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Brown Kitchens

A brown-themed kitchen is always among the favourites of homeowners and industry leaders.

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Brown Kitchen

Brown Kitchens

Themed based kitchens like brown kitchen is always among the favourites of homeowners and industry leaders. The shade of beautiful brown kitchens steals attention only at a single glance. Brown exudes warmth, intimacy and luxury. Such culinary places are always in trend due to their versatile nature and timeless style. They blend smoothly with wood, steel, bronze, and any material & finishes. Whether you want a classy or cosy mood; the choices are endless with brown kitchens.

Why Choose Brown Fitted Kitchens?

  • Long Range of Style – Brown shades have numerous variations, if don’t like one shade, you can try another. Its availability allows us to experiment with different styles. You can design unique & personalized kitchens in brown by picking the island, cabinets, worktops, and accessories of different shades. It combines well with most of the warm tones.
  • Enhance Warmth & Cosiness – The usage of brown in the kitchen turns out to be a soothing retreat. It makes the space homely for comfort cooking & gatherings. When mixed with wood accents, it creates a feeling of warmth & cosiness, making an intimate atmosphere.
  • Looks Natural – Feel more connected to nature with modern brown or classic brown kitchens. The colour brown is associated with earthy tones. A kitchen with brown fitted cabinets, counters, walls or units is the true reflection of classic elegance. Most of the rustic kitchens were painted in variations of browns.
  • Blends with Light Fixtures – Brown is the single type of colour which needs no effort to blend with light. It enhances the space depth when light lands on it. The overhead & ceiling light on a classic brown shade kitchen brightens the entire culinary room.
  • They Are Timeless – Since brown kitchens fit well with modern as well as traditional; they are evergreen. When combined with warm shades like orange, yellow and pink; it gives more of an antique look. When combined with lacquer-finished kitchens in neutral shades; you get a contemporary kitchen.

Brown Colour Variations –Brown Kitchen Shades  

  • Fawn – The fawn kitchen colour is the most decent and elegant. It is best for pastel lovers and people looking to add brown but in a very light tint.
  • Cacao – Mostly seen in high-end modern brown fitted kitchens, a cacao kitchen is a game changer. It polishes up the aesthetics of a handleless culinary room.
  • Caramel – Caramel is for chocolate brown lovers, and looks stunning with a light wood accent. Add warm lamps and decorative lights for a creative vibe.
  • Coffee Brown – Coffee brown kitchens are luxury. Keeping laminated quartz or granite worktop exudes an expensive look. Add brass or silver knobs for detailing.
  • Cinnamon – Bring the warmth and sweetness of cinnamon inside your kitchen with this beautiful shade of brown. It works great with laminated wood worktops, and cabinets finished with gloss.
  • Pecan – Being a dark brown shade, offers a mysterious and attractive look. Keep the accessories & décor light shaded for balancing out. Add a light-treated wood floor.

Different Finishes for Brown-Fitted Kitchens

  • Laminate –Laminate finishes in brown kitchens work great, especially on floors. They are wonderful for all designs and are available in a long range. The laminate kitchen finish makes the surface resistant to damage, scratches, and cracks.
  • Membrane –Membrane finishing works great in kitchens with high-traffic areas. It blends with brown kitchens of all styles, making the surfaces look stylish. Worktops and splashbacks are best protected with membrane finishes.
  • Glossy & Matte –The common type of finishing in brown kitchens is both glossy and matte. Using each has its unique impression. For vibrant looks, glossy is preferred. Whereas a subtle appearance is created with matte.
  • Acrylic – Give your kitchen a non-reflective yet glossy texture with this beautiful finish for a brown kitchen. It makes the surface smooth and protects against water, moisture & damage.

Most Influencing Brown Kitchen Colour Combinations

  • Light Brown with Dark Brown – Bring the beauty and uniqueness out of your brown kitchen by pairing light & dark brown. The light colour of brown also complements the space when used on the floor. Keep the cabinets dark brown and enjoy the depths of overall aesthetics.
  • White with Brown Kitchen Cabinets –Freshen up the space with white tones and combine it with brown kitchen cabinetry. Brush the walls, splashback, countertops and floors in any variation of white. You can even pair beige, cream and pearl white for a striking contrast.
  • Copper and Brown Kitchens – It is probably the most fashionable combination for modern brown kitchens. The dark walls, copper countertops, and brown cabinets make a perfect trio. Use bronze or brass-finished accessories. Would love a brown luxury kitchen look? Try this combo.
  • Orange with Golden Brown Kitchen Cabinetry – Install an orange island kitchen, paint the walls orange and keep the cabinet units golden brown. This fitted kitchen is going to add a statement, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Black and Brown Fitted Kitchen – A dark combination like this brings more influence if the kitchen is large. Its dramatic character refines the space value. Adding a glossy finish on granite or quartz-fitted kitchen countertops is like the icing on the cake. To balance these tones, include reclaimed wood fittings.
  • Brick Backsplash with Brown Kitchen Think out of the box and décor your brown kitchen with this best combination. Try brick red pained bricks for splashback while keeping the rest of the kitchen’s wall brown. Works amazing for one-wall kitchens. However, it suits others as well, combining beige & cream furniture & fittings.

Using Brown on Different Fittings of a Brown Theme Kitchen

  • Cabinets – Probably the most common element where brown is used in kitchens is cabinets. Dark brown cabinets are perfect for classic looks while light brown gives more of a sleek appearance.
  • Splashbacks – In a brown kitchen, add a dominating shade backsplash, it can be tiled or bricked. Matching splashback with the worktop also works well.
  • Flooring – For dark brown kitchen prefer light flooring in brown shade and vice versa. The easy way to choose the shade is to use the flooring colour opposite to that of the cabinets.
  • Furniture or Accents – Add brown furniture and accent. Install small shelves in, a pantry to keep kitchen appliances like toaster, juicer mixer, and anything.

Maintaining Brown Fitted Kitchens

Taking good care of a brown kitchen can make its beauty last even longer. Since kitchens are very much exposed to heat, moisture, stains and grease, proper care & maintenance are vital. Ensure cleaning off the dust and debris regularly. If something causes a stain on worktops or cabinets; use a mild cleanser before the stain gets tougher to clean. Regardless of how durable the kitchen in brown and its fittings are; the excess heat can damage the surface. So make sure you ask the best kitchen fitting experts to use the materials & finishing that provide ultra-protection. If scratches are not cleared, consider polishing to fix the defect.

Best Bespoke Kitchen Manufacturing Company

Bespoke brown kitchens allow you to choose the kitchen design, style, materials, functions and finishes as per your taste. It is a more personalized kitchen with everything tailored as clients wanted. TEL Kitchens is the top kitchen designing firm in London. For over a decade, we have been satisfying clients with our premium services. Our clients are our heroes; they have full freedom to plan their cooking rooms. We work closely with them for enhanced outputs. Our 3d kitchen rendering solutions present the final design output even before laying down a brick. Our customer services are integral, friendly and time-saving. Want to know more about our brown bespoke kitchen fitting solutions in the UK? Contact now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, a light or dark brown kitchen?


Both are a wonderful choice for kitchens. Depending on how each shade is used, they give a unique & pleasing aesthetic to the space.

Which colour combination is best with a brown kitchen?


Turquoise, cream, beige, off-white and copper complement brown kitchens beautifully.

How can I brighten my brown kitchen?


Add shiny surfaces. Quartz, marble and granite worktops with laminate finishes. Gloss cabinets also make a brown kitchen look brighter.

Will too much brown in the kitchen make it look dull & dark?


If the colour is combined with some light and bright shades, there is no such possibility. Therefore, getting brown kitchen design services from a trusted & experienced kitchen company is always a wonderful step.

How to style brown kitchen cabinets?


Paint the wall with a lighter shade, use a different shade on the backsplash or pair them with some neutral-shade countertops.


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