UK?


A kitchen renovation comes under home improvement and any activity done to improve the home certainly adds value to it. You can easily expect a rise of 6-7% of the home value after getting a kitchen renovation.

How long does a kitchen renovation take in the UK?


On an average, a kitchen renovation takes around a couple of weeks to four months to complete. It depends on the size and complexity of the new kitchen design.


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