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Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

Smart Storage Ideas with Slide-Out Drawers

Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas UK – Kitchen storage is one of the crucial aspects of designing a fully functional kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards play a vital role in making a kitchen look organized and clutter-free. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or planning to renovate your old one, knowing about trending and genius kitchen cupboard storage ideas stays a priority. There are multiple things that you need to consider before finalizing the storage for your kitchen such as your lifestyle, the size of the kitchen, cooking and eating zone etc. Whatever kitchen cabinet storage style you choose, make sure it is ergonomic and promotes accessibility. So, here we have come up with smart and innovative kitchen cupboard storage ideas that fulfil all your kitchen storage needs. Let’s get started.

Best Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

From better-planned lazy Susans to floor-to-ceiling larder and pantry units, get acquainted with these innovative and intelligent kitchen cupboard storage units today.

1. Innovative Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Innovative Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Now make your sorting easier in the drawer with adjustable drawer dividers. These amazing kitchen drawer dividers make your organization of kitchen stuff easier, more manageable, and more accessible. Separate your cookware, utensils, mugs, crockery etc with these easy-to-use drawer dividers.

2. Larder Units with Adjustable Shelves

Larder Units with Adjustable Shelves

Have a skinny and tall space? Pull-out larder units with adjustable shelves are the choice you need to make. These units are designed from top to bottom (floor-to-ceiling length) and stand perfect for small kitchen cupboard storage ideas. These are ideal to store your frequently used groceries.

3. Corner Pantry Units

Corner Pantry Units

Pantry units are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the modern lifestyle. They have capacious storage and the ability to store all types of liquids such as water bottles, and oil canisters as well as dry goods, sauces, pulses, snacks, and much more. The pull-out design ensures that even the items at the back are accessible.

4.  Unique Appliance Garages

Unique Appliance Garages

At first, it may feel like something odd, but practically speaking all the appliances (no matter what the size) eat up a lot of counter space when kept on them. It’s not one appliance but there are many. So, having a designated appliance garage for your appliances such as sandwich makers, coffee makers, electric kettles etc will aid in better functionality and efficiency of the kitchen.

5. Smart Hooks to Hang Mugs

Smart Hooks to Hang Mugs

Looking for something unique, unusual and out-of-the-box kitchen cupboard storage ideas for your cups and mugs? Then get hooks installed in your kitchen cabinets. The mugs are hung to these hooks, thereby making the cupboard space look cleaner, and elegant and garner a rich look.

6. Pull Out Units & Shelves to Maximise Space

Pull Out Units & Shelves to Maximise Space

Having a deep cabinet or a cupboard ensures plenty of storage space but are all the items inside accessible? No. they won’t be. Add pull-out shelves to your modern deep cupboard to ensure things stay visible as well as accessible. You may also add pull-out units for those small spaces left between the cabinets to keep your jars and bottles.

7. Pull Out Trash basket

Pull Out Trash basket

We all love an organised and clutter-free kitchen. Rather than explicitly adding a trash box and hide it beside any base cabinet, why not turn one of the spaces into a trash bin? This one of the amazing kitchen cupboard storage ideas, allow you to add a pull-out trash bin with a replaceable basket in your base cabinets. No one will ever come to know about this for sure. It’s a secret!

8. Modern Lazy Susans for Your Corners

Modern Lazy Susans for Your Corners

In modern modular kitchens, each and every inch of space has to be utilized effectively, so why not corners? Corners are tedious to access, so getting a corner unit will make a lot of sense. Going for lady Susan units and other rotatable corner units (carousals) will make your kitchen practical, functional and appealing.

9. Space Saving Pots & Pan Organizers

Space Saving Pots & Pan Organizers

Pans and Pots consume a lot of counter space. Also, when kept in the base cabinets will require you to bend down and then take them out. This amazing and incredible kitchen storage idea will help better the organization of the pan and pots, thereby saving a lot of space. You can easily install a shelf below your upper cabinets and keep all your most used utensils there.

10. Modern Pantry Baskets

Modern Pantry Baskets

Expand your storage space with modern pantry bins or baskets that can be staked one over the other and use a pull-out mechanism. Fitted over runners, these pantry bins enable you to store anything to everything. Don’t forget this to add in your kitchen cupboard storage ideas list.

11. Pegboard System for Your Small Things

Pegboard System for Your Small Things

Pegging either done on the wall or within the cabinet enables better organization of the kitchen things. When done on a wall, it makes a perfect storage space to house all small yet essential things such as the ones shown in the picture. You can add shelves, magnetic knife strips, spoon rest, pickles, and much more with the pegboard system inside the cupboard.

12. Utilize Narrow Spaces with Pull-Out Shelves

Utilize Narrow Spaces with Pull-Out Shelves

Having a pantry unit is just a blessing for your kitchen but what if there are narrow spaces between the two shelves and is more likely space wastage. Here comes this one of the exclusive and incredible kitchen cupboard storage ideas. Add pull-out units in the narrow space and Bingo! You get additional and much-needed space.

13. Crockery Rack for Better Organization

Crockery Rack for Better Organization

Installing a rack inside the cupboard will make things appear tidy and clutter-free. As every kitchen utensil or crockery will not have designated spaces, you don’t have to stuff your other cabinets.

14. Risers to Create More Shelf Area

Risers to Create More Shelf Area

Having a big space for keeping small things, would render a lot of unusable space. To manage that you may add risers that’ll create extra shelf area which can be used for multiple purposes as well. After all who doesn’t love space?

15. Smart Storage Ideas with Slide-Out Drawers

Smart Storage Ideas with Slide-Out Drawers

Drawers with dividers not only enhance better visibility of the things but also offer designated spaces for the items. Work over these spice storage racks exclusively designed for the pull-out drawers for the base cabinets. Install these smart kitchen cupboard storage ideas near your cooking area as keeping them far away will increase your to-and-fro motion.

16. Modern Spice Racks on Cabinet Doors

Modern Spice Racks on Cabinet Doors

Yes, cabinet door can also be used teaming up with your kitchen cupboard storage ideas. Boost your cupboard space with this amazing idea of creating storage space on the cupboard door as well. These can house your spices, small bottles, pickles and even small munching jars.

17. Trending Shelf Organizers

Trending Shelf Organizers

Searching for some good options for your small kitchen storage, then for this tiered shelf organizer. These can be stacked up and attached to a corner wall. You can keep your daily essentials, crockery or other daily use items here for better accessibility.

18. Under-Shelf Wicker Baskets

Under-Shelf Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a very trending feature of the modern kitchen, no matter what style you prefer (shaker or classic). Adding these under-shelf wicker baskets could help you store your open groceries such as potatoes, onions, bread and bakery, packed food and whatever option you love.

19. Stackable Bins for Space Optimization

Stackable Bins for Space Optimization

Worried about storing multiple food items and your storage boxes consuming a lot of space, consider switching to these stackable bins. These bins can be used to store your groceries, snacks and other food items in an airtight way. These can easily be arranged on any cupboard shelf.

20. Horizontal and Vertical Dividers in Cupboards

Horizontal and Vertical Dividers in Cupboards

Want to make the maximum utilization of the space in your kitchen cupboards, the horizontal and vertical dividers in the cupboards help keep your things sorted. It not only increases the storage space but also optimizes it, so no extra space gets wasted. Thereby, ensuring everything in the kitchen has a designated space.

Winding Up

We hope you loved these trending and stylish kitchen cupboard storage ideas. While planning to choose the kitchen cabinet storage units or working on how to make the most of the kitchen space, it’s important to make sure cabinets stand functional and maintain the aesthetics of the kitchen as well. Planning to renovate your kitchen or looking for a kitchen contractor to start from scratch? We have the expertise and the experience. TEL Kitchens is one of the best kitchen manufacturers in London, offering high-quality kitchens with out-of-the-box storage solutions. Speak to our team and fix your free design consultation and free quote today.

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