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U Shaped Kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen Company UK

U-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular and common kitchen layouts in London that is beautiful, practical and offers plenty of storage space. Suitable for both small and bigger size kitchens, u shaped kitchens comply with the kitchen triangle that ensures improved ergonomics. The fitted U shaped modular kitchens work superbly with an island or breakfast peninsula that separates the eating area from the cooking area. It is perfect for any style of the kitchen, be it contemporary, traditional, or shaker. Looking for a kitchen design that offers less walking distance between different work areas and comes with maximum worktop space, U shaped kitchen is perfect for you. TEL Kitchens, the leading kitchen design, and manufacturing company in London, comes with a range of brilliantly designed u shaped kitchens that speak!

What is U-Shaped Kitchen

U shaped kitchen is a kitchen design that features three walls that have appliances, cabinets, and worktops. In other words, the worktop (counter space) when joined, resemble the English letter “U.” The three sides form an amazing kitchen triangle that makes the appliances and cabinets within reach. We deliver the most stylish, trending, and popular U-shaped kitchens in London, UK.

Working on the Perfect Size

It completely depends on the floor area of the kitchen and whether the kitchen layout will support just cooking or can be used for socializing or dining purposes as well. For smaller kitchens, U shape kitchen is feasible if there is enough room for a person to prepare the food without any difficulty. Kitchens that are of large rectangular or square areas offer more flexibility. Here the U shaped kitchen can be installed at one end, leaving the other end free for creating an island or a dining space.

Features of a U-shaped Kitchen Layout

Be it a newly built or a kitchen remodel u-shaped layout makes the kitchen stand out in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here’re are some reasons which make U shaped kitchen a popular choice in London, UK.

  • Accessibility: The working triangle becomes super prominent. The refrigerator, sink area and prep zone are easily accessible. It’s easy to move between different work areas to find the cookware and ingredients.
  • Ample Storage: U shaped modular kitchen offers abundant storage options such as drawers and cabinets. These help you minimize your clutter and mess as you have designated spaces for all your kitchen stuff.
  • Ergonomic Implementation: Ergonomics are well implemented in a u shaped kitchen. The golden triangle rule ensures amazing practical stability and functionality.
  • Plenty of Space: A U shaped modular kitchen offers huge floor space for two people to stand and work. You can easily use the space to install an island or add a statement wall to turn the place more sociable.

Illuminating U-shaped Kitchen

Kitchen lighting plays an important role in ensuring that the kitchen doesn’t feel dark or overcrowded. Natural lighting in a U-shaped kitchen makes the space look brighter and wider. This is best suited to narrow and small kitchens. You may use artificial lighting in case the kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light. You may choose daylight bulbs or smart bulbs to turn your kitchen more welcoming and inviting. Central lighting can be done by using pendant lighting which mesmerizingly illuminates all your cabinetry and pantry area. Spotlights can be provided for directional lighting and recessed lights (under cabinet lighting) provide a luxe and ultra-contemporary finish.

Finishing Options for U-Shaped Kitchen

Gloss kitchen cabinets are suitable for narrow kitchens as the cabinets reflect the light and make the kitchen appear open and brighter. Matt kitchens with wooden traditional shaker cabinets pair well with U-shaped layout while handless kitchens imbue a contemporary effect.

Awe-inspiring Colour Schemes

Beautiful colour schemes set the mood of your u-shaped kitchen and enhance the absorption and reflection of light.

  • Wall Colours: For minimalistic homes, going for a monochromatic colour scheme for the U-shaped fitted kitchen will make your space bigger than it actual is. By using the colours from the colour palette that are next to each other turns the space more relaxing, calming, and comfortable.
  • Cabinet Colours: For classic U shaped kitchens, go for darker hues for the base units as it creates the illusion of space. Pair lighter-shade worktops with dark-shade cabinets for a regal look.
  • Worktop Colours: U shaped kitchen with light shade worktops such as grey or white imparts a clean and spacious feel. While pairing darker worktops with light shade cabinets imparts a bold and dramatic look.
  • Floor Colours: Wooden flooring works well with U-shaped kitchen. Having light-coloured flooring for U shaped modular kitchen adds warmth to the space while darker shades add sophistication.
  • Appliances Colours: Whether integrated appliances or open arrangement, stainless steel works with all styles of U shaped kitchen. Teaming them with the same colour cabinets gives a more alluring look.

Adding Bespoke Features to U Shaped Kitchen

  • Kitchen Island: Break up the space in the middle by placing a kitchen island. This gives you extra storage space, a worktop area and a space to socialize. The kitchen island becomes the focal point of your home. While the lower space of the island serves as your storage space, the upper area serves as an extra worktop that can be used for your preparation area.
  • Statement Wall: The ends of the “U” provide a good space for creating a statement wall that acts as an attractive point of the home. Try pairing up with different patterns in bold or light hues to create a stunning impact.
  • Breakfast peninsula: Don’t have space for an island? A breakfast peninsula could be an option. You can extend one of the sides of the U shape and extend it to make an additional counter. It gives a perfect place to entertain guests, serves food and drinks or could work as a family get together point.
  • Installing Handless Units: Combining handless cabinets not only turns the space aesthetically appealing but also improves movement and flow. Having a handleless kitchen offers a seamless style that is ergonomic, sleek, and smooth.

Making the Most of the Shaped Kitchen Layout

Here are some working tips to make the most of your kitchen U shaped layout.

  • The sink is near to food preparation area.
  • Around the stove and oven, there should be ample storage space.
  • The refrigerator should be placed on one side of the kitchen island. Make sure that there is enough room for at least two people to stand.
  • Glass cabinets or open shelving not only provide plenty of storage but also brighten the space.
  • Plan floor-to-ceiling cabinets that impart a modern, clean look that maximises storage.
  • In U-shaped kitchens, modern corner storage solutions can offer amazing capacity to store things in a modular way.

Discover Inspiring U Shaped Kitchen Ideas

U shaped kitchen is gaining popularity in London as they offer impeccable practicality, functionality, and storage solutions. TEL Kitchens is the leading U shaped kitchen manufacturers in London that delivers high-quality modern kitchens from start to end. From planning, designing, manufacturing and installation of the U shaped kitchen, our professionals ensure the utmost precision, accuracy, and highest attention to detail. From exemplary finishings to bespoke interior designing, we have the best team that does that all. Want to remodel your kitchen space or want to construct an altogether new one, TEL Kitchens is your local kitchen manufacturing partner. Speak to our experts today and transform your home.

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With continuous worktops on three sides, the U-shape layout offers more storage, workspace and highly efficient space which takes your cooking experience to the next levels. TEL Kitchens provide bespoke kitchen plan and design services that ensure perfect manoeuvrability across all the workspaces in the U-Shaped kitchen. Explore our portfolio for more ideas and inspirations on different types of kitchen styles. From country cottage kitchen to shaker style and from modern to traditional designs, there are multiple possibilities to transform the kitchen. Let’s discuss your needs, ideas, and requirements. Book a u shaped kitchen design consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a U shaped kitchen UK?


For an island U shaped kitchen, there should be a 1m walkway between the cabinets and the island worktop on all sides. Usually, the room needs to be around 4.3m wide for an island U-shaped kitchen.

Where to put fridge in U shaped Kitchen?


A U shaped modular kitchen follows the golden kitchen triangle rule where the three sides have a stove, sink and refrigerator.

How to maximise a U shaped kitchen?


There are multiple options to maximise storage in a U shaped kitchen such as by providing storage from floor-to-ceiling. If the space is larger then the space can be maximised by adding an island. If the space is smaller, you may add a peninsula or a breakfast table or extra counter space.

Why are U shaped kitchen layout popular?


The prime reasons behind the popularity of the U shaped Kitchen are its amazing functionality and ample storage options. The design of U shaped kitchen has integrated appliances, benchtops and cabinets enabling maximum space utilization. Also, it offers better accessibility.

What things to be kept in mind when designing U shaped kitchen with island?


While designing a kitchen island for a U shaped kitchen layout, you need to make sure that there is enough space between surrounding benchtops and the cabinets. Make sure that island is centrally located in such a way that all the appliances and other storage options are easily accessible.


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