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One Wall Kitchen

One Wall Kitchen Manufacturers London UK

Want a layout that is both beautiful and manageable? Single-wall or a one-wall kitchen designs are the perfect choice for both small and large spaces. You get the opportunity to consolidate all kitchen appliances and workstations. Get the best kitchen fitting services from renowned designers in London. Contact our team for more details.

Introducing One Wall Kitchen Layouts

A kitchen all set on a single wall, as the name explains, is known as a one wall, single wall or a straight kitchen. The linear design of this kitchen layout has cabinets, worktops, and appliances fitted on a single wall. It perfectly blends with open floor plans, small places, and even large ones. Only one side is in function, the rest of the area is open to the surroundings. While the kitchen acts as a focal point, the spot becomes entertaining and great for socializing.

Different Styles of a Straight Kitchen

Though straight kitchens function only with one wall, that does not make them any less qualified for design variations. It does have tempting kitchen model styles: –

  • Contemporary One-Wall Kitchens: The kitchens with innovative, sophisticated, and sleek lines are contemporary ones, they are light in shades and have granite or quartz countertops.
  • Rustic Kitchens with Single Wall: More conventional kitchens with traditional features, gives country looks. They have polished woodworktops in general.
  • Eclectic Straight Kitchens: A kitchen with mix-and-match style elements and are eclectic style of one-wall kitchens. They are perfect for adding spiciness of creativity in rooms.
  • Minimalistic Kitchens with One Wall: Kitchens with elegant and decent interiors are minimalistic ones. Usually fitted kitchens of this type have integrated units.

Reasons to Install a Single or One Wall Kitchen

  • Smartly Manage Space: Straight wall kitchens are known for keeping the space well organized. It is due to because it has only one wall. It frees up the rest of the space. Making it perfect for small and narrow kitchens.
  • Easy Plumbing and Wiring: Since the kitchen has only one wall, the complexity of connections of electricity and plumbing is reduced. It results in potential cost savings and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for Temporary Rooms: Single or One wall kitchens are also perfect for if you are shifting temporarily. The one wall of the room can easily be turned into a straight kitchen. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on constructing a new kitchen space.
  • Great for Interactions: Gives you opportunities to connect with the other family members, friends and people gathered around the home. This is due to because kitchen’s sides being open to the surroundings. Engage with others while preparing meals or making mojitos in your kitchen.
  • Looks Sophisticated: The reason why you should have a single wall kitchen is its polished and decent looks. For someone seeking simplicity, innovation and grace in kitchens, one wall is your thing.

Components of One Wall Kitchens

A single wall kitchen space provides gorgeous, well-functioning and efficient cooking space without compromising on style & aesthetics. It is perfect for homes, apartments, studios, and properties with small and narrow areas. Here are important components of a kitchen with one-wall design.

  • One Wall Kitchens with Island Setting

A fantastic way to enhance a single wall or straight kitchen is by adding an island to it. It doubles the working space, makes the kitchen organized and looks amazing. By adding an island to one wall kitchen, both small & large kitchens get benefits in terms of increased space. By installing the proper lighting over the island, the culinary experience gets improved.

  • Appliances in Single Wall Kitchens

For one-wall kitchen designs, the appliances should be carefully chosen. The size and functionality should be ideal according to the surrounding rooms. Choose models with cause the least noise or are quiet. Modern one wall kitchens typically have compact kitchen appliances, integrated microwave oven, the dishwasher and bespoke storage units.

  • Lighting in Single Wall Kitchen Layout

Whether the space is open or enclosed, lighting in a straight kitchen layout is vital for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Right light sets the tone of the space; ambient, task and accent lights look great. Fit recessed bulbs under the cabinet area; it spreads the light for good vision. Track lighting works well when installed over the island. Its light spreads over the dining countertop or is adjusted on the worktop as well.

  • One Wall Kitchen Cabinets

In single-wall kitchens, the cabinets are fitted along the wall. It maximizes the space and its efficiency. Eliminates the chances of cluttering. With cabinets installed on one wall, the kitchens successfully maintain their seamless looks. Both upper and lower cabinet units are ideally fitted in single wall layouts of kitchens.

Colours to Pick for a One-Wall Kitchen Design

Depending on the kitchen style and aesthetic of other properties; colour schemes are picked. Stick to light shades to make it appear bigger and airy. Bold and vibrant shades are perfect to add a little drama and adventure to your cuisine. The right selection of colours leaves an impact by adding depth and contrast.

  • Dark colour ideas for single wall kitchen are navy, olive green, charcoal grey, purple, maroon, carrot orange, ocean blue, brown and maroon red.
  • Light colour ideas for one wall kitchens are pastel yellow, mint green, baby blue, peach, light grey, and turquoise.
  • Two-toned colour ideas for a straight kitchen such as one lighter and one darker shade of the same colour look phenomenal. Choose different colours for walls and cupboards.

Smart Storage and Appliances in Straight Kitchens

For kitchens with one-wall layout, innovative appliances and storage units bring the best out of the space. Expert kitchen manufacturers suggest integrated and compact units. While the multi-functional furniture enhances the overall productivity and features of space. At TEL Kitchens, we make the culinary experience adventurous by adding:

  • Pull Out Cabinets: We integrated pull-out storage to make kitchens more put together. These shelves are hidden inside the cabinet drawers. Ideal to keep crockery and is mainly installed beside dishwashers.
  • Wall or Vertical Storage: We install wall cabinets to take full benefit of vertical space. A popular storage style to shelve your kitchen essentials in a single place. Place decorative items, the pantry, dishes etc.
  • Floating Shelves: Add a striking statement effect in one-wall kitchen designs with floating shelves. Large appliances that are regularly used are easily accessed when placed over here.
  • Overhead Racks: Similar to floating shelves, overhead racks are installed on walls; ideal for quickly accessing utensils. You can free up your worktop and cabinet space by fixing overhead racks.

TEL Kitchens’ Tech Savvy Straight Kitchens Fitting Services

We have a deep love for technology. Knowing how important it is to walk parallel to the technology, we incorporate advanced kitchen design methods and installation techniques. Our experienced kitchen manufacturers believe in improving the space functionality and usability using help from innovation. We encompass smart ovens, refrigerators, extractors, smart lighting, dishwashers etc. They are easily controlled by smartphones, touch pads and buttons. Kitchen fittings such as adjustable lighting, portable island units, voice-activated systems, retractable hoods etc. enhance the kitchen’s utility and efficiency. Meet the demands of modern living with the popular kitchen manufacturers in your city.

Bespoke One Wall Kitchen Manufacturing Company in London

Bespoke straight kitchens allow you to tailor your own space. With the desired theme, colour selection, layout, specifications, interior fittings and more; you are the commander. Our bespoke modern one-wall kitchens are popular across London. The dedicated team work closely with clients to understand their vision. Our work ensures 100% customer satisfaction. We provide 3d kitchen rendering services to maximise the project efficiency, allowing clients to observe the structure with engaging photorealistic visualizations. Get the heaven of beauty and sophistication with our leading kitchen manufacturing firm in the UK. TEL Kitchens’ local kitchen builders have hands-on experience and a deep understanding of kitchen fittings. Book your appointment with our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a single or one wall kitchen?


The ideal length of a single wall kitchen is between 12 and 16 feet. It is considered perfect for counter space, storage fitting and appliance installation.

Are one wall kitchens cheaper?


Yes, single wall kitchen fittings are affordable. It is because the kitchen design has fewer countertop and cabinet fittings and involves less labour, installed in the least time using the least resources & materials.

Are one wall kitchens popular?


Single wall kitchens are trending as they are very convenient for both small and large homes. People who want a cute and little cooking space prefer this high-functioning kitchen which is cheaper, practical and innovative.

What type of lighting is best for one wall kitchens?


Consider adding layering of lights with ambient, recessed and task lights. Lighting is important for creating a practical, warmth & welcoming ambience.

How to make a small straight kitchen look stylish?


Incorporate glass & glossy finishing, pop of colour, and decorative elements. Encompass some pendant lights and prefer dark worktops to add depth to a small single-wall kitchen.


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