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Shaker Kitchen

Sleek Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Kitchens are more than just a trend, they’re a reflection of functionality and timeless aesthetics. Shaker-style design kitchens are amazingly versatile and flexible. These are defined by simple and minimalistic design and clean lines. So, whether you plan a traditional, modern, or premium range of kitchens, Shaker style design easily blends with almost every taste, lifestyle and need. Popularly made in soft grey, cream and white, the shaker design pairs perfectly with timber and oak finishes to give a breezy and illuminated feel. These kitchens are crafted as five-piece designs, giving the kitchen a classic timeless appeal. Get inspired for a shaker transformation with TEL Kitchens, the best Shaker kitchen manufacturer in London, UK.

What is Shaker Kitchen?

Shaker kitchen is a kitchen style which is less ornate and follows a minimalistic design with clean and simple lines. Discover timeless elegance and amazing practicality with this style. Celebrate precision, simplicity and consistency with shaker-style kitchen cabinets and doors. The kitchen units are made considering the flat blocks of five blocks with recessed and flat central panels and four four-piece wooden frames. They focus a lot on cabinet symmetry with minimum detailing.

The Essence of Shaker Kitchens

Shaker-style kitchen offers a blend of modernity and traditionalism, thereby offering a stylish and exemplary solution for every home and budget. It’s popular for its simple design, understated elegance as well as exceptional craftsmanship. The Shaker-style kitchen originates back in history from the principles of the Shaker community which were utility, honesty, and simplicity. At the heart of every shaker-style kitchen is the design of the cabinets and doors. These are made in five pieces – one recessed central piece surrounded by four frames. The cabinets and doors are made in superior-quality oak that stands the test of time. A traditional shaker kitchen adds a classic style to the aesthetics. Experience a fresh and contemporary feel with a modern shaker kitchen design.

Reasons Why Shaker Kitchens Are Trending?

The main reason behind the popularity of the shaker kitchen style is the classy and minimalist design of their cabinets and doors. The features that make shaker style kitchens stand out are:

  1. Simple and Clean Design: The shaker design adds to the distinctness of the design. It is easily distinguishable from the regular cabinets as it is simple and elegant. These are characterized by recessed central panels, inset doors and light finishes.
  2. Superb Craftsmanship: Shaker-style kitchens are made using expert craftsmanship and have bevelled edges. The kitchens have shaker-style drawers and doors that can be inset or partial/full overlay.
  3. Robust and Durable: The shaker units are made with solid hardwood, usually oak which makes them solid and long-lasting. Lao by pairing them with light stain finishes and natural paints makes them ideal for contemporary styles.
  4. Versatile and Functional: Whether you’re looking for the warmth of wooden cabinets or the true understated elegance of painted ones, shaker style kitchens have something that suits every style and taste. They stand equally functional in a modern home or a period property.
  5. Details that Make a Difference: The Shaker cabinets can easily be paired with modern accessories that turn the space stylish and functional.
  6. Not Too Ornate: Looking for a clean kitchen design, mess-free and clutter-free? Shaker Kitchen is the perfect pick for you. These beautifully defined cabinets contain all modern kitchen design elements without any over-ornamentation or extra fuss.

Stylish Shaker Style Cabinets in London

Shaker style kitchen cabinets offer a plethora of styling opportunities possibilities. Any colour or finish, the core features of shaker kitchens stand as practicality, elegance, and sophistication. They make the kitchen look amazingly beautiful and stand out. The stability and sturdiness of these shaker cabinets turn any kitchen into a classy and chic spot. Shaker cabinets look stunningly beautiful in a myriad of colours. Be it white shaker cabinets, grey shaker cabinets, white maple cabinets or maple shake cabinets, these cabinets blend perfectly with any colour wall, flooring, or accessories.

Trending Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

In shaker-style cabinets, consistency and repetition is the key. We need to make sure that every unit- be it shelves, cabinets, or drawers, looks the same and offers a seamless look. The cabinets come in squared-off rails along with a centre panel. Here are some trending finishes that pair perfectly.

  1. Shaker Kitchen cabinets with Burnished Finish: Cabinets are given a burnished look to give them a rusted and aged appearance. Here the pained shaker cabinets are polished by rubbing. This will require professional assistance. The burnishing finish gives the shaker kitchen a modern look and turns the wooden fixtures attractive and shiny.
  2. Shaker Style cabinets with Painted Finish: Make the shaker cabinets appear more intrinsic and exquisite by painting them in beautiful hues. The paint makes them retain their recessed and squared appearance.
  3. Shaker kitchen in Polyurethane Finish: Bring out the earthy and rustic charm of the shaker cabinets by applying a polyurethane finish. This not only improves the longevity of the cabinets but also enhances the appearance of the cabinets. This finish enables the kitchen to appear both traditional as well as modern in the modern shaker kitchen design.
  4. Shaker Kitchen cabinets with Thermofoil Finish: Also known as vinyl wrap, thermofoil finish enhances the longevity and durability of the shaker cabinets. Intense pressure and high temperature are used to apply thermofoil finishing. It is usually applied at the medium dense areas of the shaker cabinets.

How to Style Your Shaker Kitchen?

Shaker style kitchens are loved for their understated elegance and clean lines that impart a versatile and timeless appeal to every home. These kitchens embody a modern twist with a traditional touch. They get easily teamed up with

  • Oak and timber finishes
  • Hardware with beaded and antique effect
  • Brass hinges and handles
  • Mix of on-show and integrated appliances
  • Open shelving
  • Island kitchen

Opt for two-toned or two-shaded shaker cabinet colours to transform your home and reflect its individuality. Prefer lighter hues for smaller shaker kitchens as they reflect light and make the area appear bigger and more spacious. For larger kitchen spaces, darker hues such as forest green and ink blue work perfectly when teamed up with natural materials. Pendant lighting would add a luxe and modern nuance to the kitchen without disrupting the look and feel of the kitchen. Discover stunning shaker kitchen combinations with our shaker kitchen manufacturing company.

Types of Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some popular and trending styles of shaker kitchen cabinets from our portfolio.

  1. Transitional Shaker Cabinets: Modern-day interior designers and homeowners are interested towards the ongoing trends towards transitional kitchen elements such as kitchen design, cabinets, and styles. Transitional means a blend of modern and traditional elements but not multifarious. A black and white kitchen shaker-style kitchen cabinet along with natural elements turns out to be a perfect pick to give a modernised look. The reason they are popular also lies in the fact that with a few minor changes such as flooring, colours of cabinets etc, you can easily change the look of the kitchen.
  2. Modern Shaker-Style Cabinets: The prime feature of every modern shaker cabinet is to impart an uncluttered and clean look. The cabinets offer a minimal and less ornate look that turns the space inviting and warming. The modern shaker-style cabinets can be matched with any type of flooring and worktop/countertop material.
  3. Traditional Shaker-Style Cabinets: These cabinets are characterised by minimalistic design with a superior level of craftsmanship. The cabinets are symmetrical and have unique framed panel doors.

Craft Your Dream Shaker Style Kitchen with TEL Kitchens

Whether you plan to construct a modern shaker-style kitchen with a trending twist or want to get a makeover for a traditional-style shaker kitchen imbuing classic charm, TEL Kitchens comes up with plenty of options to explore. Each and every element/unit of the shaker-style cabinet is crafted keeping in mind utmost attention to quality and attention to detail. Looking for substance and style, then shaker kitchens are a perfect pick for your home. TEL Kitchens is the best local kitchen manufacturer in London delivering the best shaker style in both craftsmanship and quality. Our professionals have the expertise to turn your normal-looking kitchen into bespoke shaker-style kitchens and blend the old and the new. So, whether you are renovating your old property or designing a new kitchen, we make your space functional, elegant, and beautiful.

Book Your Free Shaker Kitchen Design Consultation Today

Shaker Kitchens by TEL Kitchens work everywhere- be it a loft, flat, modern house, country home, apartment, or any residential unit. Being the best local shaker kitchen manufacturing company in London, every single shaker cabinet is handcrafted and is made to measure according to the requirements. The carcasses for the cabinets are manufactured using the highest quality birch ply which ensures sustainability and durability as well. Our unique tried and tested approach along with the latest innovation enables us to achieve high-quality delivery while ensuring things are kept within budget. Speak to our experts and schedule your design consultation today. Don’t miss on free and no obligator quotation and site visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a traditional shaker kitchen different from a modern shaker kitchen?


Traditional shaker-style kitchens focus more on high-end craftsmanship along with an adept interest in choosing natural wood/stones and designs. On the other hand, a modern shaker kitchen experiments with incorporating popular combinations such as experimenting with various colours such as navy, black, light grey etc. The kitchen style also includes modern fixtures and finishes.

What are some common materials for shaker kitchen doors?


The doors of the shaker-style kitchen are usually made up of natural materials such as hardwood timber (oak and maple). The popular paints for these doors are navy and light grey.

What accessories pair perfectly with shaker kitchens?


Due to the clean and uncomplicated design of the shaker-style kitchen, accessories such as brass and vintage handles, classic light fixtures, pendant lighting, open shelving, and natural worktops (stone or wood) completely complement your style perfectly.

Are Shaker kitchens expensive?


On the whole, shaker kitchens are not at all expensive. But, the cost certainly depends on your choice of materials, design, size of the kitchen, investing in an island etc. It is worth investing in a shaker-style kitchen and cabinets.

Is it possible to incorporate an island into a Shaker kitchen?


Absolutely. Adding an island is one of the most popular additions to a shaker-style kitchen. It not only turns the kitchen aesthetically appealing but adding an island would mean additional counter space as well as storage space.


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