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Planning a perfect kitchen

A comprehensive guide to a perfect kitchen design!

Things to consider for planning a kitchen!

Planning a dream kitchen can be a challenging task!

From selecting the best kitchen style to designing it, choosing the right materials and many more considerations are required to be taken care of.

Wanna plan your dream kitchen but don’t know how to start?

Here’s a step by step to take your next step towards your dream kitchen!

Planning and Strategizing

The beginning of planning a kitchen design for your home starts with identifying the requirements to match your dream kitchen.

From planning the budget to visualizing the appearance with numerous possibilities to find your style, everything is a part of planning a kitchen design that fits your requirements and taste.

While planning one you can also find more inspirations and ideas on our website or in our brochure to explore more possibilities with the kitchen space!

Planning and Strategizing

Selecting the right budget

Selecting the right budget

Every great planning starts with a realistic budget allocation. Obviously, you don’t want to be over-ambitious concerning your dream kitchen design, nor do you want to get it all short.

A good thumb rule here to apply is that you must assign a budget for your kitchen project and of course the space of negotiation is there.

However, you must seek some professional advice to get your hands on high-quality products offering warranty and durability. The best deals cannot be planned with assumptions, you gotta have professional advice on the same!

Selecting the layout

Selecting the layout and getting the accurate measurements of the space form the foundation of the planning.

Things you have planned during the initial step will take the form of dimensions. The dimensions and shape of the kitchen space will help determine the layout of the space.

Whether you are planning to have an island kitchen, one wall kitchen, U-shaped kitchen layout, L-shaped kitchen, or a gallery kitchen.

This phase is the right time to decide on it!

Still, confused after performing it all?

Probably you need professional advice!

Selecting the layout

Find your style

Find your style

Now that you have decided on the kitchen layout and are all set with clarity in your mind, it’s time to discover your style!

Is Italian kitchen style your favorite pick or do you wanna add a German design kitchen to your home space?

Well, the options of choosing the kitchen style don’t end here.

You can also choose from the premium kitchen range products including vista, aurora, and insignia styles that perfectly add the aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Or you wanna add some appealing factors from different styles?

Well, you still have a perfect option to opt on with the trendy bespoke kitchen designs.

With the bespoke kitchen designs, you can mix-match the trending features of the different kitchen styles to add that desired wow factor to the entire cooking space.

The sky’s the limit for the custom kitchen designs that are completely handcrafted to fit your kitchen layout and tailored explicitly to match the style and requirements.

Choosing the right materials

Once you have discovered your kitchen style, it’s time to choose the right materials that will add value to your money!

From choosing the kitchen cabinets, to sink material, worktops, splashback materials, and many more essentials are required to assess.

Examine different types of wood, metals, laminates, composite, or any other to determine which cabinet material suits the style and matches your choice.

With the quality considerations and durability, look for kitchen cabinets that are made to last longer and offer top-notch conveniences.

And if keeping the kitchen space clutter-free and organized is your primary concern, choose the kitchen cabinet styles with built-in organizers, adjustable shelves, roll-out bases, and pull-out racks to make the kitchen space more efficient.

Along with the materials, do not forget to keep an eye on the right color that accentuates the look of your kitchen as the color plays a crucial role in making or breaking the look of the kitchen space.

Do not forget to check out the trending kitchen cabinet styles that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Choosing the right materials

Selecting the kitchen appliances and accessories

Selecting the kitchen appliances and accessories

Seeking a seamless look in the kitchen?

How about having integrated kitchen appliances blending within the kitchen style?

Gone are the days to have a kitchen appearance with awkwardly adjusted kitchen appliances! Not anymore!

With a wide range of kitchen appliances available in various sizes fitting well in the kitchen design and accessories to keep it all sorted and easy.

So, you gotta search for the appliances being a helping hand in the kitchen space devoid of making any mess.

Garnish the kitchen design with adequate lighting and flooring

It’s time to garnish your cooking space with perfect lighting!

Well, it is about the kitchen items, so how can garnishing be left behind?

Perfect lighting in the kitchen space creates a beautiful ambiance and facilitates lifts up the mood for cooking some delicious dishes.

Choose the flooring that compliments the entire kitchen space and looks beautiful with the pretty lighting effects.

The right flooring color and material matching with the entire kitchen design and color theme will make your kitchen look more welcoming and comfortable.

Garnish the kitchen design with adequate lighting and flooring

Choosing the right manufacturing partner

Choosing the right manufacturing partner

The path to building your dream kitchen is not easy.

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to get hold of all the flawless finishes and excellent materials with an appropriate workflow while designing a kitchen.

With marking perfection at every step, you may require the right partner who can guide you through it all!

However, choosing the right partner can definitely be challenging!

So you need to be very careful while choosing one. But yes, to select the right partner, you must check on the following!

  • Check the history of the company.
  • Does the partner you are choosing have everything in-house or are they subcontractors?
  • Always ask for references.
  • Research the credentials
  • Examine their previous work
  • How long it will take to complete the entire project
  • How often we will communicate
  • And any other queries concerning the kitchen design plan.

Examining all these will help you find the right manufacturing partner for you!

Why worry when TEL kitchens is here?

Why worry when TEL kitchens is here?

It’s time to make a wise decision while choosing the best partner in the UK.

Since its inception, TEL Kitchen has offered a completely bespoke kitchen design to homeowners that were otherwise beyond their budgets.

With an award-winning remarkable history, TEL Kitchens has been a complete one-stop solution and a reliable kitchen manufacturing partner establishing market standards for its innovative design solutions, advanced technology, excellent craftsmanship, passion for delivering high quality, and outstanding after-sale services.

Along with this our 3D render services provide a great sense of satisfaction to our clients facilitating witnessing their kitchen design before the actual construction starts.

Whether you choose a bespoke kitchen, a stylish German kitchen design, or an Italian modular kitchen style, you will get a completely flawless design that reflects your style!

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