Key Cucine Inside

Bespoke Italian Kitchen Designs with luxury

Good Health, Great Kitchen

Another name for this Italian kitchen design is efficiency. This kitchen is custom-designed to protect you and your family from your kitchen activities. To achieve that, the kitchen is finished with a white and wooden Canaletto Walnut made from ecological composite.
This material is not only 5 times more durable than the average material; it is extremely heat resistant up to 2400, hygienic, anti-mould, antifungal, antibacterial, scratch, knock and stain-resistant.
With a One-wall kitchen design layout, the Inside kitchen is a magnificent space-saving kitchen with appliances integrated into the cabinets.
For storage, a monolith with drawers and inner dividers create a functional space and gives you room to properly tidy your kitchen space.

Designed Beyond Trends
Category : Italian Stone : Swanstone Finish : Matt

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