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British cabinetry kitchen with integrated breakfast table.
British cabinetry kitchen with integrated breakfast table.
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Are you tired of kitchen contractors misusing your money?

If we had to guess, we’d say that you’re experiencing losses because of unreliable contractors.
So, what if we told you that we can build luxury kitchens for your high-end project and help you generate the profits you deserve?

TEL Kitchens is your local kitchen planner. We offer a premium bespoke kitchen service for property developers in London. We always meet our deadlines and deliver what you ask for.

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Is anything worse than a contractor who doesn’t respond in time? Investors have to go days without proper reporting and accountability from their subcontractors.

Team up with TEL Kitchens!

We keep you in the loop of your progress through our mobile platform. We also allow you to offer feedback wherever necessary.


TEL Kitchens is one of the only few kitchen sub-contractors in London that uses the agile project management technique in construction. To deliver the maximum productivity and output for your investment, our team breaks down the tasks into doable portions to reach the meet the deadlines.

At TEL Kitchens, we are trained and equipped to assemble stunning new kitchens within the dedicated time frame, so you never have to postpone your property launches ever again.

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Kitchen Designs

We specialise in Italian and German kitchens. We provide you with a range of kitchen designs that are perfect for your budget.

Our Italian and German fitted kitchens are not only popular among our customers but are also the reason why they choose us over any other kitchen manufacturer in London.

Additionally, we also provide you with the elevation designs along with the 2D designs without having you chase us for them.

Check out the available kitchen designs.


It isn’t uncommon for investors in London to end up spending their money on poor quality of raw materials and labour.

Let TEL Kitchens help you!.

We procure high-quality raw materials and optimise them in our beautiful kitchen design. Whether you are eyeing at fittings for a modern kitchen or fixtures for a modular kitchen, our catalogue always possesses something worth your investment.

Check out our catalogue to find suitable products.


We understand how essential it is for the investors to get the best out of their investments, which isn’t possible if all your capital is wasted on paying high interests.

Being agile pays off. Since we never miss our deadlines, you can make timely profits on your property.

We also accept contracts with as low as 10-15% of the total amount as the initial deposit as opposed to the industry standard of 30%.

Our payment structure is designed to help you reduce your interest rates and keep a smooth cash flow throughout the project’s timeline.

You don’t have to block your capital by paying us in advance. With our payment milestones, you can pay for every project milestone we complete.

All our kitchens come with a mandatory two-year after sales service, so we are always there for you.

Get control of your finances.


The perks of working with TEL Kitchens is that you get all your procurement needs met, under one roof.

From appliances to accessories, we take off your burden of furnishing your property.

Whether you wish to install an oven, hob, extractor, splashbacks, refrigerator or kitchen worktop, we can procure the right units for you.

Procure kitchen appliances for your project.


Every kitchen design we sketch down for you is completely customisable. All our kitchens are made to order.

We make bespoke furniture and units that perfectly complement your property. From wall panels to media units, we craft brilliant wooden and stone furnishings for the showrooms, concierge spaces and homes.

Explore our range of bespoke kitchens.

Design Consistency

As an investor, two of your biggest concerns are missing the deadlines and difference in the design and the final results.

Worry not! We manufacture our units in-house. No middlemen. So, any change in outcome is rectified immediately.

Our kitchens always match the blueprint. What you see is what you get!

Besides, we usually offer damage replacements within one week. Since we don’t deal with any third-party contractors, we don’t require 6-7 weeks to provide you with substitutions like other kitchen contractors in the market.

Get your kitchen designs here.


We offer wardrobe solutions that perfectly complement your budget and theme. From crafting to installation, we provide you with end-to-end assistance.

Our unique designs are crafted to perfection. We specialise in bespoke fitted and hinged wardrobes, folding doors, sliding doors and walk-in wardrobes made from the highest quality of resources.

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get in touch with us to enquire about our services or products or simply say hello.

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