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Key Cucine Kudra

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Strikingly charming Italian Kitchen Design!

Key Cucine Kuadra is an Italian Kitchen Design with all the innovative materials that are combined well to deliver that much-desired strikingly memorable charm. 

This wood kitchen with several square geometric elements is all set to play around the large central kitchen island 4.5 m long. 

The kitchen cabinet doors in the smoked Eucalyptus wood in a dark and warm tone with extremely sophisticated cathedral grain reminiscent of silk. 

The elegant Collemandina Marble kitchen worktop in the cool grey color softens into the rose pink conveying a sense of aesthetic refinement. 

This modern Italian kitchen design in brushed brass shelves offers ample storage space to keep the cooking space uncluttered. 

Key attractions of Key Cucine Kuadra

  • The kitchen style combines innovative materials to deliver the beautiful kitchen charm. 
  • The elegant kitchen cabinet doors in smoked Eucalyptus wooden material bring in warmth. 
  • The worktop in elegant marble adds great aesthetics to the kitchen space. 
  • The kitchen design is a perfect blend of modern and traditional kitchen styles satisfying the taste of modern and traditional kitchen lovers. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Brushed Brass, Collemandina Marbles, Smoked Eucalyptus Wood, Soft touch lacquered 
Kitchen Cabinet Doors Material  Smoked Eucalyptus Wood 
Kitchen Cabinet finish and details  Soft-touch lacquered cabinet doors 2.5 m high on an aluminum frame 
Kitchen Worktop  Collemandina Marble 
Kitchen Island Material  Collemandina Marble 
Shelves  Brushed Brass 

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