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Grey Kitchen

Modern Grey Kitchen

Grey Kitchens are quickly becoming popular when selecting a modern kitchen design when you’re planning either to upgrade or install a new one. Grey is always associated with luxury and elegance, a well-known colour that brings out a sense of serenity and calmness. While a dark kitchen in grey creates a dramatic impact, a light grey makes the space airy and bright. Grey is a versatile colour and turns your kitchen stunning and vibrant. Be it walls, worktops, cabinets or islands, a grey kitchen design marks a statement accent to your home. TEL Kitchens brings you an extensive range of bespoke grey kitchens that are designed and manufactured to suit your lifestyle, needs and taste.

Grey Shades for Your Kitchen by TEL Kitchens

Timeless and stunning, a kitchen in greys work for every home. TEL Kitchens offers kitchens in all shades of grey that allow you to create the kitchen ambience of your choice. Light grey teams up perfectly with soft pastels and white, whereas darker greys complement with earthy and darker hues. Here are some popular go-to-grey options for your kitchen project.

  • Light Grey Kitchens: Turn your space bright and airy with a light kitchen in grey by TEL Kitchens. Team them up with warmer accents such as copper handles to balance the interiors. They make a small kitchen appear big and spacious.
  • Mid Grey Kitchens: Strike a perfect balance between light and dark grey by providing a neutral impact for your kitchen with mid grey kitchen. It seamlessly incorporates both classic as well as contemporary elements. It’s perfect for all types of kitchens irrespective of their sizes.
  • Dark Grey Kitchen: Add depth and sophistication to your big kitchen with dark grey hues. It beautifully pairs with metallic accents or high-contrast worktops.
  • Anthracite/Charcoal Kitchens: These are deep, rich grey kitchens that offer a striking and intense look. Well known for providing a dramatic and strong statement, these kitchens team up well with metallic and bright hardware.
  • Two-Toned Kitchen: Teaming up the kitchen with other colours such as accessories, walls or cabinets would make your grey kitchen appear more appealing and stunning. Colours such as white, cream, black and light wood go perfectly with any grey kitchen.

Why Upgrade to a Grey Kitchen?

Grey is one of the most sought-after colours in modern kitchen design that offers both versatility and beauty. Here’s why upgrading or installing a kitchen in grey should be your ultimate choice.

  1. Neutral Base: Grey provides a neutral base that you can either keep the monochrome elegance or pair up with a range of colours through accessories.
  2. Stylish and Durable: The kitchen components are designed to be stylish, trendy and stand the test of time.
  3. Modern Touch: Our grey kitchens offer a contemporary and sleek look that become an absolute must-have for your modern home.
  4. Wide Range of Shades: From light, and dark to deep grey, we offer kitchens in versatile shades of grey that can either give a dramatic flair or brighten the space.

Styling and Finishing Touches for Your Grey Kitchen

Turn your kitchen fresh, rustic or anything that you want with our bespoke kitchen in grey manufacturing and installation services. Discover a natural touch of grey with our graphite kitchen cabinets that feature visible woodgrain. Give a bold statement with dark and matt grey kitchen cabinets and accessories. Add a practical, modern feel with grey glossy kitchen worktops. Here’s how you can choose finishing options for your kitchen in grey by TEL Kitchens.

  • Worktops: Grey provides a neutral base, thereby, making it suitable for all types/colours of worktops. You can pair your kitchen in grey with a light/pastel-coloured worktop or make it stand out with black worktops.
  • Appliances: When choosing appliances, stainless steel and black are our favourites for a kitchen in grey. Stainless steel appliances will blend perfectly with the kitchen whereas black appliances will make the kitchen stand out more.
  • Hardware: To outshine your kitchen in grey, go for gold or black hardware and accessories. Also, knobs and handles will go best in shades of silver, nickel, or chrome.

Teaming up a cream and grey shaker kitchen imparts a modern and luxurious look while you may create a country-styled space with a dove-grey hue. Explore our portfolio for the best grey kitchen design ideas and inspiration to create a stunning and timeless neutral look.

Bespoke Grey Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

TEL Kitchens is the leading manufacturer and installer of bespoke grey kitchens in London. Our comprehensive range of kitchens in grey is available across modern, handleless, island, traditional British and shaker style that give life to your dream kitchen. Whether it’s a German, Italian or classic traditional kitchen, every kitchen manufactured by us is built with high quality and exceeds your expectations. Looking to upgrade your kitchen or want to start from scratch, kitchens in grey by TEL Kitchens ensure a trendy, stylish and practical cooking experience with mesmerizing aesthetics. Find your right design and shade with our grey kitchen manufacturing company in London.

Why Choose TEL Kitchens?

We are the leading manufacturer of grey kitchens in London, UK offering high-quality, robust, and aesthetically appealing kitchens. Get the best choice, value, and quality at TEL Kitchens. We stand as your end-to-end partner for all your kitchen needs from start to finish.

  • Get the Best Style: Our extensive range covers all shapes, sizes, and styles for kitchens in grey. Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern island kitchen, TEL Kitchens has the best range of kitchen designs in London.
  • Enjoy High Quality: Our team comprises experienced and expert professionals who are well-trained in their field. We have partnered with market-leading accessories and appliance brands that ensure timely delivery and the best prices.
  • Best Deal Guaranteed: We offer the most competitive quote for your grey kitchen manufacturing. Get the best price match guarantee at TEL Kitchens.

Get Your Grey Kitchens Today

Design your kitchen in a way you want from bold to subtle or luxurious to minimal with TEL Kitchens as your grey kitchen manufacturing contractor. Contact our experts at 020 8610 9655 or drop your requirements at Schedule your free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grey kitchens suitable for smaller spaces?


Yes, absolutely. Light grey shades add brightness to the space, thereby making the space look more spacious and bigger.

What colour worktops work best with grey kitchen units?


White, black, and wooden hue worktops team up perfectly with a grey kitchen. You may choose a contrasting shade worktop for an eye-catching look or go for the same colour for a monotone and subtle impact.

What type of lighting works best with grey kitchens?


While you can easily experiment with any type of lighting in light grey kitchens, dark grey kitchens need good lighting. You can go for a combination of task, accent, recessed and overhead lighting to enhance the ambience and functionality of the space.

What colour goes best with grey kitchen?


Go for a classic black or white colour scheme that creates a timeless look. You may add pops of colours to create a playful touch. For an inviting and warm feel, pair your grey cabinets with earthy or wooden tones such as rust or olive green.

What flooring is best for a grey kitchen?


For a light grey kitchen, go for light wood flooring or white/off-white tiles. You may also pair with light brown flooring for an elegant and minimalist look. For dark grey kitchen cabinets look superb when teamed up with contrasting texture or a dark colour such as dark wood flooring, monochrome vinyl flooring or patterned tiles.


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