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Add a Touch of Luxury and Playfulness to your Space with Pink Kitchen

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Pink Kitchen

Timeless Pink Kitchen

Pink kitchens are vibrant, whimsy and modern, which creates an atmosphere of playfulness and luxury. Pink is timeless and has been popularly used in contemporary and European kitchens. Lighter shades of pink make your shaker kitchen look charming and calming while bright pink fills any kitchen design with tremendous energy. Over the years pink has shed its feminine and sugary reputation. Today, designers and homeowners are embracing the vivid and vibrant shades of pink. Be it a soft blush pink or a bold fuchsia, pink kitchens are a perfect choice that reflects personality and imagination. Make a striking impression with pink kitchens by TEL Kitchens- London’s leading kitchen manufacturer.

Select the Right Pink for your Pink Kitchen

Considering reinvigorating your kitchen with a splash of hues, pink serves you endless options. Considering your kitchen’s design, style, and interiors, choose the perfect tone of pink. Here are some of the popular ones from our portfolio.

  1. Raspberry Pink Kitchen: Add personality and glamour to your kitchen by upgrading to raspberry pink. It’s a vibrant and energetic shade of pink that resembles of ripe raspberries. It pairs perfectly with wooden accents and brass hardware.
  2. Kitchens in Coral Pink: This orange-tinted shade of pink is warm and inviting. It gives a fresh and modern feel to the cooking space. Pair it with wooden cabinets in white or cream shades for a cheerful look.
  3. Kitchens in Hot Pink: Want to go play with bold and bright shades of pink, then get your kitchen manufactured in hot pink. Pair it with blues and greens to create a fun focal point. Stainless steel appliances and hardware perfectly balance out this pink hue.
  4. Kitchen in Pale Pink/ Soft Pink Kitchen: Pale pink is pleasing to the eyes and is perfect for farmhouse style or rustic kitchens. Pair them with pink cabinets, brass hardware, and a wood worktop for a comforting feel. They blend in with any type of kitchen- modern, shaker, or transitional.
  5. Mute Pink Kitchens: Muted pinks are a lovely pink-grey-purple shade of pink which looks like neutral colours. Wooden accents and industrial-style lighting go perfectly with this type of kitchen.
  6. Kitchens in Plum Pink: Plum pink is a great alternative to hot pink and works perfectly for those who don’t want the vibrancy of hot pink and are looking for something that works with all styles of spaces. A plum pink kitchen island becomes a focal point of your kitchen.
  7. Kitchens in Bubble gum Pink: Bubble gum pink kitchens are playful and bright. Consider using it when you are using multiple tones of pink in one room. This shade of pink creates a lovely garden vibe.

Beautiful Finishing Options for Pink Kitchen

Here’re some of the best finishing options that you can style your kitchen in pink.

  • Gloss Pink Kitchen: High gloss pink kitchens exude modern elegance and sophistication. The sleek reflective surfaces make the kitchen appear more spacious and brighter. Explore trendy handleless kitchen designs in pink for an ultra-modern and minimalist impact.
  • Matt Pink Kitchen: Turn your kitchen into a true work of art by adding refined and sleek matt cabinets and surfaces. They lack shine and give a velvety appearance which further adds a cosy and contemporary vibe.
  • Pink Kitchen in Textured Finish: Go creative and think beyond the smooth surfaces. Add texture to your kitchen in pink by using textured tiles, woven fabric effects, etc. It adds interest and depth to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen in Pink with Wood Finish: Wooden finish garners playful colours and warmth to the kitchen. Using Oak wood finishing adds a beautiful rustic charm to the kitchen in pink.

Why Choose Pink Kitchens?

 The pink colour symbolizes cheerfulness and freshness. It adds vibrancy and fills the space with energy. Here’re some reasons why pink is becoming a go-to choice of colour in kitchen design.

  • Unique Design & Style Statement: It’s perfect for those who want to express uniqueness and individuality to the space with their personalised style.
  • Trendy and Versatile: Be it traditional Shaker, modern, or handless fitted kitchens, pink blends perfectly with all styles of kitchens.
  • Spacious Look: Lighter hues and gloss units in the kitchen make the light bounce. This reflection makes the kitchen space appear more spacious, brighter, and bigger.
  • Soothing and Soft Ambience: The shades and various tones of pinks make your cooking space appear more inviting and warmer.

Made to Measure Pink Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

Welcome to TEL Kitchens – Your one-stop destination for all your pink kitchen manufacturing needs. We plan, design, manufacture and install. Over the years, we have gained the reputation of the best kitchen company in London, UK delivering kitchens that suit your needs, lifestyle, and requirements. Our bespoke range of pink kitchens is completely personalized according to your dreams and budgets. With innovative storage solutions and timeless designs, the pink kitchens are tailor-made to fit your space and style perfectly. Whether it’s modern, traditional, shaker, or handless kitchen in pink, reach out to us today.

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At TEL Kitchens, make the heart of your home- “kitchen” more beautiful and functional. Contact us today and let’s transform your kitchen into a beautiful space that enhances your home as well as your home. Speak to us at 020 8610 9655 or email us your requirements at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pink a good colour for the kitchen?


Yes absolutely. Kitchens in pink create an inviting and warm ambience that takes the cooking experience to the next level.

Are pink kitchens on trend?


Pink is the colour of the year. The softer shade of pink has made its way into almost every type of kitchen including shaker, modern or traditional.

Which is the best company for manufacturing pink modular kitchens?


TEL Kitchens is the leading and most trusted kitchen manufacturing company that offers high-quality bespoke modular kitchens in pink in diverse styles and sizes.

What colour goes with pink kitchen?


Pairing up pink with other shades will make your kitchen brighter and more glowing. Grey, blue, and green team up perfectly with almost all shades of pink.

What colour accessories team up perfectly with pink kitchens?


For accessories/hardware, bronze, brass, and metallic pair perfectly with the kitchen in pink. This turns the space more inviting, warm, and ultra-modern.


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