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Key Cucine Estivale

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Elegant yet Minimalist Modern Italian Kitchen Design.

Key Cucine Estivale is a modern Italian Kitchen design crafted around a large island setup. The Black Picasso Marble worktop imparts high-end functionality and aesthetics to the space.

The entire kitchen design with integrated appliances offers a sleek and minimalist look to the space.

The Glix shelvings give ample space to accommodate all your kitchen essentials including the kitchen accessories while offering the desired durability and functionality, ensuring all you need is easy to reach.

This modern Italian kitchen is perfect to house all the cooking necessities. 

Key attractions of Key Cucine Estivale

  • The modular kitchen design offers a minimalist look.
  • The display cabinets in glass giving a rich look.
  • The central worktop is in Black Picasso Marble.
  • The ceiling height doors in hollow-core aluminium
  • The Glix shelving to accommodate all the stuff is well organized.

Designed Beyond Trends

Parameters Details
Materials Used Marbles, Oak, Steel, Aluminium, and Brass
Kitchen worktop and island worktop Black Picasso Marble
Doors Ceiling height doors in 12/22 mm hollow-core aluminium
Door Height Up to 2.65 m
Shelves Glix Shelving
Door Handle Materials Antique Satin Brass
Kitchen Cabinets Rustic Raw oak

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