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Why your kitchen needs to undergo surgery this coming year? | Kitchen Renovation Designs and Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Designs & Ideas

Not enjoying cooking in your kitchen anymore? Read the blog to find out exciting kitchen renovation tips and design ideas that make you fall in love with your kitchen again!

Have you ever bumped into someone while taking out stuff from refrigerator while cooking your meals?

Or, ordered something just to avoid stepping in the kitchen and cook food?

Well, you aren’t alone!

The reason could be your outdated kitchen design, growing family needs or the wear and tear that has taken place in your kitchen over the years.

Whatever is the reason but it’s definitely making it difficult for you to enjoy your cooking endeavours.

So, it’s high time to make your kitchen go surgery this coming year. Read this post to understand why you need to renovate your kitchen. Get a glance into get some impressive and affordable kitchen renovation designs and ideas for a brilliant kitchen makeover.


Why do you need to get your kitchen remodel?

We all know that the kitchen experiences a lot of deterioration from oil & beverage spills, moisture, heat, smoke and a lot of food traffic.

Generally, people don’t like the idea of a kitchen makeover as it requires a time, effort and of course money.

Studies have proved that homeowners with renovated kitchens live a perfectly healthy lifestyle and prefer eating more home-cooked food rather than the ones having less functional, older kitchen designs that demands renovation

Reasons to go for a Kitchen Makeover

Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons that why your kitchen needs a renovation.

  • Fixing Deterioration issues

It is indeed one of the best reasons to avail kitchen renovation services is to fix all the issues that you have been thinking from such a long time to fix.

Over the years your kitchen would be facing issues such as:

  • Chipped countertops
  • broken hinges
  • cracked floor tiles
  • leaky taps
  • loosened drawers
  • missing handles
  • termite ridden wood

and many more such issues.

Instead of fixing things one-by-one, why not give your kitchen a complete makeover that makes you fall in love with your kitchen again.

The best part is every issue will be solved at once.

  • Contemporary look that adds to your style

According to a research conducted by the famous website Houzz, 29% of the UK homeowners say that they just cannot stand the old kitchen and want to revamp the kitchen design.

The respondents believed that working in a space you love increase your mental well-being and boost happiness.

If you are buying a home which is a decade or more old then it might have a kitchen which is old, obsolete, and less functional. It may be usable but not aesthetically appealing and you would not love to cook in such a place.

Get a hold of some beautiful kitchen renovation ideas that’ll revive it and turn it stylish and more welcoming again.

Now, you can show off your renovated kitchen to your friends, families, and other acquaintances. Parties and meals would be much better now.

  • Increased Family time and homemade meals

An inviting home space helps you bring together your family and spend some quality time.

Additions of a breakfast or a bar counter in your kitchen will help you create more golden moments than before as the entire family will sit together in the kitchen space with you.

Apart from that, we know that homemade meals are much healthier than one coming from your favourite restaurant.

A better kitchen experience with awe-worthy & spacious designs equipped with modern appliances will make the homeowners stay and cook food at home.

The same study revealed that 67% of the respondents started cooking five to six nights at home after the renovation. That’s truly impressive!

  • Energy Efficient

The modern day appliances are more energy efficient as compared to the traditional ones.

Unintentionally, you may be wasting a lot of money on your energy bills with your old kitchen appliances.

Get some of these tips incorporated in your new kitchen renovation designs to make your kitchen more energy friendly.

  • Install wide windows for inlet of natural light
  • Work on the insulation of walls to avoid heat loss
  • Use approved and high-rated appliances to cut down on your energy bills.
  • Increase Resale Value

A stylish, contemporary and renovated kitchen serves as a big USP for your home if you are planning to sell it.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the next few years, a modernised kitchen serves as a major attraction for potential buyers in future as well.

You could easily access the increase in your home’s resale value depending on how much you have invested on your kitchen.

  • Easy to clean

Unlike the conventional kitchens, the modern kitchens designs are much more cleaning friendly and ergonomic as well.

As everything has its designated place, the kitchen would turn spacious and clutter-free.

Your new kitchen looks and works exactly as per your wish. You’ll be even more excited to clean it.


Some Brilliant Kitchen Renovation tips & Ideas

Let’s have a look at some brilliant kitchen renovation tips, designs and ideas that’ll make your kitchen makeover in order and look beautiful.

  • Improving Functionality & Eliminate inconvenience

Having an awkward space in your kitchen?

If your kitchen is small, your working area would be certainly less which would definitely interfere in your multitasking abilities.

Going for professional kitchen renovation design will not only increase your counter space for your meal preparation but will overall enhance the look-n-feel of your space.

Tips to improve the functionality of your kitchen space:

  • Add more shelves and storage organizers
  • Go for smaller appliances
  • Concealed Cabinet lighting would add to its appeal
  • Reconfigure your kitchen to island kitchen
  • If required, remove one of the kitchen walls to make the kitchen appear more contemporary, inviting and spacious.
  • Change/update all deteriorating materials.

Investing in good brands and materials will make your kitchens durable, robust and last for years to come.

Connect with kitchen renovation specialists near you to discuss the how you can renovate your kitchen that adds the x-factor as well as is affordable on your pocket.

  • A space for your family

Kitchen makeover not only makes it spacious but ensures a dedicated space for your family as well.

May be you want to add a snack counter for your kids to do the homework alongside cooking?

Or, a large table for your frequent get-togethers?

Even, good storage cannot be ignored for the growing family needs.

All your needs wishes and requirements can be fulfilled with just a twirl by the home renovation professionals.

Kitchen renovation tips to create space for family:

  • Work on the seating arrangement – island kitchen or eat-in kitchen?
  • Need an additional beverage or bar counter?
  • A dedicated appliance cabinet where you can keep your microwave, ovens etc
  • Work on your splashbacks, tiles, taps, faucets etc.
  • Clever use of corners, intersection points etc for storage units.

Reach out to best kitchen remodel experts in UK to realize the kitchen of your dreams.

  • A kitchen that reflects your style

Does your outdated kitchen make you cringe every time?

Not any more. Follow these kitchen renovation designs tips to make your kitchen a happy space that is not only appealing but truly reflects your style.

Some tips that can truly make your kitchen- a mirror of your personality:

  • Worktops: research and go for high quality worktops such as granite, quartz etc
  • Splashback: Choose your favourite colour, shape or texture.
  • Lighting: Go for concealed, contemporary or smart kitchen lighting fixtures.
  • Hardware: Go for latest tech-driven knobs, pulls etc such as soft closure, motion & sensing technology etc
  • Plumbing: complete the makeover of your kitchen with unique faucets, taps that blend with your style.

Connect with kitchen renovation specialists to know the popular colours, designs and products that not only suit your style but blend well with the aesthetics of your kitchen.

  • Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading appliances to more energy efficient ones would certainly make you think twice about increased kitchen renovation costs.

But, the old appliances are not only outdated but consuming a lot of unnecessary energy units.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s the perfect time to change and upgrade them to their improved versions.

Explore the internet or market or even reach out to kitchen experts for best advice regarding kitchen appliances that save energy as well as precious water too.

New kitchen appliances include:

  • Hob/cooktop
  • Microwave
  • Dishwaher
  • Oven/OTG
  • Refrigerator
  • Smaller appliances such as coffee maker, food processor, blender, toaster etc.

If you’re having a smaller kitchen space, always strive for appliances that multitask.

  • Buyers prefer modern Kitchens

As per a report published by Remodeling Magazine, it was estimated that you will get back around 70-72% of the actual value you invested in remodelling the kitchen.

This means an updated kitchen will attract the buyers as well as significantly add to the resale value of your home as well as future.

You’ll be able to sell your home more quickly as compared to other homes having obsolete and outdated homes.

Enhance your resale value with these updates:

  • Modern and energy-efficient appliances
  • Best runners, hinges and other hardware that are durable
  • Invest in best Worktops
  • Kitchen hood and splashbacks can be updated
  • Rework on Sink areas and cabinets
  • Improved storage area

Top 5 modern kitchen designs 2022

1. Bespoke Italian Kitchen Design with open shelves

Turn our outdated kitchen into this beautiful island kitchen.


  • Large island kitchen in Black Picasso marble
  • Brass and marble kitchen design
  • Cabinet, pantry, and display area– all in single plane
  • Glass cabinets for unhindered view
  • Fully functional and aesthetically appealing enormous central worktop

2. Innovative & Functional German Kitchen Design

If you love going practical? Then this German Kitchen design white is simply perfect for your kitchen makeover.


  • The modern kitchen aesthetics are well incorporated in this beautiful German island kitchen design.
  • The multiple tall-units enhance the storage space.
  • A dedicated appliance cabinet becomes the showstopper.
  • The countertop also serves as your breakfast table – means more family time.
  • The bright natural light coming from the doors make it look more organized and spacious.

3. Vista Elite Italian And German Kitchen Design

Going for a big kitchen renovation?  Have a look at this mesmerising Vista Kitchen with two islands.


  • All the five kitchen zones are well incorporated in this kitchen.
  • MDF boards with wooden laminates are used for the cabinet shutters.
  • Ample overhead storage units and elegant cabinetry.
  • A perfect blend of handles and handle-less designs.
  • A well designated space for every kitchen item.

4. Budget-friendly and ergonomic Aurora Kitchen Design

Unveil this beautiful Aurora Kitchen design for your kitchen makeover for best space utilization ideas.


  • Sleek, contemporary and spacious design.
  • Ideal for small kitchens and great in budget.
  • Multipurpose wooden counter that can be used as breakfast table as well as preparation counter.
  • Overhead hanging lights further imparting a better view and spacious look.

5. Elite Ivory Insignia Kitchen for Premium look

Get inspired with this elite and contemporary Insignia Kitchen Design for a rich kitchen makeover.


  • Island kitchen with open shelves design.
  • The ivory colour brings adds a fresh breeze in the kitchen design.
  • Handless sidewall cabinets give a sleek look to the entire kitchen.
  • The striking wooden splashback gives a mesmerising visual appeal and a chic look.
  • The wooden flooring further adds bells and whistles to the kitchen design.

Let’s get started on your kitchen makeover

The above shown kitchen renovation designs are awesome and mind blowing. Aren’t they?

So, are you ready to get a complete kitchen remodel? Whatever reason you may choose we’re ready to help.

The designers at TEL Kitchens help you bring out the kitchen of your dreams within your budget!

Reach out to us today and get inspired by a wide range of kitchen renovation designs exclusively for you with the best of brands, materials, and professional assistance.

With an experience of more than a decade, we work with local homeowners to refresh, refurbish, and renovate their kitchens.

Connect with us today for a free quote and a complimentary site-visit.

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