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Bright, Bold and Trendy: The Charm of Orange Kitchens

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Orange Kitchen

Orange Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

Orange kitchens offer a positive and bright ambience. It flourishes the characteristics and makes it look more influential. The tones of orange add a taste of earthy style in kitchens. The classic-rich vibrancy of orange makes space uplifting. It exudes a different sense of confidence in the room. You instantly feel refreshed and lively after stepping inside an orange kitchen.

Orange Kitchens Styles That You Would Admire

  • Contemporary Orange Kitchens – Add a bit of sophistication and a load of styles with the modern orange fitted kitchens. Such spaces have modular fittings designed by innovation and advanced design methods. These kitchens hold great value and are energy efficient. Get the luxury experience by choosing the modern orange-painted culinary styles.
  • Conventional/Antique/ Rustic – The kitchens before modern fittings were designed with traditional methods, fittings, and accessories and were very inviting. These spaces look organic & timeless. Such styles are informal, and cosy and make us feel at home. At the same time, a rustic-designed kitchen is highly functional and durable.
  • Handleless Kitchens in Orange Shades – Strive for light and airy feels? Opt for handleless kitchens. It maximizes the space, making it look open, neat and put-together. All of the units are integrated. Handless fitted orange kitchens are iconic due to their pull-out cabinetry, and minimalistic and timeless looks.
  • Orange Bespoke Fitted Kitchens –The kitchens are designed as per the personalization of clients. Such designs are specially tailored according to the unique lifestyles, likes and personalities of homeowners. Each detailing, material, furnishing, and fitting is picked to fit the lifestyle of users. An orange-customized kitchen offers endless ways to mix and match all the features of the above-mentioned kitchen styles.

Magnetic Shades of Kitchens in Orange

  • Dark Orange – Dark orange kitchens look stunning and expensive. When paired with yellow or warm-tone lights and lamps, the accent leaves you surprised. Try mixing dark wood island and, pale yellow cabinets with dark orange fitted kitchen walls. This trio has the potential to influence every style & size of kitchen. If a kitchen has a lot of access to sunlight, dark orange with a glossy finish reflects chic and luxurious vibes.
  • Light Orange – Maintain visual impression and uniformity inside a tapered kitchen. Light hues of orange when combined with another pastel or muted shade, increase simplicity. It adds to the grace and elegance of the room. Keep accessories small, it will create the illusion of a spacious kitchen. A kitchen painted in light orange is a good to-go choice when you are confused about which colour to choose for a kitchen interior.
  • Sunbaked Orange –A quite common orange kitchen shade is sunbaked orange. No surprise, how many people call it peach. It is another popular paint for traditional bedrooms. However, for over the decade, shaker kitchens have been styled in endless ways using orange in sunbaked shade. As for kitchen experts, white and chocolate brown detailing, worktops, cornices, and ceiling borders combine seamlessly with this tint.
  • Melon Orange – For soft and a warm ambience, pick this one. The shade depicts fruit melon. Hence melon orange shades of the kitchen create natural and balanced tones, a fresh & clean look. The kitchen seems approachable and therefore becomes ideal for dining & kitty party gatherings. Blend such spaces with warm wood furniture. Soft white, muted grey, pale green and beige partner up nicely with it.
  • Tangerine Orange – The vivid shades of orange, a tangerine kitchen look absolutely stunning and dynamic. It is one of the most used colours used in the early 90s to make an antique fitted kitchen. It’s perfect for someone who loves a vibrant environment. Both neutral tones and vibrant ones create a striking impact when paired with a tangerine kitchen. Light purple, soft blues, charcoal, coral and apricot highlight space features when paired with it.

Accentuate Orange Kitchens by Combining Colours

  • Orange and Beige –The most decent shade if you ask the top kitchen design expert, he would not forget to mention this pair. It is undoubtedly full of grace & subtleness. Colour half the kitchen with orange and half with beige. Or just keep the walls beige and hanging units in orange colour. Try combining rusty rose, pale orange and cream altogether to make a dreamy & chic appearance in the kitchen.
  • Orange and Warm Browns – There is no comparison of how stunning warm orange and warm brown look. Use orange for cabinetry, units and for chairs & tables. Use warm browns as the backdrop. Floors and larger furniture pieces can also be painted brown. This special combination makes the ambience more homey.
  • Orange and Muted Grey – Both muted grey and neutral orange when combined bring a serenity to the space. Choose a matte finish for a more modern appearance. This duo is so versatile. Pair any other shade such as cream or white, and it can also be combined with another earth tone.
  • Orange and Pale Green – The sweet shade of orange and the cool tones of pale green add a bit of playfulness. You can add soft lilac if the kitchen design includes detailing. Ask your kitchen manufacturing expert about where the third colour should be added. Consider soft purple tones for splashbacks. This pastel tint used on doors & window frames provides a great finish.
  • Burnt Orange and Teal – To offer an orange fitted kitchen a striking impact, try deep teal with burnt orange. Amp up the room with accent lights to add a charm. The time has gone when burnt orange was used just for antique kitchens. Yes, it was widely famous in the 70s and 80s, and the new trendy kitchens also started to incorporate this stunning tint.

Finishing Options for an Orange Coloured Kitchen

  • Wood Finishes –Wooden elements are highly incorporated in bespoke orange kitchens. They are important to make surfaces durable and protected. Dark wood, light wood, and dyes of different shades are popularly used for wood finishing in orange culinary spaces.
  • Stainless Steel – For making the orange kitchen a modern space; stainless steel appliances and units are fitted. To create a more contemporary & clean aesthetic; orange kitchens are combined with stainless steel elements.
  • Glossy & Matte – Glossy finish creates space more bright and luxe while matte finishing is a great choice to reduce fingerprints, keep the aesthetic harmonised and reduce the effect of bright colours.
  • Laminate – The commonly used orange kitchen finishing option is laminate; it is also widely preferred in other types. The smooth surface we gain from laminate finishes is lasting, easy to clean and needs less maintenance.

Design Your Customized Orange Kitchen Today!

Bespoke or customized kitchens give us the independence to plan & design the kitchen as per our choices. We don’t have to fit in with the kitchen designing company rather we request them to tailor a space that meets our requirements. TEL Kitchens is the best kitchen manufacturing firm in London. By closely working with you, we bring dynamic kitchen installations. The kitchen fitting cost we provide is extremely competitive. Whatever the colour combination, kitchen fittings & finishing you choose, our expert kitchen manufacturing team will excel in the task. We guide clients throughout the planning. So, if you are anxious about the process, we assure you worry not. Just Relax and Give us a Call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which colour to add to a soft orange kitchen for subtle looks?


Soft pink works great with soft or muted orange kitchens if you want to add elegance and understated looks.

Is orange kitchen old-fashioned?


Orange kitchens were very popular and highly admired in the 80s and 90s. However, even in modern times, they offer great style, vibrancy and sophistication. So, they are not old-fashioned.

How do I decorate my glass windows in an orange kitchen?


If you have glass fittings such as doors & windows inside an orange kitchen; paint them white, cream or beige. Hang orange curtains to excel the beauty of a kitchen.

What goes with orange cabinets?


Use neutral shades such as beige, floral white, dutch white, pastel green, lilac, coral and charcoal grey to offset the intensity of orange kitchen cabinets.

Who are the best bespoke orange kitchen fitters in the UK?


TEL Kitchens has years of experience, great knowledge and a talented team to carry out kitchen design & fitting work in London. We are the number one choice for bespoke orange kitchen solutions.


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