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Creating Sunny Ambience with Yellow Kitchens

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Yellow Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

Incorporating yellow kitchen is a surefire way to introduce the sunny, a little joy and warmth inside your space. Such shades work wonderfully with wood fittings and make the room bright & airy. Since yellow is associated with sunlight, they are perfect for north-facing kitchens because they starve natural sunlight.  Though the shades of yellow in kitchens are uncommon, they give a sharp edge & statement. If your schedule is busy; yellow kitchens are must a try. It is because they instantly uplift mood by reflecting energetic vibrancy.

Why Should You Paint Your Kitchen in Yellow?

  • Sense of Warmth & Comfort –Yellow is typically warm toned colour and all of its shades make the space warm and welcoming. Even a kitchen with minimal décor and fittings becomes a focal point with yellow cabinets.
  • Makes Space More Spacious –Since yellow reflects light more intensely than dark colours; it creates an illusion of a bigger space. When combined with other tones of yellow; the impact increases further. So, small kitchens can consider using yellow paint.
  • Works with All Styles –Yellow is supremely versatile. The adaptability of yellow kitchens makes it the best fit for modern, traditional and transitional kitchens. It suits all sizes and styles. Besides, the kitchen layouts of different types including L-shaped, U-shaped, Peninsula etc. also accessorise the space when painted in yellow.
  • Effortlessly Blends with Colours –The majority of the yellow shades complement various colour schemes. It becomes more playful when combined with other shades. Pastel colours when used along it, you get a soft accent. By teaming up yellow with red, and browns; we get the earthier tones. Similarly, hundreds of combinations can be made.

Main Styles of Yellow Kitchens

  • Modern Yellow Kitchen – The kitchens in yellow colour are designed keeping in mind the sophisticated finishing, clean lines, sleek textured units, and minimal design. Modern fitted yellow kitchens are manufactured with innovation and smart technologies. They have advanced features such as energy-saving appliances, ergonomic layouts, practical storage units etc. Modern kitchens are open, have pastel shades and focus more on adding personal style to design elements.
  • Traditional Yellow Kitchen – Traditional or conventional kitchens have more details than modern. Crown moulding, ornament & decorations and raised panels are important features. Made of top quality, the traditional yellow kitchens by the best kitchen fitters in the UK are extremely durable and timeless. The appliances here are built in and the floors are often made of hardwood and tiles.
  • Transitional Kitchens – The combination of elements from both periods; modern and ancient. Meaning, kitchen spaces with features of contemporary & conventional are transitional. They look gorgeous, and bright and have many storage units.
  • Handleless Yellow Kitchen –Handleless yellow kitchens have a contemporary design and are truly without handles. The cabinets, drawers, doors and windows – all are without knobs and handles of any type. Appliances are nicely integrated and are built in. Such kitchen designs are best for both small and large sized rooms.

What Shades of Yellow Are Popular in Kitchen Designs?

  • Pale Yellow – In the past times, pale yellow kitchens were quite popular to create unique styles in cooking rooms. Farmhouse, contemporary and Scandinavian kitchen looks used pale yellow shade. It is a muted colour and hence when combined with light wood furniture, leaves a casual appearance.  Such yellow toned kitchens make a huge difference by adding brightness and humour.
  • Lemon Yellow – Lemon yellow kitchens add a burst of energy to space. They add a sharp character and bring cheerfulness to space. Perfect for traditional and transitional styles. Stainless steel appliances add a contemporary taste to the kitchen setting when paired with a lemon kitchen. Use white coloured cabinets and a worktop. Consider marble or granite for balancing the bright lemon.
  • Golden Yellow – Add lightness and high saturation with the light bright shade of yellow; golden yellow. It exudes luxury and richness while adding depth when used with the one tone darker shade. Pair it with a dark wood cabinet, dark floor, and antique kitchen fittings. This stunning yellow kitchen shade elevates your dinner time gatherings.
  • Light Yellow – Light yellow is often associated with pastel yellow shades. It makes the kitchen look airy, open and bright. Due to its contrast, a light yellow kitchen is easy on the eyes, refreshing and offers a clean look to the space. Chocolate brown, light brown and beige coloured cabinetry will work great with it. Dark greys and olive greens do pair perfectly with light yellow kitchens.
  • Dark Yellow – Dark yellow kitchens are extrovert kinds of culinary spaces. They steal attention at the first glance. It works great with black, dark grey, beige, off-white, pale yellow and dark wooden shades. Furniture in such kitchens should be kept subtle and minimalist. It is important to maintain the grace of the room.

What Colour Combinations Work Best in a Yellow Kitchen?

  • Grey and Yellow – Grey and yellows are the low-key combinations to make your space look modern and monochromatic. Use mute shades of both colours. This combination adds a touch of class and luxury. Most of the high-end restaurants and apartments do have this colour combination inside their premise.
  • White and Yellow – The most popular combination; is white and yellow. Gives a boost to space aesthetics, and make it look more charming. Both shades make the kitchen look clean, and open. Have a narrow space? Try this yellow kitchen colour scheme. Invest in a patterned backsplash for adding a pop-up.
  • Blue and Yellow – Achieve the majestic yellow kitchen space by incorporating blue tiles with yellow cabinets, or vice versa. For soft hues; choose the pastel shades of both. For vibrant & bold looks; dark tones of blues and yellows work wonderfully. Ocean blue with honey yellow shade create a stunning character in shaker kitchens.
  • Black and Yellow Kitchens – To make an unforgettable statement; try combining black & yellow. A black wall with yellow fittings tones down the design. Invest in black furniture items such as chairs and tables to make it look more analogous. If bright yellow is too much for you, consider some pastel or light hues of yellow.

TEL Kitchens’ Trendy & Bespoke Yellow Kitchens

Bespoke yellow kitchens are specially designed keeping in mind the preference and style of clients. The possibilities are endless here. Bespoke means personalizing; so you get to choose what kind of design you want, the materials, fittings, finishing and everything in between. The kitchen manufacturing firms work closely with clients to tailor the space. TEL Kitchens is a renowned name for kitchen experts in London. We plan, design and fit complete kitchen solutions. From starting to the project delivery; our men remain with you to ensure the smoothness of kitchen fitting services. Start planning your kitchen with our expert team. Contact us or fill out the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yellow Fitted Kitchens in Trend?


Yes, yellow kitchens are still in fashion. There are many yellow shades to be used for all styles; whether it is modern, traditional or a mix of both.

When Were Yellow Kitchens Popular?


Yellow kitchens of all pastel and bright shades were popular in the mid-nineties. They were popularly used for cabinets, appliances, walls, and as wallpaper colour in kitchens.

Are Yellow Kitchens Good for Modern Homes?


Yes, the mustard yellow, dandelion, pale, amber, corn and chrome yellow work perfectly in kitchens of modern style homes.

What Colour Appliances with Bespoke Yellow Kitchen Rooms?


Dark black, matte black, white and beige stainless steel appliances are fabulous for customized yellow kitchens.


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