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Creating a seamless flow with a sense of connectivity: Open kitchens

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Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

Do you admire an integrated home? A space with great connectivity? Open plan kitchens are perfect for someone seeking a blend of style, functionality and sociality. They have become a cornerstone in interior design in the UK. The attention they are getting is increasing day by day for a good reason. Such culinary floor plans are flexible and easily adaptable to all property interiors. From small, and narrow to large & wide; open kitchens are everyone’s alley.

Experience the allure of an open kitchen, it can leave a transformative impact on versatile places. Be it a home, an apartment, a restaurant, or any commercial property; this dynamic kitchen design alone is enough to turn the tables. Take your next step with TEL Kitchens for planning, designing and installing the best quality open kitchens in the UK.

We are talented kitchen installers; our kitchen manufacturing firm is the pioneer of this industry. We have been here for over a decade. Our top-notch kitchen manufacturing services are backed by cutting-edge technology. We have a talented team of designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, architects and builders.

Our clients stay relaxed throughout the kitchen fitting service. We give them complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Get an appealing kitchen design with an open plan; join hands with the best and turn your open concept kitchen into a reality. Connect with the team now!

What is an Open Kitchen Design?

An open-plan kitchen as the name suggests has no walls and is open from surroundings. Unlike traditional kitchens, having walls separating it from the rest of the house essentially makes it different from the living room, dining hall, and any other room. So, this kitchen design concept particularly eliminates the barriers and walls. Kitchens with an open plan look luxurious and airy as the walls are removed, it creates expensive looks. therefore, people love the idea of open plan kitchen fittings.

Bespoke Open Concept Kitchens Services in London

Custom-made or bespoke kitchens give you opportunities to craft the kitchen of your choice. It offers a uniqueness and sense of belonging. TEL Kitchens has an expert kitchen designing team who are experienced in manufacturing spectacular personalized kitchens. Bring the taste of your lifestyle, preferences, and special perspective with our team. We serve London and all nearby regions. So, our local kitchen fitters know the rules, regulations and building guidelines on their tips. Just let us know what you want, and we will be happy to serve you.

Why Open Kitchens are in Trend?

The trend of open kitchen plans is now at its peak due to the impact of modern living, social dynamics and changing architectural trends. People prefer more casual kitchens that are not only good for cooking but great for social interactions and family gatherings as well.

  • Open Plan Kitchens Make Your Home Look Bigger – Kitchen spaces with an open plan make residential or commercial place seems large. It is because this kitchen does not have any barriers, the smooth flow makes it appear bigger. The space is nicely accessed by the natural light and is well-ventilated. This smooth flow is also enhanced by the lighting appliances fitted igniting both living and kitchen rooms.
  • Open Kitchens Reflect Modern Aesthetics – Open plan kitchen ideas are inspired by sophisticated & minimalistic interiors and contemporary styles. They are influenced by modern living. The elegant cabinetry, eye-catching backsplashes, innovative appliances, smart kitchen gadgets, and energy-efficient and sustainable fittings are integral parts of modern open kitchen designs. You get all the benefits of a great lifestyle with it.
  • Do Multi-Tasking with Open Plan Kitchen Fittings – Since there are no walls between a kitchen and living spaces. The interaction between people and things gets easier and uninterrupted. Suppose you need to cook and look after your children; with open kitchen fittings; it’s quite simple. Play movies on the Television while making dinner. They make juggling life easy as you can check out every corner of the home without moving out.
  • Elevate Property’s Resale Value With Open Kitchen Plans – There is no doubt we all want an enhanced and advanced lifestyle. People are more likely to buy a property with a modern interior as it tends to improve their lifestyle. Open-concept kitchens are the epitome of contemporary kitchens. Their top-notch fittings & finishing increase the worth of the entire kitchen as well as the property.
  • Open Kitchen Designs Encourage Clutter-Free Rooms – Kitchens with open concept make people maintain cleanliness every time. Since this space is open to the rest of the home and therefore we are prompted to keep it tidy and clutter-free. Every person will put his efforts into keeping it fresh and bright. Friends, guests and anyone can visit anytime; so the homeowners took accountability for keeping it spotless and out together.

Kitchens With Open Concept Add Spaciousness – Even if your home is small or has a narrow kitchen space, an open kitchen fitting covers it. It is an ideal floor plan for both large and limited square footage. You can install wall cabinets, base cupboards, pantry units, drawers under the worktops and additional cabinetry to the island or peninsula. With a kitchen with an open floor plan; options are limitless

Lighting in Open Plan Kitchen Concepts

In open-concept kitchens, the lighting is carefully chosen as it impacts not only the kitchen but other rooms as well. So, the natural light is the showstopper of such designs. Since there are no walls and barriers; the kitchen designers suggest using glass doors & windows to make bright room. The curtains are added to maintain the light access. However, some kitchens still face dark corner issues, so the under cabinet and task lights are installed in such cooking spots. Adjustable spotlighting, ceiling lighting, and track lighting are a great option to illuminate the kitchen with an open plan.

Colour Choices for an Open Kitchen Designs

Open plan kitchen colour options are endless. However, there is still an important need to thoughtfully pick the shade. Picking vibrant and bold shades may make a small room smaller and dull. For those spots, we suggest you always go with pastel and decent shades. For example, white, beige, grey, pale yellow & green, and light blues. Wood tones also work wonders for modern open kitchen fittings. The key is not the unbalance the aesthetics of either the living space or kitchen. They both are given equal importance to improve their overall appearance.

Best Modern Open Plan Kitchen Manufacturing Agency in London

A kitchen fitting with an open concept can be a challenge as it is not only about installation but a proper planning as well. Therefore, choosing the right kitchen construction partner becomes extremely important. We, TEL Kitchens, are renowned kitchen design experts in London. From layout plans, design conceptualizations to 3d visuals, manufacturing and fitting; we have dedicated experts. Our team is fully qualified and we are an accredited firm. People rely on us for our premium quality, guaranteed services, warm customer dealing, customized kitchen designs, professionalism and discipline. All work deadlines are met, we understand the value of your and our time. So, never have we ever made an over-commitment to any client. Want to explore the ocean of opportunities? We are just one call away!

How Do We Work

Working with TEL Kitchens is wholesome fun. We believe in closely working with our clients irrespective of project scale. It brings the most efficiency to our kitchen installations in the UK. Our working approach is simple:

  • Book Your Appointment – You start your journey for a lifestyle change with TEL Kitchens by making a call or leaving a message. We revert you within 24 hours. One of our customer care executives listens to the demands, requirements and service types of clients. You can either book your consultation online or by visiting our spectacular showroom in London.
  • Detailed Consultation – Following the initial appointment, we schedule the next consultation and meeting. It is usually done on-site as it helps in thoroughly inspecting the site location. Here the specifications and other technical measurements are taken. All of the measurements are recorded. The design concept is discussed in detail.
  • 3D Kitchen Presentation – Depending on the decided design, materials and finishing; our 3d artists design the magnificent kitchen visuals. They are highly realistic and practical. Clients get to see the close to the reality picture of their future kitchen. It helps them see whether their choice of kitchen design & fittings is up to the mark. The required changes are done at this stage as well. We offer customized open-concept kitchen design services. They give clients the freedom to personalize the whole space.
  • Design Finalization & Quotation – Once the kitchen design is decided and fine-tuned with your desires, the team provide a detailed quotation. We charge no hidden cost. The invoice is comprehensively prepared.
  • Kitchen Manufacturing & Fitting – Finally, the kitchen fittings and all parts are being prepared in our workshop. With advanced tools and design methods; we curate functional kitchens. Every piece is carefully tested before delivering to the client’s premises. Our kitchen installation services maintain the highest quality standards. We are professional kitchen installers who fit each unit with a laser-like focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an open-plan kitchen diner a good idea?


Yes, they offer plenty of space for preparing, cooking and socializing. Your family can gather near you while you keep cooking and engaging with them. You get a spacious room to gather all of your closed ones.

How to decorate an open-plan kitchen?


Decorate an open concept kitchen space with glass finishing, light shades, glossy paint and ambience lighting. It works great for small and large kitchens.

Are open kitchen plans still popular in the UK?


According to a survey, people prefer modern open plan kitchen fittings in their homes in the UK. It is more convenient and stylish to the people.

Why do people prefer open kitchen?


People who prefer an airy ambience and chatting along with cooking, prefer open space kitchens. It also encourages group cooking and hence improve bonding.


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