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We Build, Equip And Manage The Spaces!

We Build, Equip And Manage The Spaces!


TEL Kitchens is a market-leading kitchen manufacturer and designer.

We provide a complete solution to cater to all the requirements, from smaller-scale projects to larger-scale developments.

Our architectural background and designers combined with our manufacturing expertise and creative flair enable us to integrate the latest finishes and textures into the designs.

Whether you are creating space for the new housing projects, or commercial interiors, TEL Kitchens offers expertise, creativity, and innovative design solutions throughout the process.

As specialists in kitchen designs and wardrobe design solutions, we offer a 360-degree service for contractors and property developers. A complete one-stop solution, so you do not have to adjust with the different vendors.

With the experience of 11 years, we have been designing the kitchen, wardrobe, and other home spaces while helping the developers and contractors with new construction and renovation projects.

As a reliable partner, we will be at your side at every step. From creating the plans to installing and delivering it all!

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Kitchen Designer and Manufacturer

Kitchen Designer and Manufacturer

Kitchen designs are all about creatively crafting space to create efficient use of space while providing value to it.

And that is where the TEL Kitchens is the name you can count on!

Our team of professional designers pays attention to the details and shows your kitchen designs with the elevations, working plans, photorealistic impressions, and multiple 3D perspectives.

From the intricate fit required for the unique space to providing the functionality to the space, our team of experts will visit the space to measure it all, discuss the plan and provide the workflows in various formats, including 3D architectural visualizations, 3D renders, walkthroughs, and photomontage.

This enables you to see exactly how your final kitchen design will look before starting with the actual execution.

Modern Wardrobes

Modern Wardrobes

A modern wardrobe is a blend of two things- stylish and efficient.  

We understand that everyone’s tastes and choices are different. While some prefer a completely modern look, others might be seeking a traditional look to match the home décor.   

No matter the dimensions and size of your room’s space, our modern wardrobes are crafted exclusively to match your requirements. From tricky corners to sloping ceilings or even awkward spaces, TEL Kitchens covers it all with its bespoke wardrobe services! 

Maximize the storage space with the sophisticated range of designer modern wardrobes. Our modern and bespoke wardrobes are carved in solid oakwood materials exude classic charm while fitting effortlessly into any home décor theme. With a variety of colors, layouts, and styles, including mirrored wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, bespoke wardrobes, or any other, each wardrobe design offers a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing look while making them ideal for interior spaces.  

TEL Kitchens Modern Wardrobes are designed to boost the allure of any indoor space!  


Quality services at your fingertips!

Low-quality services seriously damage your dinero and affect your overall brand image.

We all know the examples of bad product outcomes and terrible service designs.

While considering your projects as ours, our team of professionals never compromises on delivering quality products on time.

The quality perspective is not only about the quality of the product; it also includes the work quality our team follows to provide you with the best outcomes.



Start your projects with the lowest deposits.

It’s time to drop all the worries about the complete payments at once. Being a foremost kitchen manufacturer in the UK, we offer 10 to 15 percent payment strategies only that is generally 40 to 70 percent based on the market standards.

The burden of complete payment or higher payments can be a little challenging!

With the simplified payment breakdown policy, you can easily manage the payments without having one-time process burdens.

Accountability / Reliability

Accountability / Reliability

Your reliable partner!

Are the subcontractors delaying your delivery standards?

Is your brand image being compromised due to the subcontractors’ delayed response?
Is your kitchen contractor not being accountable anymore?

Not Anymore!

TEL Kitchens is the name you can rely on! Being your reliable partner, our in-house team of experienced professionals caters to all your requirements concerning the new project’s designing, manufacturing, and installation.

Whether you want to give your home space a minimalist and modern look or wish to add a touch of high-tech elegance to your homestead, we have got you covered.

Soar higher with TEL Kitchens’ 100% accountable kitchen design and manufacturing services.

Agility/ in-house team

Are you and your project sinking due to the reckless kitchen contractors?

Are you worried about the next project that you want to be completed on time?

No worries this time! TEL Kitchens is here!

TEL Kitchens follows an agile project management technique to deliver the projects in a particular given time frame.

With an in-house team of experienced professionals, we can provide the desired solutions within stringent boundaries.

With zero outsourcing, our in-house team of designers, project managers, and several others allow you to deliver the project as promised and on time.

So, no more internal hops to delay your project deliveries and compromise the image.

Agility/ in-house team
One-stop solution

One-stop solution

Are the individual vendor’s delayed work deliveries affecting your brand image?

Unshackle your business from paying for every service individually and still compromising on work commitments.

TEL Kitchens is a one-stop solution catering to every need concerning completing a project.

So, devoid of seeking services from individual hops, we have a complete solution for you, including the planning, discussion, deliveries, and after-sale services.

After-sale services

The journey doesn’t end with the installation and deliveries.

With our after-sale services, we take exceptional care of the post-delivery services to provide a positive experience to our partners and potent customers.

After-sale services
Bespoke Vanity Units

Bespoke Vanity Units

Bespoke vanity units that are expertly designed with practicality and functionality in mind.  

Our bespoke vanity units offer efficient storage for the bathrooms.  Designed to work perfectly with the bathroom designs of every style, the wall hung, or floor touching vanities provide ample storage for all the bathroom essentials.  

Whether you prefer a vintage and quirky design or a sleek and elegant one, TEL Kitchens offer a sophisticated range of bathroom vanity units in diversified styles, colors, and materials. 

Bespoke Media Units

Bespoke Media Units

Media Units for a luxurious look to the space. 

We tailor everything according to your taste and desires. Bespoke media units are uniquely crafted according to your requirements in high-quality products and materials in diverse colors, styles, textures, and sizes.  

Particularly suited to luxurious living rooms, open layout plans, contemporary schemes, or any other of your choice.  Get a style statement with trending bespoke media unit designs in the living room.  

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Furniture

Stunning bespoke furniture design concepts for your home! 

Whether it is spacious, small, or indulgent, the space of your room is your inner sanctuary that needs to be efficiently crafted and well organized. A wide spectrum of bespoke furniture in high-quality products is available in varied sizes, colors, and styles, customized to your exclusive design requirements.  

Our close-knit team of professionals works all together to provide the best outcome.  With the Bespoke Furniture services by TEL Kitchen, you will get a home design with desired style statement uniquely crafted for you! 

If TEL Kitchens is checking all your boxes, get in touch with us to enquire about our services or products or simply say hello.

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