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Kitchen Flooring: Luxurious and Durable Options for Every Lifestyle by TEL Kitchens

Kitchen Flooring

There is no surprise in investing time when choosing the best flooring for the kitchen as it holds multiple activities and is the centre of your home.

Finding something durable, lasting, and appealing for your kitchen floor always pays off in a long term. Kitchen with a stylish, functional and a durable floor sets a mood and makes your tasks safe & smooth.

Today we will look for some of the popular kitchen flooring ideas that can refurbish the overall kitchen interior and revamp its functionality.

Let’s find out when we have in our bucket today.

How to pick the best kitchen flooring? Quick tips on kitchen floor

Choosing a material for a kitchen floor design is only tough when you are unaware of the characteristics a kitchen area floor should have. Here is the list of top qualities to look for when buying a kitchen floor:

Durable and Lasting:

The top-quality kitchen floor material must have been the ability to hold daily activities potentially. Materials like hardwood and ceramic tiles are great choices as they last long.

Waterproof and easy maintenance:  

Waterproof Kitchen flooring cannot be easily damaged by frequent spills, water droplets, and moisture. Ask the dealer if kitchen floor tiles are water-resistant. There is a lot to consider, you can choose waterproof vinyl, waterproof wood etc.

Looks, colour and style:

Choose the colour that goes well with kitchen style, fit and furniture. Choosing an adaptable shade and style draws a focal point, kitchen carpet flooring and the grey kitchen floor is the perfect choice for introducing a luxe touch to the floor.

Budget and Sustainability (optional):

We consider this factor optional as it may vary from person to person. if you have a small budget, try choosing pocket-friendly but the best kitchen floor material holding all the above qualities. Sustainable materials can never go wrong whether it is a kitchen floor or décor elements.

Considering these factors will surely solve half of your problem and result in success when choosing kitchen flooring. Let us move forward and explore several types of kitchen floor materials.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Consider for a Luxury and Lasting Kitchen

Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Consider for a Luxury and Lasting Kitchen

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or building a new one; this one decision for choosing the best kitchen floor can make or break the house value and overall style.

Read the given top kitchen flooring ideas before making your final decision.

1.   Kitchen Laminate Flooring: Luxury, Durable and Water-Resistant

Do you want to furnish your kitchen with beauty and functionality under a good budget? Well, laminates are your call!

Designed with multiple layers, they come in handy in a long range of shades, and textures that seem exactly like wooden floors, vinyl, ceramic, and tiles.

The best thing about laminate kitchen floor is it mimics hardwood but is quite affordable than that.  It is ideally designed for kitchens that are prone to spills, moisture, and regular traffic.

Additionally, it is superlatively hygienic. Considering you have children in the house, then the laminate floor for your cooking space is the perfect choice.

Why choose laminate flooring for a kitchen?

  • Laminate is pretty Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof and offers an easy maintenance
  • Versatile styles and textures

2.   Engineered Hardwood for Kitchen Floor: Timeless Beauty and Elegance

Kitchen wooden flooring has been an extremely popular choice for years. Many homeowners used to avoid it as wood floors easily expand and contract with the rise or fall in the temperature.

Since the inception of modern technologies, airtight sealers and finishes, hardwood has been transformed to remain unaffected by any climatic and temperature change.

Designers invented engineered wood flooring for the kitchen which has been making a stark difference and is better than solid hardwood. It is durable, long-lasting and looks stylish.

You can customize it and can be easily installed without many issues. The best thing about engineered kitchen wood flooring is that it comes in different cost prices and textures. Hence is highly recommended for kitchen storage units as well.

So, no matter your budget, you can afford it as per convenience.

Why choose Hardwood for kitchen flooring?

  • Hardwood have Enhanced durability
  • Long range of colours, finish
  • Luxurious and affordable

3.   Kitchen Vinyl Flooring: A High-End Space with Vinyl Floor Fitting

Another best flooring for the kitchen is vinyl kitchen flooring as it’s affordable and can do many things. It does not get damaged easily from water and is easy to take care of. If it gets messed up, you can replace it without much trouble.

It is warmer and softer than tiles, and is nice for your feet, and if you drop something fragile, it will not break as easily. It is also tough like tiles. Isn’t it worth buying for your kitchen flooring?

It looks good, especially if you choose a design that looks like marble, wood, stone, or ceramic tiles. Modern technology makes it look real, even though it is not expensive.

The beauty of these tiles is their warmness, even though they are tough, your feet will be relaxed while walking and standing in the kitchen.

Why choose vinyl flooring for a kitchen: 

  • Vinyl is Moisture-resistant
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Warmer and softer

4.   Natural Stone: Granite, Limestone, and Marble for kitchen flooring

Natural stones are the most beautiful choice for introducing in the kitchen. They are durable, and elegant and come in a variety of styles. Different types of natural stone feature unique specialities and therefore you need to make a wise choice at your convenience.

  • Granite: Granite for kitchen flooring is an ultimate choice for kitchen floor and kitchen worktops as well. It is waterproof and resistant to hot temperatures if fitted by professional kitchen designers. For high-traffic areas, granite is completely an ideal choice.
  • Slate: For sophisticated and natural looks inside your cooking area; slate is your call. It comes in many soft shades of grey and is available in a long range of shades. Being an affordable stone, it is a perfect pick.
  • Limestone: For kitchens and bathroom-like areas, limestone works as a blessing. It holds the capacity to tackle bacteria, mildew and mould. Also, you will see a rustic taste in its texture and warm colours.
  • Marble: Marble is inexpensive and an amazing natural stone for kitchen flooring ideas. Although they are not so good in high-traffic areas, they come in beautiful colours and leave a pretty floor finish.

Why choose a natural stone for kitchen floors?

  • Durable, lasting and attractive
  • Affordable and versatile price range
  • Variety in colour, styles, and textures
  • Waterproof and resistant when sealed properly

5.   Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: Stylish Finish and Strength

Tiles are common ideas for kitchen flooring as they come in various patterns, and sizes and are cost friendly. People love using them to design a theme with different tiles.

Both ceramic and porcelain are incredibly durable and lasting. When fitted by an expert and sealed properly they are unparalleled. Both are highly resistant to any damage and high traffic.

Make sure to clean spilt water and stains from these two best kitchen floor materials sometimes it could cause slippery layers on tiles.

Why choose Ceramic and Porcelain in your kitchen?

  • Highly resistant to heat and damage
  • Variety of styles, colours and price range

6.   Cork Kitchen Flooring: A New Age of Luxury and Resilient Kitchens

Cork is a newbie in the kitchen flooring market but holds big benefits. It is one of the best budget-friendly options for people who want something affordable, beautiful and high-quality.

You can choose cork for your holiday homes; we consider it best because one it is sustainable and second it is affordable & adorable. It is a good option for kitchen areas with low traffic as it is not so good with water spills and stains.

Why choose Cork for Kitchen Flooring?

  • Durable and Affordable
  • Absorb Sound and gives peaceful vibes
  • Multiple Colours and Textures
  • Easily Installed/ Can be DIY.

Which Kitchen Flooring Material is Most Durable?

Which Kitchen Flooring Material is Most Durable

The best flooring for the kitchen is that which can be adaptive according to the scenarios. The best floor materials in kitchens are:

Easy to clean, non-slippery, durable & timeless, sophisticated, and resistant to high temperature, spots & spills.

Asking about the most durable kitchen flooring?

We have discussed the top material for the kitchen floor above. And each one of them is durable enough to handle high traffic other than Cork which sometimes can lose the game in kitchens in holding water and stains.

Otherwise, Laminate, engineered wood, Luxury Vinyl, Ceramic, and Porcelain tiles are best suitable for kitchen areas. Each of these options is best known for resistant and waterproof kitchen flooring.

Besides, each material has its characteristic when talking about cost price, strength, and ease of installation. To avoid failures, contacting the best kitchen fitters is always the best idea, they avoid general kitchen mistakes which you can make unknowingly.

Top List for Luxury and Budget Friendly Kitchen Floors

Choosing the right kitchen floor tiles and materials is confusing when you want every good factor and characteristic in a single material. They need not only to be long-lasting, durable, easy to clean and resistant but also should give a luxury finish at the best possible price.

So as kitchen designer experts, the common question we hear from customers is what are the best luxury and affordable kitchen floor materials?

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, and Granite, including all-natural stones, hardwood and cork are the best options when looking for budget-friendly and luxury kitchen floors.

However, the above-mentioned floor options hold the value to pour your space with beauty and high functionality. Keep your mind open go through each option again and decide smartly.

TEL Kitchens: Best Kitchen Manufacturers and Fitters in the UK

Finding a professional for kitchen fitting is always a fruitful choice. DIY kitchen floor installation is a great initiative; however, a skilled hand brings quality work and a clean finish.

TEL Kitchens is a renowned kitchen manufacturer in the UK that offers sleek and sophisticated services covering a wide range from design to installation.

Working for the last 12 years, we are experts in delivering bespoke, desired and timely services. Our After Sales Policy contributes to making valuable relations with our clients even after the delivery.

Contact the team now to choose the right kitchen flooring option for your unique lifestyle and kitchen design.

The Conclusion

Kitchen flooring is not always about maintaining a discipline of functionality, security, and durable materials, it is also about making a statement in kitchen design as well.

The best kitchen flooring shows a blend of traditional, modern, and advanced materials that incorporate practical and aesthetic properties inside a space.

Contact the best kitchen manufacturers around you, who are well-qualified, professionals and give attention to each detail. Find the kitchen experts who understand your personality deeply and offer services resonating with it.

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