What is Wall Cladding? | Types Of Wall Cladding

What is wall cladding?

  • April 7, 2021 5:12 am
What is wall cladding

Wall cladding consists of covering a wall with an additional layer of material other than the building material, resulting in a decorative and protective layer. It stands out outdoors and indoors with its exceptional appearance that comes in a variety of designs and materials.

Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or outdoor walls and roofs, you can provide the ultimate wall cladding to any place. They provide shelter to the wall coatings from outside environmental conditions and look graceful at the same time.

While many materials are used in the wall covering, you can customize according to your wishes and demands. People intend to have coatings of most of the materials like wood, metal, laminate, stone, granite, wood and stone. All of them improve the texture, quality and appearance of the walls by providing better durability, structures, thermal efficiency and a bespoke look.

With the rise of technology in construction work, coating materials can be moulded into any shape, size and colour in a more effective and influenced manner. You can add cladding to your windows, shelves, spotlights and doors for an aesthetic finish. The popular wall claddings demand by householders are mentioned further.

Timber Cladding

The most popular choice among all is a wood cladding in which the wood base furnished on the walls. Since it is difficult to cover the walls with this coating, the method has its standards. With innovations, it is now adopted by a large number of companies. Timber Cladding protects the surface from external moisture and water soaking.

Stone Cladding

When you see a decorative layer of stone, fixed to the walls, giving a more natural and attractive view, you are probably facing a stone cladding. Several artificial and natural stones are used by designers to define trends and traditions. Stone coating is so seen in formal and big places as they are a symbol of strength, grace and unity at the same time.

Laminate Cladding

Manufactured at high pressure, the laminate coating gives a neutral and seamless look to the walls. Prints can vary across many ranges when it comes to laminate cladding, you can have wood, stone, granite, plane, any type of laminate you want.

Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is typically done in industries, companies, shelters and defence. Not only appealing but acts as an optimal protector on the surface against environmental issues. With high durability, efficiency and lifespan, they are mainly installed in outdoor areas that require ultimate protection.

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