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What are the General Kitchen Designs Mistakes to Avoid?

What are the General Kitchen Designs Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchens are an important space considered the doorway to catch someone’s heart So; they should be well designed and maintained.

Even the best kitchen designers can miss the important factors and details that make a kitchen space convenient and friendly, from ceilings to the roof.

An ideal kitchen design is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. All of it should be noticed to ensure a good kitchen layout.

Today, in this blog, we will focus on the standard kitchen design mistakes that kitchen architects often make and how one should correct each.

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Kitchen Design

Rules make life easier, smooth and enjoyable, they eliminate creating mess and extra stress.

We deal with multiple equipment, tools, and resources at a single time in a kitchen and therefore such sensual space demands extra care and management.

At the design stage, every minor factor should be taken into account sincerely because that is going to impact the kitchen’s functioning.

If you are the one looking for kitchen remodeling and DIYing, you need to be specific of some rules about kitchen plan and design.

Avoid the given kitchen design mistakes and you will have a sophisticated and high-standard kitchen:

1.    Not planning adequate storage space

Kitchen storage space has the slightest connection to how large or small the kitchen space is. Not having enough kitchen area cannot be the reason to neglect storage solutions.

Plan the right spots for installing cabinets and shelves and focus on the proper storage. You can talk to a kitchen design specialist.

2.    Ignoring the importance of kitchen counter space 

A workspace should be open and have good space for placing cooking appliances, kitchen equipment, and recipe ingredients.

Make sure to discuss the ideal workspace and install the adequate accordingly.

3.    Kitchen space without triangle rule

A stove, sink and refrigerator must be installed by keeping at least 4 feet and up to 9 feet distance. No other item should be intersecting this space.

It will ease every kitchen task, speed up the work and allow maximum used items in accessibility. Not following a kitchen triangle rule can cost you a lot lately.

4.    Using bad quality materials and kitchen fittings 

The kitchen is a long-time investment, and therefore spend smartly.

Not using quality material will get you nowhere. They tear early, get stained and spotted, and can break and become dull over time.

Always use kitchen fittings to resist daily wear-tear and maintain the kitchen aesthetics for over five years.

5.    Cramping up kitchen shelves 

Never overload the kitchen shelves as it vanishes the wall and the open space effect in the kitchen. You can store the goods smartly by placing them in different spots.

Write out some advice, keep the items belonging to the same group together and separate the other.

This will help you to find the needed equipment in a short span.

6.    Not allowing enough ventilation inside the cooking area. 

When a kitchen lacks ventilation space, it not only impacts health but also affects the interior appearance.

The particles from cooked oil, stream and air stick to the walls and cause dullness and damage to the paint and all quality fittings.

Keep the space for enough windows and a door. Consider a chimney and an exhaust fitting to eliminate the toxic and disturbing smells.

7.    Forgetting about kitchen lighting 

Every kitchen must have three types of lighting inside—general, task and accent.

General light illuminates the space, and accent light adds to its decoration, while task light focuses on prep areas such as counters and the washing zone.

The space needs the right amount of light in the kitchen. Also, a lack of kitchen lighting and bulbs can result in cooking interruptions and difficulties.

8.    Not keeping kitchen trash bin and recycle-bin 

Though this could be exceptional, many households still need to catch up on trash-bin and recycle-bin cabinets in the kitchen.

Cleanliness is the basis of a luxury kitchen, make sure the kitchen manufacturers plan the perfect layout for the wastage storage system.

9.    Poor positioning of drawers, cabinets and shelves

Not only is it essential to have the right kind of kitchen appliances and units, but their positioning is another significant factor that matters the most.

Make sure to install them nicely at spots to give you enough standing space to open units without bumping.

10.   Forgetting about the kitchen backsplash 

Many households neglect backsplash and sometimes leave it untreated. It protects the wall from oil, grease, and steam.

Whether it is a new kitchen design or a remodelling, a backsplash should be considered with high-quality material.

Besides, try to contrast the colour with the rest of the kitchen details for more interactive results.

11.   Not creating a good workflow inside the kitchen space 

A well-planned and strategic kitchen workflow makes everyday tasks easy and reduces the kitchen workload.

Make a more functional cooking space by placing cooking oils and spices near the stove while utensils are near the dishwasher.

Besides, electrical equipment should be stored near the plug points and given enough space.

Bottom Line

Always keep away from the given designing mistakes of a kitchen. They may sound light but have a primary role in how you react and feel inside your cooking zone.

Perfection is a disguise, but the right kitchen designer and manufacturing kitchen company in the UK can also help you achieve that.

TEL Kitchens assists with excellent management and kitchen designing skills for maximum productivity and minimum work stress at the cooking place.

Our professionals know the language of clients’ hearts and how to convert an ordinary kitchen into a smart kitchen area.

Discuss with the team what you seek, and we will help you hit that destination.

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