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Handleless Kitchen

Handleless Kitchen UK – The variety of kitchens without handles has grown over the years. They are one of the popular modern kitchen styles nowadays. Are you someone who is a true admirer of elegance & simplicity? Do you appreciate minimalism and clean lines in kitchen design? Then handleless kitchen solutions are the topic of your interest. Such kitchens remarkably transform ordinary spaces into pinnacles of luxury and innovation. Dreaming of a kitchen that is luxurious, smart, and functional? Experience the beauty of kitchen designs with TEL Kitchens. We are a pioneer in delivering top-notch handleless kitchens in London.

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Introducing Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are kitchens without handles, knobs and any supportive unit to support operations. The cabinetry, drawers and doors are free from traditional handles. Modern handleless kitchens give an uninterrupted, smooth and seamless look. All of the fittings are innovatively designed and effortlessly opened. The clean and tidy finish of such kitchens offers an organized and visually appealing look. They maximise space and have a contemporary appearance. Handleless kitchen styles are divided into three categories:

  • J-Pull Handleless Kitchens – A J-shaped profile is designed at the top of the drawer, cabinet or door. By pulling a little, it opens up the unit. This integrated J-shaped handle is seamlessly built and is hardly noticed.
  • True Handleless Kitchens – True handleless kitchens feature rails that can be pulled to open the doors and drawers. Due to this, these gorgeous kitchens appear smooth, refined and advanced.
  • Push to Open Kitchens – Probably the most popular handleless kitchen, a push to open kitchen style has spring integrated. With a slight push, the cabinets gently pulled out.

Why Handleless Fitted Kitchens Are So Trending?

People love the idea of having a kitchen without handles. Sounds so interesting, right? Everyone is talking about handleless design kitchens, they make truly inspired cooking rooms.

  • They are Versatile: Handleless kitchens are in trend because they nicely blend with all kitchen styles, are available in a broad design range, clients have endless possibilities to enhance their lifestyle. From subtle, bold to double-toned colour schemes, we can achieve any desired result. Clients love the freedom of fully creative and tech-savvy kitchen fitting services.
  • Better Usability and Safety: These kitchens are designed with smart kitchen design techniques. Making them function well with smart mechanism operations offers easy access. Since there are no handles, it eliminates the risk of snags and accidental bumps.
  • Makes A Spacious Space: A kitchen without handles is smartly planned and innovatively designed. Since all of the fittings, appliances, and storage units are seamlessly integrated, it leaves more space in the kitchen.
  • Easy Maintenance: Handleless kitchens are quickly cleaned, thanks to their smooth and uninterrupted fittings. Even with the use of cloth and mild cleanser, the surfaces can be regularly wiped off. Its design makes the overall room hygienic and maintained.
  • Does not Compromise Style: Even without any protruding kitchen element, the leaves a spectacular impression. The handleless interior makes space for more functional items and activities. Not only the kitchen is up for handleless design, but it can be integrated into the overall house.

Uniqueness in the Components of a Modular Kitchen without Handles

In kitchens without handles, important kitchen components are designed differently from traditional kitchens. Here is how it is done.

  • Cabinetry: The primary component of a handleless kitchen is its handrail designs. Instead of handles, knobs or any protruding part, they work with a smooth railing or pull-out spring mechanism.
  • Lighting: LED lights are energy efficient, decent and sophisticated. Handleless kitchens are layered with deluxe lighting fixtures, enhancing the visibility, elegance and practicality.
  • Colours: Ultra-modern, basic neutral colours are the identity of minimalistic modern handleless kitchens. Almost every shade is used in their pastel and understated tones.
  • Silver Drawers: Internal cabinetry is typically designed with stainless steel, making the push & pull uninterrupted. These silver internal drawers reflect the forefront of modernity, making kitchens more exquisite.
  • Easy Controls: Smart cupboards and drawer opening operations are typically important for advanced handleless kitchens. They offer noiseless movement. Some fittings have buttons to open and close it.

Materials Used in Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

As the top kitchen fitting firm in London, we use a variety of materials for handleless kitchen cabinets. Not two projects are entirely the same, depending on clients’ unique lifestyles and needs; each task is different and challenging as well. Here is the list of some of the most used materials in cabinet crafting:

  • MDF: MDF or Medium-density fibre is made from wood resin and fibres. They are an economical choice for kitchen design fittings. Such beautiful wooden boards are painted with different wood-like finishes.
  • Glass: Glass is the epitome of luxury looks, it makes space look expensive, open and clean. Handleless kitchens can have glass doors and windows. It makes them appear even more affluent.
  • Wood: The commonly used material in fitted handleless kitchens is wood. Available in a variety of types, finishes and cost price range; the space can have both traditional as well as modern aesthetics.
  • Laminate: It is mostly used in open-plan handleless kitchen designs for its subtle and delicate statement looks. The beauty of a laminate kitchen design is it can resemble a variety of materials.

Top Rated Local Handleless Kitchen Installers in London

TEL Kitchens is approached by hundreds of London citizens for bespoke modern and handless kitchen fitting services. As expert kitchen manufacturers in the UK, we know how to effectively deliver desired outcomes with a faster design process and without causing much disruption. Get all the benefits from our local kitchen installers:

  • Complete Local Design Knowledge: TEL Kitchens’ kitchen experts near you know the current kitchen trends very well. We guide clients about what style could be appealing to their properties.
  • Fully Personalized Services: Our tailored approach effortlessly fits all clients’ needs according to their aesthetics and lifestyle. Clients have the freedom to share every design desire.
  • Fast Proceeding & Completion: With TEL Kitchens, you don’t worry about completing projects on time. Local industry leaders, contractors and builders rely on us for our faster kitchen installations.
  • Easily Accessible: Whether it is about you reaching us, us reaching you or we need to find the materials locally; we have established partnerships with local retailers and suppliers for easy and reliable services.
  • Effective Communication: Face-to-face communication is more effective; it leads to clearing doubts right away. Clients understand the project planning better. Hence, with local kitchen installers, you get more contented results.
  • Good Reputation Among Locals: We have been serving London for over a decade, and our local kitchen builders are trusted by thousands. So, get our competitively priced kitchen design services.

Enhancing Spaces with Handleless Kitchen Fitting Services

If you have made up your mind to have the best handleless kitchen fitting services, then we are your perfect fit. Improve the cooking area with a wow factor sourced from kitchens without handles. Wondering how we refine your cooking experience?

  • Integrated Advance Designed Appliances: TEL Kitchens uses tech-savvy tools and innovative techniques to fit handleless kitchen appliances. They are designed keeping in mind advanced kitchen interiors, and futuristic technologies. These units are perfectly integrated and concealed. We custom-made kitchen appliances to make them look like they have been integral parts of the kitchen.
  • Mixing Up Designs to Discover Your Style: Our team encourage clients to share their ideas on materials, fittings and furnishing. We keep the kitchen aesthetics contemporary with bespoke handleless kitchen services. Allowing customers to match colours and materials. Incorporating amalgam of high-gloss & matte, wooden & metals and bold & pastel shades.
  • Open Shelving in Kitchens without Handles: Our experienced kitchen experts know the magic when kitchens without handles are combined with open shelving. So, at the end of the cabinets, we install open shelving in different styles. The finishing is selected to maximise the aesthetic appeal while the design improves its practical features.

Our Collection of Modular Handleless Kitchen Designs in London

Kitchens without handles embrace simplicity and sleek innovation. They are a true example of simplicity as the best ornament. The clean lines, clutter-free surfaces, and refined finishes unlock the potential of modern simple handleless kitchen services, TEL Kitchens’ handleless kitchen specialists in London follow a unique manufacturing approach. Even as the best kitchen installers, crafting such an unparalleled quality kitchen is a challenge to us. Without compromising on style quality and functionality, all projects are ideally performed. The tempting handleless kitchens captivate eyes along every dimension through their intimate and high-quality looks. And it is all the hard work of talented craftsmen behind it. We bring out the truly personalized design reflecting the modern and elite character. Kitchens without handles are highly versatile, the contemporary kitchen aesthetics meet the life, taste and design preferences. Create the perfect balance with warm and inviting handleless kitchens using the best kitchen designing talent in London. You know what we mean!

Experienced Handleless Kitchen Manufacturing Company in the UK

TEL Kitchens is the perfect choice for planning, designing and installing your next handle-less kitchens in London. We hold all calibre to redefine residential, industrial or commercial places with our made-to-measure kitchen units. Our high-end kitchen design services cover trending styles, colours and materials. We aim to provide the style in trend & fashion that also suits your house interior. Our stunning kitchen cabinets made with plush quality never disappoint. Book your appointments to customize the kitchen cabinets, worktops, splashback, island, doors & windows and lighting. Discuss with our top team for kitchen planning & designing in London what more our services have to offer you! Contact the team, we will get back to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of handleless kitchens?


Handleless kitchens are modern, open & clean, and offer a personalized and streamlined look. They are perfect for kitchens with narrow and small spaces.

Are kitchens without handles lasting & durable?


Modern handleless kitchen design companies use ultra-premium materials in creating these superior kitchens. Such kitchens are designed with advanced tools & technology making them resilient.

How do handless kitchens work?


Recessed channels and integrated seamless handles are designed to push and pull the cabinetry, drawers and doors in modern kitchens without handles.

Which handleless kitchen company is best in the UK?


TEL Kitchens is a well-established kitchen manufacturing firm in London. We offer personalized kitchen designs without handles that fit the needs of all clients.


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