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TEL Kitchens Service After Sale Policy: We Believe In Long Term Relationships With Customers 

What are after-sale services?

We spend a great deal of time while concentrating on choosing the services, type of materials, and several other aspects. But the essential thing that is often ignored is to choose reliable services from the service provider that provides not only reliable services but also emphasizes after-sale benefits.

For that, too little attention that is paid to the customer after the sale is hard to attain but conversely requires critical attention.

Before we talk about after-sale policy, it is essential to understand the concept of after-sales well. Here is all you need to know about it.

What are after-sale services?

What are after-sale services

After-sale services refer to all the post-service care and maintenance offered to the customers. It is not only about saying “Thanks” or “Keep in touch,” and your after-sale services are complete.

There’s a lot more about it.

After-sale services involve taking exception care and endowing a positive experience to the customers. The after-sale policies and customer benefits are gaining more prominence.

After-sale services are indeed a crucial part of acquiring services from a service provider. There’s no fun in spending your money to obtain the services, and when it comes to the post maintenance phase, you feel empty-handed as you have nothing to do about it.

Are you thinking of spending a separate amount on acquiring post-maintenance services for recently installed additions to your space? Well, indeed, a terrible idea.

As a reliable and trustworthy service provider provides it all along with the services only. With reliable after-sale services, you can get all the benefits with the assurance of handling it by an expert for maintenance.

Why are after-sale services essential?

The journey doesn’t end at the time of purchase!

After-sale services are defined as the information, support, and help service providers endow to their customers after they have service from them.

The service providers that make it quick, convenient, and easy for the customers to contact them have an advantage over those who don’t.

The after-sale services are one of the most responsible tasks that help achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.

There are several reasons why it is important, but the imperative one is that sense of assurance they get that they are acquiring the services from a reliable service provider.

Not only the assurance, but it also helps in building a stronger relationship with the customer. Here are the reasons

  1. It provides the customers a sense of reliability.
  2. It provides the customers with an idea about your services and how you treat your customers.
  3. It gives the desired care and support after acquiring the services from a service provider.
  4. It is indeed a positive aspect of the service providers.

How do we provide good after-sale services?

We prefer helpful ways to enhance your service experience.

  1. Update our customers about the nature of after-sale services
  2. Follow up with the installation and services
  3. Quick and convenient response for the customer raised concerns
  4. Collects feedback from the customers about their experience
  5. Provide on-time support
  6. Keeps them updated about the upgrades and new collections

What are our after-sales services about?

Our after-sale services are about every single service you acquire from us. Whether it is your kitchen transformation, your new additions to your drawing room, living room, or defining your home’s style statement, everything is included and covered under our after-sales policy.

Not only in kitchens, but our expert team deals with every essential requirement concerning your home renovations or building it from scratch, wondering what reliable services?

1. Kitchen services: As the name suggests, we have a team of experts that caters to all the kitchen requirements, including Kitchen Designs, cabinets, Worktops, splashbacks, and everything related to it.

From quality floorings to marble countertops, trending kitchen design adding aesthetics to the space, our kitchen services cover it all.

2. Wardrobe additions: Wardrobes are the necessity of every home. They shelter all your stuff and keep your home clutter-free.

Coming in a variety of styles, designs, and Types, wardrobes are a great addition to the home adding that desired style statement to the entire space.

3. Redefining the home design: Any addition to your home including your kitchen, or any other corner of the home, transforming it into a beautiful section along with the post-sale services is a reliable way to experience the real change with the assurance of trust and quality.

4. Bespoke Furniture: Bespoke Furniture refers to uniquely crafted furniture specifically for your space. From those awkward corners to utilizing every inch of the space or those sloped rooms, everything can be catered perfectly with the bespoke furniture choices.

Perks of choosing TEL Kitchens!

1. Swift Response

Unlike other kitchen installers and fitters that are generally hard to reach after taking the services, we provide 24 X 7 after-sale services to address your concerns and feedback. In just 48 hours (about 2 days), you will get reliable solutions for all the concerns raised by you.

2. Adding Aesthetics

Whether the style is minimalist, modern, and traditional, or any other, our passionate team is dedicated to delivering aesthetics for your space.

3. Warranty repairs and maintenance

With the two years of warranty, you will get the repairs and post services maintenance; our expert team takes care of the breakdown and warranty repairs.

We understand the value of your hard-earned money spent on the remodeling, and so we provide two years of warranty and maintenance phase where the expert team will address all the concerns.

4. An experienced team of professionals

Our experienced team of professionals is proficient in serving the on-time services and providing the desired care for the services acquired. So, you never have to worry about a single thing and get the assurance of obtaining services from a reliable team of professionals.

5. Get access to a free brochure.

Gone are the days to acquire advisory services with a huge paid amount. We offer a free brochure with several inspirational ideas that can help you transform your space.

6. Customer Focus

The essential thing that we are focused on is customer experience. Everything is included, from discussing the needs to conceptualization, design, and developing it as per the needs.

7. Open for B2B and B2C

Being a foremost company in the UK (United Kingdom), we are not confined to serving either B2B or B2C, but we are happy to say that we are open to both.

That means all the requirements concerning redefining your home, office, or any other commercial one all will be solved under one roof.

8. Quality Deliveries

What is the most essentially focused factor while acquiring services is to get quality products? With the quality products, the after-sale services will provide you the desired satisfactory outcome in terms of quality, aesthetics, and maintenance.

9. Trustworthy experience

Having experience satisfying ample customers in the UK, the trustworthy experience and excellence in the final product are waiting for you!

10. The Complete Solution

We offer a one-stop and a complete solution. Devoid of seeking services from separate hops, we have a complete solution from planning, discussing, and delivering, and providing post-sale services.

Bottom Line!

TEL Kitchen is an enthusiastic company with certified, experienced, and friendly staff focused on understanding the client’s requirements and delivering what you want.

We provide our customers with incomparable home solutions. We are delighting every customer with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We keep our customers happy and satisfied with reliable after-sale services.

We are working for customer satisfaction! Never hesitate to ask us about any of your concerns. Connect with us right away on 020 8610 9655 or email us at

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