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Insignia Brown Pearl

Gorgeous and Functional Italian Kitchen Designs

Minimalist Italian Kitchen Design with open shelves!


Insignia Brown Pearl is an Italian Kitchen design with a combination of open shelves, kitchen cabinets, integrated appliances, kitchen island with an extended breakfast set up adds functionality to this kitchen. 

While serving the functionality, this kitchen style ensures that the functionality is served with an aesthetically pleasing and warm environment. 

The Kitchen worktop in durable Quartz stone and kitchen island in Cliff Cambria Quartz stone keeps the Italian kitchen functional due to their heat resistant and scratch-resistant properties while adding elegance to the space. 

The kitchen cabinets in the combination of light wood laminates and dark oakwood give a subtle and balanced look with a minimalist design. 

Key attractions of Insignia Brown Pearl

  • This kitchen design is a warm and welcoming Italian kitchen design acing the requirements of modern kitchen designs. 
  • This kitchen is a classic kitchen style with a combination of light and dark oak wood cabinets. 
  • High-end Cliff Cambria Quartz stone for the kitchen island gives a gorgeous look while keeping it functional due to its unique properties. 
  • The appropriate lighting in the kitchen spaces ensures brightness on every nook and corner. 
  • The kitchen design attains its stylish look by the open shelves with the combination of handleless cabinets to keep the space uncluttered. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Cliff Cambria Quartz Stone, Quartz stone, Ebony oakwood, Wheat oakwood, stainless steel 
Kitchen Cabinets  Ebony oakwood and Wheat Oakwood 
Kitchen cabinets finish  Wheat oakwood in wooden laminates 
Kitchen Island  Cliff Cambria Quartz Stone 
Kitchen worktop  Marrone Diamante Quartz Stone 
Sink and taps  Stainless Steel 

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