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Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic opportunity to make way for alfresco dining. Enjoy your weekend slow mornings and easy evenings with your family. They are perfect for noon parties, barbeque nights and celebrations. Outdoor kitchen bring gardens to life, catering for a practical & charming space.

Are you one of those millions of British homeowners with a great house interior but empty gardens? Ever wonder what you’ve been missing out on? Outdoor kitchens might be the answer! They are popular for their efficient performance, innovation and beauty. To make the most of the benefit of an outdoor culinary space, an exterior kitchen should be welcoming, comfortable and classy.

“TEL Kitchens” is the leading kitchen manufacturing firm in London UK. Bringing a positive influence with outdoor kitchen fitting services backed by years of experience. So, we are certainly not newcomers in the market. We handle all types and sizes of projects with utmost care to bring perfection. From roaring fire pits to outdoor fridges and grills setup; everything is installed maintaining the finest quality.

If you love cooking outside or planning to do so, then why not choose out best outdoor kitchen manufacturing services? Our kitchen design experts are the best local exterior kitchen fitters in London. To make a statement, we fulfil your quest to transform lawns or gardens with beautiful outdoor kitchen solutions. Is it your first venture with outdoor kitchens? Feel free to contact us for any information.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen as the name suggests is a cooking space built outside. It replicates the functionalities of an interior kitchen. The only difference is the appliances and location. It can be as simple as placing a barbeque or as complicated as installing a fully functional kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens are designed to suit all climatic conditions and weather constraints of British. We offer the best bespoke outdoor kitchen services in London. With customized design elements, style, layout and fittings; we give clients complete freedom for kitchen planning. Our perfect outdoor kitchen elements feature great functionality. They are crafted as uniquely as you.

Popular Modern Layouts for Outdoor Kitchens

A well-functioning kitchen is well-planned and smartly designed. They have practical working and entertainment zones. Just like an indoor kitchen, the kitchen cabinets, appliances and style define the layout and lighting, finishing and accessories define the aesthetics; it is similar in outdoor kitchens as well. Here are the layout considerations for an exterior kitchen design:

  • L-Shaped: L-shaped outdoor kitchens offer a great open cooking space in gardens. They offer the benefit of a straight kitchen with an additional side extension that can be used for the bar area or socialising.
  • Straight Kitchen: Straight exterior kitchens are discreet and are equally ideal for both large and small spaces. They have decent storage and worktop space. Lighting bulbs and accessories can enhance aesthetics in such sophisticated spots.
  • Parallel Kitchen: A parallel formation in an outdoor kitchen eases its usability. The layout offers smooth accessibility and plenty of space for appliance and storage unit fittings.
  • U-Shaped: A U-shaped kitchen is popular for offering a great counter, food preparation and storage space. This space is perfect for large gatherings. The two sections of counters can even be divided into different working zones for cooking multiple dishes at a time.

Modern Outdoor Kitchens Appliances

The selection of the appliances for the outdoor kitchen implies how much practical the kitchen would be. Side burners, grills, warming drawers, ice-making machines, smokers, outdoor kitchen ovens, cocktail stations, and vent hoods are some of the outdoor kitchen essential appliances listed. All of our kitchen appliances feature innovation. Our minimalistic kitchen units capture the attention and have worked fairly well for years. TEL Kitchens’ fittings come with a warranty. Our sophisticated outdoor kitchen appliances add allure to your exterior cooking schedule.

Significance of Fitting a Kitchen Outside

Outdoor kitchen services are gaining attention in the UK. There are many benefits to it that you should not be missing out on. Planning for a modern outdoor kitchen installation? Here are what to expect from these gorgeous kitchens:

  • Decrease Energy Bills: Kitchens excessively consume energy with lights and appliances. During summer, the heat production in the home due to the kitchen requires air conditioning further increasing energy bills. With an outdoor kitchen installation, the overheating of space is eliminated. Hence you save big on the bills.
  • A Brand New Entertaining Place: Outdoor kitchens make the perfect outside entertainment spots. People can socialize around while meals are prepared. It encourages family and friends to make memories all year round. Adding ambient lights and speakers to make your guests feel comfortable and joyful.
  • Eliminates the Need to Eat Outside: The healthiest benefit of fitting an exterior kitchen is not feeling the need to go outside to eat. Since you invested money in extending a space with an outside kitchen, you prefer to stay in. Try new cuisine and find new recipes. Cook with friends at home and make memories.
  • Food Odour Remain Outside: Another practical reason to get a fitted outside kitchen is the bad smell vanishes into the sky. Seafood, bacon and deep-fried foods’ smell remain for days. For people who do not like certain food’s smell, it is the best choice to have an exterior cooking space.
  • Adds a Great Value: A quality rich outdoor kitchen dramatically enhances the property’s worth. Its addition is highly valuable in the UK; people prefer homes with a modern outdoor kitchen fitted with great finishing. Thus, it is certainly a long-term investment.

Important Things to Consider Before an Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Whether it is about renovating a kitchen or building it from scratch; there are some considerations before building an outdoor kitchen. This will help you get prepared mentally and financially.

  • Your Budget & Style: Budget is an important factor to consider before you plunge into designing a kitchen outside. It involves costs for kitchen units, appliances, worktops, additional extensions such as bar and island, and the fitting cost for plumbing and electrical fixtures. All of this makes total cost. TEL Kitchens’ final kitchen cost includes all of these aspects. You don’t have to worry about the hidden costs or any surprises.
  • Storage Choices: Storage consideration is important to ensure that the utility units, appliances, utensils and all cutlery are safely stored. The best outdoor kitchen designers understand your storage requirements. They suggest the best layout & cabinetry solutions to put together all the kitchen essentials.
  • Right Layout: When planning an outdoor kitchen, the right location and layout is vital. For small gardens, the compact kitchens would work great, while for large, you can choose from greater choices. The kitchen should be fitted without compromising the functionality of the rest of the house.
  • Choosing Location: Think about the best placement for the kitchen, the lighting and sunshine access. Firstly, you should have enough area for fitting. Keep in mind the weather constraints as well. However, TEL Kitchens’ best exterior kitchen solutions are reliable for all weather conditions in the UK.

Top Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen Contractors in the UK 

At TEL Kitchens, our mission is to offer exceptional outdoor kitchen fittings that suit your needs and lifestyle. We understand that developing a design professionally is as important as its planning. So, we utilize the best of our talent and knowledge to create top-tier outdoor kitchen spaces in London. Our customized kitchen fittings allow clients to showcase their creativity. We connect deeply with them to know what exactly their desires & requirements are. With endless customization options in materials, fittings and every finish, the special space is crafted. Our superior craftsmen handcraft kitchen units with meticulous detailing. Enjoy the essence of luxury outdoor kitchens. Contact our experienced kitchen experts and get started.

Local Exterior Kitchen Installers in London

Our kitchen experts follow a technologically advanced approach to designing modern outdoor kitchens. We have a know-how of what London citizens prefer, the legal design terms & conditions, design trends etc. The key is choosing the great quality of materials that are lasting, aesthetic and practical. This way we make the best of our projects. Our attention to detail, dedication and passion made us one of the leading kitchen manufacturing companies in the UK. Our reputation is the fruit of our hardworking, patient, and kind crew. Get the benefit of engaging 3d kitchen renderings, helping clients discover how exactly their space will look once completed. Nothing lasts forever, but the kitchens fitted by our professional kitchen designing team do! Take the chance, connect with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an outdoor kitchen?


An outdoor kitchen cost in the UK depends on certain factors including kitchen design, size, complexity, location, labour cost, materials, duration and customization.

Is an outdoor kitchen a good investment?


Yes, an exterior fitted kitchen adds another functional dimension to a home. Therefore, it increases the property’s value and is a great investment.

How long do outdoor kitchens last?


The longevity of a kitchen designed outdoors depends on the quality of materials, maintenance and workmanship. The better these things are, the longer you can expect an outdoor kitchen endurance.


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