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White Kitchen

Sleek and Moden White Kitchen

White kitchen design imparts a fresh and rejuvenating look to your home. For a statement look, go for a bright and bold kitchen in white paired with a shaker style. White is a colour of purity, serenity, and luxury. The cabinets in white are available in both matt and gloss catering to the diverse tastes and ideas of homemakers.

The white gloss kitchens reflect the light, making the kitchen appear brighter, shinier, and more spacious. Make your home look warm, welcoming, and inviting by going for white kitchens that turn your home stylish and contemporary. Add vintage cup handles for that vintage look, while metallic bar handles elevate the beauty of the kitchen.

Handless Kitchen incorporates a minimalist and streamlined appearance to the kitchen, making it look stunning. TEL Kitchens, the leading kitchen manufacturing company in London, UK, offers professionally designed and manufactured kitchens in white that take your cooking experience to another level.

Creating a Timeless Bright White Kitchens

White kitchens have always been a popular choice amongst homemakers as they offer a clean, bright, and uncluttered look. This makes even a smaller kitchen appear bigger, spacious, and perfectly illuminated. A kitchen in all white is just like a blank canvas where you can go for understated personal touches and experiment with the boldest of designs.

Whether it’s a modern kitchen in white or a traditional British one, this kitchen creates a serene space that helps unwind from the stress of a busy schedule.

Choosing the Right Shades of White for your Kitchen

Choosing the right shade of white for your kitchen is important as it helps create the perfect ambience that you are looking for. Here are some of the popular shades of white from our portfolio for your inspiration.

  1. Pure White Kitchen: This clean and purely white colour gives a fresh, sleek, and modern look to your kitchen. It’s a classic choice and holds versatility as it can be paired with many design styles.
  2. Kitchen in Antique White: Having subtle hints of brown and yellow, the cabinets in antique white give a rustic and warm appeal. It’s perfect for vintage, farmhouse-style, or traditional kitchens.
  3. Off-White Kitchens: Off-white kitchens induce an inviting and cosy feel to the kitchen. Looking for a kitchen without making it look too stark? Kitchen in Off-White is your pick.
  4. Kitchens in Pearl White: Add a luxurious and rich look by making your cabinets pearl white. The shimmering look of the pearl white reflects the light well and makes even a smaller kitchen appear open, big, and more spacious.
  5. Ivory White Kitchens: Ivory has a slight cream or yellow undertone that helps in turning your kitchen inviting and warm. It perfectly hides any stains and dirt but has less brightening effect than pure white.

Styling your White Kitchens

Whether you want a minimal look or dress your kitchen with all accessories, explore endless white kitchen styling options with TEL Kitchens- your trusted white kitchen manufacturing company. Pair your white matt kitchen with curving graphite worktops or angular laminate panels for a striking look.

For gloss white kitchen cabinets pair, them up with a contrasting timber worktop in dark grey. Oak kitchen doors, integrated appliances in stainless steel and tiled flooring work best with white kitchens in London, UK. Choose warm metals for knobs, handles and other hardware as they work brilliantly against a light background.

For two-toned kitchens, use white for the wall cabinets and contrasting colours for the kitchen island cabinets. Also, you may keep the upper cabinets white and the lower in a darker shade. This will infuse brightness into the kitchen.

Why are White Kitchens an ideal Choice in London, UK?

White Kitchens are a classic, smart choice for both traditional and modern homes. Going for an all-white kitchen enhances the perception of space as it aids in a better reflection of light. A clean and minimalist environment is something that you can expect by having a kitchen in all-white installed at your home. Have a look at some more benefits of having a kitchen in white:

  • Versatile: A kitchen in white serves as a blank canvas that you can mix up with pops of colours to give it a bold and brighter look. While monochromatic colours add to the serenity, pairing with other colours adds to the depth and statement of the home.
  • Adds value to home: White is one such colour that is always on trend and sellable. Having a kitchen in white increases the resale value of the home as it turns out to be the biggest attraction for the buyers.
  • Timeless appeal: White is an evergreen colour and never goes out of style. Your kitchen design will remain elegant and relevant even for the next generations. A kitchen in white with walls and cabinets in the same colour provides a timeless aesthetic and a perfect backdrop which can be used to team up various styles, finishes and designs.

Why Choose TEL Kitchens?

TEL Kitchens is the leading and most recommended white kitchen design and manufacturing company serving the industry for over ten years. Our legacy speaks about our success as most of our business comes from repeat customers. We are a one-stop solution for all your kitchen upgrade, remodelling, renovation and new build needs in London, UK. We plan, design, manufacture and install your kitchen to the highest of standards. Quality and style are just unmatchable at TEL Kitchens. We are a one-stop solution for kitchen planning, designing, manufacturing and installation. Get the best fitted and made-to-measure kitchens in white of your choice.

Bespoke White Kitchen Ideas for Inspiration

Whether it’s kitchen tiles, floor, cabinets, or walls, white stands out to be the perfect choice for all. TEL Kitchens offers a crisp, clean and compelling white kitchen design that’s timeless, versatile, and impressive. We follow a truly bespoke approach that brings your ideas to life. Being the best local kitchen installers in London, we offer complete peace of mind as we handle your kitchen from conception till completion. Our experienced kitchen consultants ensure that the kitchen stays within your budget.

Looking for a luxurious Italian white kitchen, a sophisticated German Kitchen in white or a traditional Shaker-style kitchen, we have them all. Get the best and most comprehensive range of design ideas for your kitchens with TEL Kitchens. Speak to us about your requirements at 020 8610 9655 or drop an email at Let’s transform your home together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an all-white kitchen?


An all-white kitchen means that all the elements of the kitchen such as worktops, ceiling, walls, cabinets, tiles etc are white.

What colour suits a white Kitchen?


Complementing the kitchen in white with a dark colour such as red, yellow, or navy adds to the depth of an all-white kitchen. It defines the kitchen and makes it more interesting.

What colour of Floor is suitable for a white kitchen?


Prefer lighter shades such as light wood flooring done with maple or oak. This makes the ambience more inviting, and it pairs fantastically with the white cabinets.

Can white kitchens make my kitchen appear bigger?


White is a light shade, and it has a natural tendency to reflect light. Having a kitchen in white will lead to more reflection, hence making the kitchen appear more illuminated and more spacious. It can turn even a small kitchen into an open and welcoming space.

How can I ensure that the white kitchen design meets my expectations?


We create 3D renders before starting manufacturing to ensure that the design idea is properly conceptualized. We follow a design-led approach that ensures that we deliver within budget and the outcome exceeds your expectations.


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