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Kitchen Diner Ideas

Let the Party Begin!

Kitchen Diner Ideas UK – When your space is premium, an open-plan kitchen with a laid-back diner is the most winning solution ever. An open-plan kitchen is one of the much sought-after choices amongst the homeowners. It not only signifies modern living but also gives you an opportunity to get social and bond closely with the family. Not to miss, open-plan kitchens with kitchen diners add significant value to the property as well. Looking for some inspiration for kitchen diner ideas? Here’re some of our favourite ones.

Stylish Kitchen Diner Ideas

Due to the unavailability of the kitchen barriers in an open-plan kitchen, kitchen diners make the entire setting more accessible and spacious. Let’s run through some of the best kitchen diner ideas and styles for modern homes.

1. Modern Artwork for Modern Diner

Modern Artwork for Modern Diner

The amazing piece of art and décor place near the dining takes away the heart and soul of the diner. It becomes the statement piece of the kitchen.

2. Keep it Private with Bi Folding Sliding Door

Keep it Private with Bi Folding Sliding Door

Want to keep your dining a private affair, then why not do it by adding a bi-folding sliding door to the area? Apart from maintaining the desired intimacy, glass doors make sure to keep the kitchen design aesthetics intact.

3. Wooden Breakfast Bar with Overhead Pendants

Wooden Breakfast Bar with Overhead Pendants

Having a breakfast bar as diner means more chatting, more fun and more entertainment with the family. Here the island serves both as an island as well as breakfast bar. People don’t have to rush to another counter to keep the used utensils or wash their hands, as this kitchen diner has a sink space as well.

4. Convert Window Bay into Kitchen Diner

Convert Window Bay into Kitchen Diner

The beautiful kitchen diner made along the window bay proves to be a perfect idea for an enhanced dining experience. Being close to nature as well as the kitchen, is the main objective behind designing this diner. You can continue slicing the pizza, eating the canopies, and pouring the hot coffee. Let the entertainment get going.

5. Kitchen Diner in Coordinated Theme

Kitchen Diner in Coordinated Theme

This stunning open-plan kitchen with a separate diner and island is truly mind-blowing. Beautifully coordinated and paired with the kitchen colours, the diner makes hosting the parties a gala affair. The floral arrangement and the pendant above make the ambience relaxing and serene.

6. Dual Purpose Furniture Diner in Stone

Dual Purpose Furniture Diner in Stone

We would love to present this bespoke designer kitchen diner that works as a dining space as well as an island. This coordinated addition to a white gloss bespoke kitchen drastically improves the functionality of the kitchen. The curved and the elongated parts can be used to eat, enjoy and party.

7. Wooden Extendable Kitchen Diner

Wooden Extendable Kitchen Diner

A perfect space for family and friends- this could be the most apt description for this image. This design idea fits perfectly for small kitchens or on-budget kitchens. Paired with cushioned chairs, this diner can host 5-6 people easily.

8. Kitchen Diner with a Featured Wall

Kitchen Diner with a Featured Wall

Give your open kitchen a new look and feel, and breathe life into the kitchen aesthetics with a featured wall. The decorative clock and the patterns turn it into the decorative focal point of the new kitchen. Adding red colour to the section of the kitchen makes it appear different and unique from the other spaces.

9. Flexible Seating Kitchen Diner

Flexible Seating Kitchen Diner

Comfortable and flexible seating banquet with cosy cushion pillows turn the entire space elegant and to the next level. The chairs surround a pedestal table offering a great place to interact and chat nonstop.

10. Functional and Practical Diner

Functional and Practical Diner

This image showcases a capacious and functional kitchen diner that is perfect for entertaining a large crowd. This new social hub in the kitchen turns your after-school enjoyments and kitty parties livelier.

11. Modern Diner Kitchen with Integrated Appliances

Modern Diner Kitchen with Integrated Appliances

Why not stay technologically equipped with modern appliances? Yes! Stay at the forefront of technology by performing smart integrations within your diner. Reach out to our kitchen company designers for more such interesting and innovative kitchen diner ideas.

12. Modern Kitchen Island Diner

Modern Kitchen Island Diner

Let a multipurpose kitchen island serve as your diner too. Use it for your meal preparation, cutting, serving and storing items below the cabinets of the island. Have a good space in your kitchen?, then pin and save this kitchen diner idea today.

13. Luxe Island Kitchen Diner in Soft Pastels

Luxe Island Kitchen Diner in Soft Pastels

Looking for some premium and luxe kitchen diner ideas to turn your kitchen into an awe-inspiring culinary haven? Then this lively and vibrant kitchen in pastel colours ace up your aspirations. Under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting and pendant lighting all together make the kitchen warm and inviting.

14. Extended kitchen Diner and breakfast Counter

Extended kitchen Diner and breakfast Counter

Adding green elements such as small plants or succulents to your diner gives it a serene and warming ambience. Don’t have space to keep them on the counter? You may go for hanging plants or hanging baskets for a more appealing ambience.

15. Diner with Smart Technology Integrated

Diner with Smart Technology Integrated

Streamline your cooking and boost efficiency in your kitchen with smart technology integrated with your diner. From serving units to smart hobs, everything can be automated. Handless black glass cabinets further accentuate the look.

16. Let the Party Begin!

Let the Party Begin!

Lighting is one such element of the kitchen design that can truly uplift the entire vibe and swag of the place. Then, why not let it play with the kitchen. The statement-lit diner beautifully orchestrates the ambience and other elements of the kitchen to bring about a space that is every time ready for a party.

17. Contemporary Stone Diner

Contemporary Stone Diner

Modern open kitchens are known for their minimal look and sleek and defined lines. This exemplary setting of the kitchen stone diner in this modern kitchen amps up the entire look with its white and black colour combination.

18. Unique Affordable Cabinet Diner

Unique Affordable Cabinet Diner

Looking for some affordable, space-saving and pocket-friendly kitchen diner ideas, then save them for your next project. Here the diner looks like an extended part of the island. This built-in cabinet diner is perfect for small kitchens.

19. Classy White Diner

Classy White Diner

The beautiful white blinds on the doors and windows, accentuate the entire look of this open-plan kitchen and island that act as your kitchen diner too. We really loved this design because of its simplicity that imparted true elegance.

20. Brown Diner that Wins Every Heart

Brown Diner that Wins Every Heart

Brown is the colour of royalty and elegance. Have a look at this dual-tone kitchen in white and brown with a kitchen diner that wins every heart and stands inspiring. The two cute pendant lights above, beautifully illuminate the diner at night.

Winding Up

Aren’t these impressive and inspiring kitchen diner ideas? Want to make your small kitchen appear big and spacious or planning to renovate your kitchen to turn it open plan and add a diner, we can help you. As an established and top kitchen company in London, we help you get your dream kitchen that resonates with your dreams, lifestyle and budget. We offer FREE design consultation and quotes. Contact us today!

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