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Cream Kitchens

The Soft & Neutral Charm Of Cream Kitchens

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Cream Kitchen

Cream kitchens have been popular for decades for a good reason. Their subtle & muted impression suits an array of shades. It made it ideal for every style of kitchen. A culinary space looks more clean and open when painted in cream shades. Both matte and high gloss finish work great on a cream-coloured kitchen. It perfectly matches with a contemporary or country-styled kitchen space.

Why Choose a Cream Fitted Kitchen?

There is no coincidence that cream is the favourable choice for kitchens. It is neutral, calm and charming. We see no kitchen style that does not get refined with cream shades. It has become a staple in modern kitchen designs, making space look sophisticated and minimalist. Here are some reasons to choose a kitchen in cream colours.

  • Cream is Versatile: A cream kitchen never goes out of style. Regardless of trend, style and material; cream refreshes a space. Even if a kitchen is a decade older, only with a splash of cream paint can transform its looks. Cabinets, accessories, worktops, splashbacks and island in cream easily give a facelift to the kitchen.
  • Alternative of White: Some people find white too bright, plain and cold; but also want lighter kitchen shades at the same time. Creams are the best alternatives. It is very close to whites and also be combined with black for monochromatic effects.
  • Maximizes Space: Lighter shades tend to open up spaces, and thus cream works best with narrow spaces. Use a glossy finish to add a deluxe edge. Even the darkest & odd-shaped corners spark up with the cream glossy kitchens.

Range of Cream Kitchens

Each kitchen style depicts a unique theme. The main categories you can have under cream kitchens are:

  • Modern Cream Kitchens – The innovatively designed kitchens with advanced fittings and seamless designs. Less is more, is the main design scheme of such contemporary fitted kitchens. Modern cream kitchens are jaw-dropping, smartly practical and eco-friendly. They look stunning no matter the colour preference you choose to add to them.
  • Traditional Cream Kitchens –Kitchens with more classic and rustic design schemes are traditional cream kitchens. These kitchens have more detailed and less seamless fittings. They look heavy and have most of the hinged storage units. Wooden, marble and quartz are the main elements of conventionally designed cream kitchens. Besides, innovative appliances and fittings are not much involved in such culinary spaces.
  • Transitional Cream Kitchens –When features of both contemporary and rustic kitchens are combined; the result is a transitional kitchen. They are perfect for kitchen renovation projects where the initial design was conventional and the homeowner wants to upgrade a few characteristics of a modern kitchen.
  • Handleless Cream Kitchens – It is not a category but more like a style of cream kitchens. Such spaces look highly put together. All of the fittings and appliances are nicely integrated. The push to open pantry doors is its special feature. When both cream and handleless come together, they make a widely open & clean room.

Shade Variations of Cream Kitchens

Cream is limitless. And it is witnessed by its spectacular colour variations. Here are some popular shades of cream that work best for kitchen interiors:

  • Ivory Cream Kitchens –Perfect to create a soft and lasting beauty. No matter the century, an ivory-cream kitchen looks stunning forever. Pair it with beige to add minor detailing.
  • Light Cream Kitchens – When it comes to neutral cream shades, you can’t go wrong with light creams. They create a feeling of openness and serenity. Paint the cabinets with one tone darker for a deeper impact.
  • Dark Cream Kitchens – To go a little bold with cream kitchens, try using its dark variant. The cooking space with a sitting area looks more inviting with this kitchen colour scheme.
  • Yellow Cream Kitchens – Add a sunny and bright mood with the yellow cream shade of a culinary room. It blends effortlessly with traditional-styled spaces. Best for joint families.
  • Cream Pink Kitchens – The gentle tones of cream pink kitchens reflect romantic looks. The aesthetics are boosted to another level when cream pink is paired with white worktops and floors.

What Colour Suits Best with Cream Kitchens

Spruce up your cooking room with the exclusive range of cream shades. Its endless tones perfectly blend with numerous colours. Some of the best colours to go with a cream kitchen interior are:

  • Blue – Blue is such a bold and chic colour. Its soft shades work best with a cream kitchen. The rooms spread warmth and brightness when blue walls are combined with cream kitchen units.
  • White – For modern and classic elegance; white & cream work wonderfully. Imagine white countertops, splashback, walls with cream cabinets and an island. It makes a kitchen luxurious.
  • Green – A cream kitchen with a green touch creates harmony. When both are combined, gives earthy tones. It makes an expensive & fresh look. Combine wooden fittings to accentuate the impact.
  • Red – Cream is slick and red is bold, when combined the influence they leave is vibrant. The softer tones of cream complement deep red. Combine dark wood, and stainless steel or metallic kitchen finishing for creating a rich atmosphere.
  • Orange – Cream and orange give the most innocent match. Keep the cabinets orange and the walls cream. The cream walls will act as a backdrop for orange units. Quartz, stone, marble, granite and wood are stunning with such duos.

Playing with Patterns in Cream Kitchens

Cream kitchens are not only about plain and minimalism. There is so much more you can do. In the past few years, many of the best kitchen designing and manufacturing firms have introduced patterns. Such designs have stolen thousands of hearts. Cream kitchens allow you to redefine the kitchen standards by incorporating patterns:

  • Behind the Appliances – Consider adding patterns on the wall only behind the appliances. If a kitchen has hanging kitchen utensils, accessories and appliances; you can decorate it with some bold patterns.
  • On Splashbacks – Introduce some unique and classic patterns on splashbacks. Such motifs effortlessly steal attention. To create a special feature, add a durable kitchen splashback wallpaper suiting the cream interior.
  • On the Walls – Either use a few parts, or an entire wall to retouch it with some wall patterns. Cover it with wallpapers that contrast with a fitted cream kitchen.
  • Island and Worktops – Natural stones such as quartz, marble, soapstone, limestone, and slate countertops with some patterns look wonderful in a cream kitchen. They might be rare & expensive but are worth the fit.

Styling a Cream Kitchen

  • Dark Floors – Have plenty of cream shades all over your kitchen? Dark brown floors work wonders in such colour schemes. A styling theme like this works best when the surroundings are kept lighter. Add white flowers or furniture such as a dining table or a stool to accentuate the ambience.
  • Blend Brass – Including brass metal in handles, knobs, lamps and some utensils adds a luxury touch to an entire space. It doubles up the beauty of a cream kitchen. A kitchen interior with both bold and muted shades harmonise with brass finishing fittings.
  • Two-Toned Cream Kitchens – Two-tones in a cream kitchen create more interest. Choose one colour for cabinets and another for walls. Use lighter colours for upper cabinets and darker for base cabinets. It is ideal to create a bright and airy appeal.

Modern Bespoke Cream Kitchen Designs

Bespoke cream kitchens allow individuals to make the space of their dreams by using the fitting, materials, and finishing of their choice. You can let your ideas come into reality with the best bespoke kitchen fitters. Add a little drama or decency to your space with the best cream kitchen manufacturing company in London. TEL kitchens have each one of you covered with modern fitted kitchens. Discover what matches best with your personality. Talk to our expert team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cream kitchens still in fashion?


Yes, cream kitchens paired with beige shades, pastel colours, and wood accents of cabinets create a stunning impact.

What is the most popular kitchen colour?


According to kitchen design experts in the UK, Cream and navy blue kitchens leave a stellar impression, and make space look clean and open. They are considered the best kitchen paint.

Which kitchen colour is timeless?


Classic cream kitchens when paired with wooden cabinetry and stone worktops offer fresh and contemporary looks. They have been admired for over decades and will continue adding their influence in upcoming years.

How to modernise a kitchen painted in cream?


Try using neutral shades such as beige, white and grey to add depth and detailing. Consider cream worktops, cabinets, walls, and countertops for cohesive looks.

Are cream kitchens popular in the UK?


In the UK, cream and white kitchens are highly admired by people due to their style, adaptive nature and ability to make a space look refreshed & luxurious.


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