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Purple Kitchen

Transform your Culinary Space with Sleek and Sophisticated Purple Kitchens

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Purple Kitchen

Beautiful Purple Kitchen

Purple kitchens are well known for infusing a touch of glamour and individuality. These amazingly crafted cooking spaces in purple, create a youthful and sophisticated ambience to any space. From lighter tones such as lilac and lavender to deeper hues such as plum and aubergine, purple kitchens add charm to the interiors. While lighter shades make the culinary zone airier and more open, darker tones make a more dramatic and luxurious impact. Be it an ultra-modern modular kitchen or a traditional shaker kitchen in purple, TEL Kitchens has the perfect one for you.

Personalize Your Kitchen Space with Purple!

Looking to upgrade your kitchen or want to add a dramatic impact, Purple turns your kitchen bold and stylish. From purple walls, and kitchen cabinets to splashbacks. Discover the best ways to use the tones of purple to elevate your kitchen space. Light purple kitchens are excellent alternatives to white, grey, and other neutral colours if you are looking to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. On the other hand, choosing the darker purple hues will add more drama, energy, and vibe. Adding purple tiles and splashback will make them a showstopper of your culinary space.

Perfect Shade for a Perfect Purple Kitchen

Lighter muted shades of purple look amazing on traditional, retro, and shaker style kitchens while deeper tones give a more glam look to the interiors. Here’re some popular shades of purple that are best if you are looking to plan a kitchen in purple.

  1. Classic Purple Kitchen: Give a contemporary and minimal look to your kitchen with classic kitchens in purple. Mauve pairs well with cream and white cabinets while lavender gives you a timeless touch. Orchid and heather are muted shades of purple that add a feminine touch.
  2. Modern Purple Kitchen: Use these trendy modern purple colours for your kitchen to add a sophisticated yet sleek look. Kitchens in Eggplant hue accentuate your walls and cabinets, while slate purple is perfect for contemporary kitchen designs. Both Lilac and amethyst work brilliantly with modern and traditional fitted kitchens.
  3. Dark Purple Kitchen: Make your kitchen look rich, glamorous, and dramatic with purple kitchens. Use plum shade to add an accent to your cabinets. Shades such as mulberry, blackberry and grape make the kitchen look intense and luxurious.

Diverse Range of Purple Kitchens

Here’re the top six popular variants of kitchens in purple that are trending, stylish and much loved by the people.

  1. Handless Purple Kitchens: The absence of handles in the kitchen creates a seamless and streamlined look. Greyish purple or cabinets in eggplant hue will suit the best.
  2. Traditional Kitchens in Purple: These kitchens add a cosy and timeless appeal to your culinary zone. It has ornate details, a vivid plinth, and grooved cabinets with knobs.
  3. Gloss kitchens in Purple: Give a reflective polished look to your kitchen by using glossy purple kitchen cabinets. Best suited for contemporary and bold kitchens.
  4. Matt Purple Kitchens: This kitchen gives a velvet and soft look that pairs well with natural materials such as stone and wood.
  5. Shaker Style Kitchens in Purple: Shaker-styled cabinets feature recessed cabinets with clean and defined lines. It can be used in both traditional as well as well as modern kitchens.
  6. Modern Purple Kitchen: Looking for an ultra-modern and chic look to your new kitchen? Go for modern kitchens in purple. The colour can be used in appliances, island worktops and splashbacks.

Styling the Purple Kitchen

Confused from where to begin? If you have a neutral or pastel shade kitchen backdrop, then add darker shades of purple such as royal berry, mulberry, plum, aubergine etc to the cabinets or appliances. It complements perfectly with grey, white or creams. Want something bold? Pair your purple walls with green cabinets or vice versa. This will make your kitchen the centre of attraction of your home and turn it awe-inspiring.

Why Choose a Purple Kitchen?

Kitchens in purple have quickly become one of the most popular kitchen colours of the millennia. Here are some of the reasons behind its popularity.

  • Works with all Styles & Types of Kitchens: Purple is one such colour that works with all types of kitchen styles and types. Whether it’s a modern shaker style or a traditional island kitchen, purple adds a pop of luxury to all.
  • Eye-catching aesthetics: Well, purple when paired with other colours, hooks the guests, and inspires awe. Kitchen in purple cabinets enables you to show off the appealing personality of the room.
  • Versatility: Purple is a versatile colour as it teams up amazingly with other colours, especially neutrals and pastels.

Bespoke Fitted Purple Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

At TEL Kitchens, we promise to deliver the kitchen on time and within the budget. For that, we plan and design the kitchen in 3D to ensure that you, we, and other stakeholders stay on the same page. Being the leading purple kitchen manufacturer in London, we deliver made-to-measure kitchens with the highest levels of quality, best ergonomics, and optimised space utilization. Our kitchens also include integrated appliances from market-leading suppliers and manufacturers. If you have your own appliances, no worries, we skip this step. Struggling for a purple kitchen inspiration? Speak to our experts for the best and trending purple kitchen ideas and find your perfect one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer purple kitchen design services as well?


We are your end-to-end purple kitchen manufacturing company that works on your kitchen from ideation to completion. We plan and design as per your requirements and create 3D images as well. We proceed with manufacturing only after you are satisfied with the designs.

What colour accessories go for Purple Kitchens?


For dark purple shades, stainless steel and chrome hardware and accessories pair perfectly. For lighter hues, both yellow (brass) and silver accessories blend well.

What colours compliment the kitchen in purple?


To balance out purple, green, orange, and yellow team up perfectly with purple. You may go for purple walls and cabinetry of these colours or vice versa.

Which is the best purple kitchen manufacturing contractor in London?


Undoubtedly, TEL Kitchens is one of the leading and most reliable kitchen manufacturing contractors in London, UK. Get in touch with our experts to schedule your free design consultation.

How to get started at TEL Kitchens for purple kitchens?


It’s very simple. Reach out to our experts via call or email or you may fill out the Contact Us form available on the website. Our experts shall connect with you in no time.


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