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Kitchen Accessories to Help You Maximise Your Workspace

Accessories to Maximize Kitchen Space

Kitchen spaces across the United Kingdom have shrunk drastically in size from 14.9sqm to 13.44sqm meaning that you need to innovate and maximise your space intelligently to get the best kitchen that you will love for the rest of your life.

Kitchen accessories like cabinets and drawers will make your chores and kitchen activities and needs more comfortable and convenient, but more than that, they help you maximise your space. In this article, you will find answers on the different kitchen cabinets available, cabinet styles to create your dream kitchen, the best materials to use for your accessories, and 4 of the best kitchen accessories to help maximise your workspace.

What Are the Available Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the things that make your kitchen functional is kitchen cabinets. They add personality and give the kitchen practical storage solutions. Although cabinets are just boxes in the kitchen for storing your kitchenware and organising your kitchen, they form every kitchen’s backbone. Basically, there are three kitchen cabinets available; wall cabinets, base cabinets, and tall cabinets.

Wall Cabinets

The most apparent type of cabinets, the wall cabinets are cabinets that are mounted to the wall. Also referred to as upper cabinets because of the part of the kitchen they are mounted on, these cabinets can be extended to the ceiling to use high spaces to store the utensils you don’t use very often.

Base Cabinets

These cabinets set the foundation for your floor plans and bear the brunt of your everyday kitchen activities. Base cabinets can be fitted on the floor that supports the kitchen countertops. They can also be added to your kitchen island to create extra storage solutions. The base cabinets can be designed to accommodate appliances.

Tall/Pantry Cabinets

Commonly referred to a pantry or utility cabinets, the tall cabinets provide more spaces that the wall or base cabinets. The pantry stores almost everything and can be configured to accommodate built-in ovens and other appliances.

5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Create The Kitchen You Love

In so much as there are three basic types of kitchen cabinets available, there are fantastic cabinet styles available to add personality and class to your kitchen. Remember that the cabinet design must handle all the heavy lifting that goes on in the kitchen without tearing off or falling apart, so you don’t have a stylishly useless cabinet.

Shaker Kitchen  – the shaker style cabinet is characterised by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel, and are very popular with traditional kitchens. The shaker style is liked because of its simple and classic look that makes them timeless. The downside of the shaker style is you need to regularly clean to prevent the inset areas from collecting dirt.

Mirrored-Door Cabinets – another cabinet style to consider is the mirrored-door or glass door cabinet either hinged or sliding door. Great for maximising space (if fitted with a sliding door) and showing off essential ceramics and glassware.

They create a lovely reflection which makes your kitchen brighter and feels bigger. The only downsides are that they are more expensive than wood, and they require special cleaning.

Beadboard Cabinets – the beadboard cabinet is achieved by fitting vertical slats into each other. This style gives structure and detail to any kitchen, and it is perfect for country farmhouse or cottage style kitchen. The beadboard style adds an element of warmth to the kitchen. The downsides are its expensive construction nature, and it requires thorough cleaning as the grooves can collect dirt and grease.

Flat-Front Cabinets – also called slab doors, this cabinet style is solid and enduring as there are no panels or framing. It has a simple and minimalist look that works well in any modern or contemporary kitchen. No cabinet is easier to clean than the one with a flat front. The downside to this is that they can look very dull except you paint them (they are effortless to refine and paint)

Plywood Cabinets – most cabinets are made with plywood, but designers are starting to appreciate the plywood not just for its functional merits, but also for its beauty. Plywood makes your kitchen very inviting and cosy. The pros of plywood are that it won’t warp, shrink or expand, making it extremely strong and durable, and timeless in design.

What Material is Best for My Kitchen Accessories?

Before you decide on any material to be used in your kitchen, you must consider these three things; longevity, resistance, and budget. Any material you use in your kitchen must serve you for a long time to come, be able to handle your regular kitchen activities, and finally, it must not cost you an arm and a leg.

Bearing those three ingredients in mind, the best plywood for kitchen cabinets is Marine Grade Plywood. The hard marine grade plywood meets the three conditions: it is very durable, resistant to pest and other termites, and water-resistant to a certain degree. It is also an affordable alternative.

However, the marine-grade plywood is not the gold it is painted to be by kitchen cabinet makers. It is not entirely water-proof, and heat-proof as it cant be in a hot environment for more than 2 hours.

If it is close to a moist environment for a long time, then the moisture can seep into the plywood and cause it to rot. It is also not treated to resist decay, and it must be protected by a protective finish, usually a water-proof glue. Like the saying close, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

The better option and by far the best material to use for your kitchen accessories is a laminate. With laminates, you can build affordable, durable and aesthetic kitchen cabinets, and since they can be manufactured in any colour just for you, they can perfectly match your interior. There are three types of laminates to choose from based on your style and preference; British laminates, Italian laminates and Italian laminates.

Laminates are composite artificial materials made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, and their properties make them the ideal choice for kitchen cabinetry range. They are heat-resistant, possess anti-bacterial properties and very hygienic.

They are abrasion, scratch, and impact-resistant, which makes them durable and very cost-effective. Laminates can withstand the heavy lifting of the average kitchen without wearing or tearing, making them perfect for your kitchen cabinets.

So, longevity – check

Resistant – fully check

Budget-friendly – double-check.

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4 Kitchen Accessories to Maximise Your Kitchen Workspace

A common theme among kitchen across the United Kingdom is a cluttered workspace. Dinnerwares, appliances, food and ingredients all fighting for space leading to an untidy kitchen environment that doesn’t help make your life easier. Here are 4 accessories to do the magic and help you declutter your workspace while also providing you with a functional storage solution.

Larder Units

Larder units offer plenty of storage space, and the inner pull-out can be custom-fitted personally to give you easy access to items – a very convenient and ergonomic way to store food. A larder unit has full extensions that give you clear visibility and easy access to provisions from all three sides (left, right and front). Available in whatever height, width and depth you need it, this innovative cabinet makes intelligent use of storage space available.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets put corner spaces to great use, thereby creating ample storage for provisions with a spacious drawer that gives you easy access to packs of pasta, flour and tins. A corner cabinet gives you a fully extendable drawer in corners, meaning you have ergonomic access to all provisions. With inner dividers, you can organise your drawer interior and gain clear visibility.

Twin Units

When planning or designing a kitchen, frequently there are pockets of space left that are usually wasted because they are considered useless. A narrow twin unit cabinet can turn those small spaces into valuable and innovative storage for holding herbs, bottles, and spices. In simple terms, twin units ensure every inch of available space is used while providing your herbs, spices and bottles have a home.

Sinks Cabinets

Although most people don’t know this, having a storage space around your sink can prove to be a game-changer. A sink cabinet uses every inch of storage space available to provide you with easy access to contents, ultimately keeping your worktop free and ensures that washing items are immediately handy. The additional inner pull-out offers plenty of space for cleaning utensils, such as sponges, cleaning cloths and bins.


Practical Kitchen Accessories make every day chores a piece of cake and maximise kitchen space, helping you keep an organized and clutter-free kitchen and giving you a kitchen space to enjoy. TEL Kitchens offer functional space-saving accessories and cabinet solutions to provide you with the kitchen of your dreams without worrying about space. Speak with us for free to get started.

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