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Vista White

Reflect your Style with Standard British Kitchen!

Vista Kitchen that drives Functionality & Aesthetics!


White kitchens are a true reflection of minimalism, versatility and elegance. Vista White kitchen by TEL arguably tops the chart.

This timeless British Kitchen design comes with a sturdy island set up that charming and gives a luxurious look to the entire design.

Statuario marble is a classier choice for worktop in this ultra modern kitchen design as it adds the desired high-shine, warmth and texture.

This stylish and contemporary British fitted kitchen is completely budget friendly which makes it a perfect alternative to a plain English kitchen. 

Go for it today!

Key attractions of Vista White

  • Vista White Kitchen is a British Kitchen design with an Island kitchen setup.
  • Statuario marble is used as worktop and splashback.
  • Subtle and bright wall lighting.
  • Handless cabinetry
  • All units in beautiful Platinum white finish.

Designed Beyond Trends

Parameter Details
Kitchen Style Island Kitchen
Colour Description Platinum white finish
Stone work Marble
Kitchen cabinet style Sleek Handleless kitchen cabinets
British cabinetry
Worktop Material Statuario marble
Splashback Statuario marble
Finish Glossy
Other features Sink and tap stainless steel finish

Copper finish for channels

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