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How to Get Rid of Slugs in Kitchens?


The appearance of slugs is disruptive to all locations. Many people want to get rid of slugs in the house and kitchens permanently, so they do not have to deal with the mess and unsanitary spread by slugs. They occur mostly in dirty, hot, humid, and disordered areas.

Moreover, the spots that are most often covered with soil, leaves, grass, and grain are often attacked by snails and slugs. Sometimes, even most hygienic, and crystal-clear kitchens are under the influence of slugs.

What are Slugs?

Most of the slugs are relevant to snails when they lose their outer shell. Slugs do not have legs and crawl on smooth and plane surfaces. They belong to the gastropod mollusk family of land creatures. You can typically find them on the roads and grasslands after heavy rain.

They feed on organic food, including green leaves, flowers, and vegetables, but some of the slugs eat insects, snails, and other slugs also.

Are Slug’s Harmful to Mankind and Plants?

Slugs always reside on dirty land and consume the small insects from the ground. Though very little variety of slugs are harmless to gardens and kitchens. Otherwise, most of the slugs are dangerous to humankind on the consumption of the same.

Slugs harm the vegetables and fruits by eating them before ripping. They attack the leaf of the fruit. In kitchens, slugs can hide inside the eatables and contaminates them. If accidentally eaten, a human can face several infections.

Easy Steps to Get Gid of Slugs in Kitchens

Slugs stick strongly to the ground and make people crazy. With no legs and soft skin make them possible to enter just any type of space. Slugs appear on nighttime or rainy days because they don’t have a shell and keeping them protected from the sunlight, they show up during dark environmental conditions.

Though slugs can be good for the garden area as they help in providing food for birds and insects maintaining the ecosystem. This cycle keeps the balance of nature and increases the fertility of the soil. Besides, in the Kitchen slugs can be dangerous and disgusting. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and a heart must be healthy enough for a better body.

Block the Entry of Slugs by Sealing The Spot

Block the Entry of Slugs by Sealing The Spot

Being tiny in size, they can peek even into a small spot. To keep them away from the kitchen, locate every corner, edge, and inch to properly examine the area. On getting the accurate spot, seal it immediately. To seal a cracked wall, you can use:

  1. Heavy-duty tape
  2. Wood Pieces
  3. Sealant
  4. Copper tape

Copper tape and some sealants are specially made of slugs and snails’ restriction. These are cost-effective and an amazing barrier for the slugs.

Clean the Kitchen Regularly to Keep it Fresh

Clean the Kitchen Regularly to Keep it Fresh

One keeps things clean, maintains good health. Slugs can be dangerous to health and the kitchen. To shelter you from diseases, wipe off the worktops and counters after working. Slugs are attracted to residues and leftover food on the floor and countertops. Wipe it away daily, especially in the rainy season.

  1. Take an antibacterial cleanser and a clean cloth to wash away the unwanted mess.
  2. Spray freshener made for the kitchen to kill the unpleasant smell.
  3. You can use warm water to effectively wash kitchen floors.

Turn off The Windows and Door Properly

Turn off The Windows and Door Properly

Sometimes slugs make their way into the kitchen by opening doors and windows. They usually take this road at night and when it is raining. With the support of smooth and slippery walls, it becomes easy for them to crawl even on floors. It is basic prevention, but we often forget to follow it and face the consequences.

  1. Check out the windows, doors before leaving the kitchen.
  2. Repair a broken window and add a sealant if cracked, but never compromise your kitchen safety.

Use the Antibacterial Spray

Use the Antibacterial Spray

Likewise antibacterial cleanser, sprays can be an effective solution to get rid of slugs in a kitchen. You can easily prepare a slug-killing spray at home. Take an insect killer spray from the market and use it in an effective area. On the other hand, if you are a DIY lover, make your agent at home.

  1. Take white vinegar into a bottle and sprinkle over the slugs.
  2. You can add baking soda, salt, and garlic into the mixture as they are well known for killing the slugs.

Sprinkle the Salt

Another way can be quite cruel but instantly affected slugs. Salt is known for its miraculous works for ages. Take the common salt and sprinkle it on the snails. In a few minutes, they will be dead. Sea salt is more natural having powerful elements, thus preferring sea salt over a marketable product can be beneficial.

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