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Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Modern Acrylic Italian Kitchen Design!

Volumi Italian Kitchen Design is an elegant kitchen style where simplicity meets sophistication. 

This kitchen design is crafted in acrylic. Acrylic material is an extremely high-temperature and knock-resistant material that gives the opportunity to have a playful combination in its finish. 

With the option of having an opaque or glossy finish, one can easily make the combination match their taste and enhance its aesthetic. 

This modern Italian kitchen design includes a 45-degree chamfered border all around the kitchen especially around the kitchen worktop which elegantly pairs the wood and marble while giving a seamless look. 

Key attractions of Volumi

  • The chamfered border around the kitchen space and worktop is giving a seamless look to the kitchen. 
  • It’s a simply sophisticated kitchen design matching the taste and style. 
  • The option of glossy and opaque finish gives the choice of making variations in the space. 
  • The underside of the kitchen worktop is finished in Smoked Elm Wood. 
  • The durable kitchen worktop is an elegant gray marble worktop. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials used  Gray marble, Pale Gray acrylic kitchen, Smoked Elm Wood 
Kitchen worktop  Gray marble 
Kitchen Material  Pale Gray Acrylic 
Kitchen cabinets and underside of the worktop  Smoked Elm Wood 
Kitchen Cabinet Finish  Glossy or Opaque 

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