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Farmhouse Kitchen

Adding a country character with a splendid addition of farmhouse kitchens

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Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Manufacturing Company

As kitchens are the heart of any home; the country farmhouse kitchen effortlessly capture it. Farmhouse kitchens are elegant & classic. They are soul-satisfying. The gorgeous design elements include exposed wood, soft colour and shaker-style cabinets. A careful selection and fitting of all these can bring a magical impact inside a home.

Farmhouse kitchens closely reflect country style as they follow a traditional style. Such culinary rooms usually offer ample worktop and sitting space. All types of material fittings suit it perfectly. These down-to-earth kitchens are popular for their grounded, rustic and traditional interiors. Featuring wood, metal, bricks and all vintage finishing; they bring an intimate atmosphere to the property

TEL Kitchens is a popular name when someone talks about the best kitchen manufacturing firm in London. Get dreamy and handcrafted high-quality kitchen designing services in the UK. We are the best choice to make for fitting bespoke farmhouse country kitchens. Over the years, we developed many beautiful farmhouse kitchens. Now we have an array of designs and styles to consider.

Want a picture-perfect culinary space? Get the country style farmhouse kitchen solutions with the kitchen experts. Explore our unique and jaw-dropping options. We will work closely with you to create an impactful cooking space. We offer customized kitchen services. Get the complete advantages of our cost-effective and luxury kitchen fitting solutions in London.

What is a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are traditional styles of kitchens with warm, vintage and modest themes. They feature the majority of wooden and natural cabinetry. These design concepts are drawn on rustic accents. Therefore, they are also known as country kitchens. However, modern farmhouse kitchens are based on a mixture of both contemporary & traditional fittings. They are a seamless blend of styling from country & city; past and future! Kitchens with farmhouse style are known for their durability. This is because the materials used are sturdy and need low maintenance.

Features of Country Style Farmhouse Kitchens

The comforting ambience of a farmhouse kitchen is only compared to the warm memories you make inside it. Farmhouse fitted kitchens are easily recognized by their appearance. There are many features by which a country kitchen is quickly stands out:

  • Wooden & Stone Elements – Timber cupboards, wooden shelving, stone worktops and splashbacks fitted in country style kitchens are commonly seen. They make the statement look in farm house kitchen designs. Providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they offer lasting & durable support and enhance the kitchen’s lifespan.
  • Floating Shelves & Ample Storage – Farmhouse kitchens have open & floating shelves. Abundant storage is the key feature that makes the kitchen complete. They have large cabinets, multiple drawers, butcher blocks and even wicker baskets. Such amazing kitchens never go out of storage.
  • Spacious Workplaces – Country style kitchens are often known for their spacious worktops or counter spaces. They have large counters to food prep and cooking. An island installation enhances the space’s practicality even more. Besides, it provides a focal point and offers additional spots to cook and sit. Depending on the kitchen style, modern, rustic or classic; an island is chosen.
  • Signature Colour Palette – Farmhouse kitchens have subtle colour tones. Usually, neutral colours, white shades, beige, grey and warm cream are popular. Nowadays, people prefer simplicity, lighter tones and pastel classic shades. They believe it adds an exceptional beauty to their kitchens. Additionally, these culinary rooms have exposed wooden beams, oak elements, wooden island, worktops etc.

Vintage Style Interior – Farmhouse country kitchens reflect vintage beauty. With their old-school fittings, open and large floor plans, vintage finishing & lighting and bold cabinetry; they give a look of timeless lively beauty. So, for all antique design lovers, farmhouse kitchens are a perfect pick.

Reasons to Choose Country-Style/ Farmhouse Kitchen?

The kitchens with country or farmhouse themes effortlessly reflect a homely look. They look phenomenal and are highly practical at the same time. Are you thinking of installing a country farmhouse-style kitchen? Here are the top benefits of a kitchen with a farmhouse theme:

  • Stands the Test of Time – With a farmhouse kitchen fitting, you can ensure long term companionship. Their durable fittings and timeless style go nowhere. No matter the generation the kitchens are in, they will effortlessly keep on flexing their beauty and functionality.
  • Looks Spectacular – The natural elements used in the kitchen fittings give it a healthy dose of beauty. If you are someone looking to add functionality and charm; transforming kitchens in farmhouse theme will give fruitful results. It’s simplicity is the powerful aspect of it.
  • Fairly Functional – The time from where country style kitchens have come, is the time when kitchen fitters prioritize functionality over anything. And now we are loving its designs as well. So, there is no chance of poor practical features, the kitchen offers awesome functionality with great space, nice cupboards and easy-to-maintain finishing.

Furniture in Farmhouse Fitted Kitchens

Since country fitted kitchens embody warm, vintage and cosy aesthetics, they mostly have simple, shaker style, textured and organic furniture. Most farmhouse kitchens have white, wooden, stained and painted finishing. Warm neutrals and natural shades are often utilized for furniture painting. Such spaces rarely have uniform furniture and rather have mixed matches and different styles of furniture. The lighting in such kitchens has an industrial look, is made of wrought iron and has an antique vibe. Along with wood accents, other metals such as copper & brass are incorporated as well. They can be used in chairs, tables, handles, and in cookware. The furniture styles in country kitchens are endless. The best kitchen manufacturers infuse beautiful fittings to add a personal touch.

Why TEL Kitchens for Farmhouse Country Style Kitchen Installation?

Want a dreamy, top-notch and hand-crafted farmhouse kitchen installation in the UK? Look no further than TEL Kitchens. There are so many reasons why we are the best choice for your next kitchen fitting project. Our company has been in the market for more than 13 years, we know what is trending, what has gone and what will come in the future. With all the theoretical and practical knowledge; we strive to offer perfection in every kitchen fitting. Our farmhouse kitchen design services are popular across London. From design planning to manufacturing and kitchen fitting; we stay with the clients. Each fit and material is carefully chosen ensuring its high quality. With 3d kitchen visualizations; the design output is enhanced. Get our full attention from the start to the delivery of the kitchens. Our customers are always delighted with our esteemed work output. The projects are completed on time without any delays.

Bespoke Farmhouse Kitchen Installers in London

TEL Kitchens allows you to curate the kitchen according to your unique personality. We offer full freedom to our customers, they share their vision; and we bring them into reality. Bespoke country kitchens have multiple finishing options, layouts, appliance choices and more. We also personalize the wall colours, cabinetry style, accessories, windows & doors, lighting, floor and anything in between. Our dedicated professional kitchen installers’ team include carpenters, designers, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers and builders. They all work hard & smart to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Get in touch to have all the benefits of working with a bespoke kitchen manufacturing company in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are farmhouse kitchens in style?


Yes, farmhouse or country kitchens are popular and in trend. They provide an open and airy ambience. They look bold and vibrant. Both beauty and functionality are their key features.

Which company is best for bespoke farmhouse kitchen services in the UK?


TEL Kitchens holds years of experience and has dedicated expertise to design and fit customized country style farmhouse kitchens in the UK.

What are the colours of a farmhouse kitchen?


Neutral, white, grey and beige colours are popularly used in traditional as well as modern farmhouse kitchens. However, they also embrace strong and deep colour tones such as blues and dark greens.

How much does it cost for a farmhouse kitchen fitting in London?


Kitchen cost fitting depends on factors such as kitchen style, specifications, customization, labour, location, time and overall project scope. After deciding all the design features and finalizing the technical requirements, the farmhouse kitchen cost is made.


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