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How fit pvc wall cladding?

  • April 7, 2021 5:25 am
How fit pvc wall cladding

PVC wall cladding refers to the application of polyvinyl chloride panels and coatings on your walls. You must have called an installer or a manufacturer for the entire job, but you could have done it on your own. Anyway, it’s never too late; you can still master the art of adapting the PVC wall covering without requiring an external employee.

PVC provides a beautiful cover for homes, schools, offices, even in religious places, PVC is commonly used. They just look fabulous when they are installed correctly and only a proper guide can help you to perform the task carefully. By using the basic tools available in every home, we can complete our task easier.

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Pencil
  3. Leveller
  4. Caulk gun
  5. Screws
  6. Drill

Preparations for PVC Wall Cladding

First, clear the wall to remove dust and remove lumps from the surface. Give extra attention to the corners as they will provide a base for the PVC connection. Only a smooth and uniform surface picks up the adhesive finely, always apply grout breaks and cracks in the wall. For best results, you can start with the lacquer so that the caulking can bind to the surface transparently.

Measure the length and height of the wall

You can now start the process. Measure the whole wall to record the accurate length and height. In the meantime, record the measures to use them later in the process. Take separate measurements of the corners as they are supposed to fit with corner trims. For the most correct marking, take a corner trim and place it along the wall. Mark the points and discard the section made for the corner fittings when measuring the walls for PVC mounting.

Cut the Corner Trim and Fix it to the edges

You can cut off the corner trim if needed, otherwise, in most cases; they need not extra trimming as they already are built in such a way to perfectly fit at ceilings and edges. Using a hand drill, install the corner trims to the ceilings and at all the corners. Secure them finely with screws of about 10-12 millimetres.

Trim the PVC Panels

After marking the accurate measurements on PVC panels, place the surface upside down to prevent the effects of the cutting tools on the exterior surface. With the help of a handsaw, cut down the panels to the required length with the reference marked lines. Level the accurate height and check the installation by temporarily placing the panels on the wall.

Install the PVC Wall Cladding

Finish all the details and preparations, this is the right time to fix your favourite PVC wall covering. For that, take your caulking gun and apply it to the back of the PVC panels, I suggest you take the assistance of a partner while adjusting each unit.

Attach the PVC panels to your wall and repeat the procedure until you make it to the end. Attach the panels with screws and clips for additional grip, otherwise, you are just fine with only the help of an adhesive agent.

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