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Navy Kitchen

Inspiring Navy Kitchen

Navy Kitchens imbibe a crisp and sophisticated look to your home. Navy is a smart and classic shade of blue that works perfectly with every type and style of kitchen. Choosing this dark navy hue for your kitchen will add the right drama and depth, thereby turning your kitchen into a perfect focal point. The navy kitchens are available in all kitchen styles- modern, shaker, and traditional that set the tone of the heart of your home. Over the years the kitchen has become not just a cooking space, but a place to socialize. TEL Kitchens brings to you exclusive navy kitchens that are stylish, functional, and practical.

Inspiring Navy Kitchen Ideas

Looking for a makeover for your kitchen or planning to build a new one, navy is a perfect choice for your kitchen that turns it timeless and attractive too. Speaking about the psychology of colours, the navy evokes calmness and tranquillity. It has a proven ability to lower down the stress levels and create a positive aura in the home. Explore our portfolio for exciting navy kitchen ideas and get inspired to add more drama and bold statements to the culinary space. Navy pairs perfectly with lighter shades such as white or pastel walls or worktops etc or you can do vice versa as well. For adding a modern twist, you may go for warm wooden accents or metallic fixtures.

Select your Shade of Navy Kitchen

Here’re some popular navy kitchen shades that are in trend.

  1. Kitchen in Midnight Navy: Get a beautiful, sleek, coordinated look by adding a navy kitchen island, cabinets, and granite countertops.
  2. Kitchen in Royal Navy: Use built-in cabinetry in navy for your contemporary kitchen. Add gloss or matt finish to make it look more glam yet sophisticated. Use shades of white, pale wood, and black to pair together.
  3. Kitchen in Classic Navy: Classic navy is truly versatile and timeless that adds energy to the traditional and shaker-style kitchen. Pair them with marble worktops and brass accessories.
  4. Kitchen in Denim Navy: Reminiscent of your favourite navy jeans, this shade resonates well with metal finishes. Be it stainless steel, bronze, or brass, this navy kitchen makes your home stand out.
  5. Kitchen in Nautical Navy: Enjoy a perfect coastal vibe with this bright shade of navy. Accent the kitchen with silver-toned fixtures and stainless-steel appliances for a more coastal look.
  6. Deep Navy Kitchen: Accentuate your kitchen in deep navy cabinetry and lighter shade walls by adding decorative handles and knobs in brass. It gives a modern yet timeless feel.

Styling your Navy Kitchen

White and Navy are one of the classier combinations ever and are aesthetically appealing. The reason is the stark contrast which is created when we pair a lighter hue with a darker one. While it adds minimalism and defined character to a modern handless kitchen, a navy traditional kitchen would look more enduring and filled with personality.

Navy and shades of light grey blend well perfectly creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. Team up a grey/white marble countertop with navy cabinetry for a striking aesthetic. Knit them up with grey appliances, bar stools and silver hardware. Achieve a coveted homely vibe by pairing your navy kitchen with wooden flooring or even copper accents would work best.

Want to delve into the navy trend but do not want to add boldness and drama to the aesthetics, then go for a dilute shade and experiment with various tones of navy. Using different tones of navy adds depth and makes the kitchen look multi-dimensional.

Why Choose a Navy Kitchen?

Navy is one such popular colour that offers both psychological benefits as well as strong aesthetic appeal. Here’re some of the reasons for choosing a kitchen in navy:

  1. Timeless and Stylish: Navy has a timeless appeal and is best for contemporary as well as modern design.
  2. Calming Influence: This colour is well-proven for its calming and tranquil effect which makes it an ideal space where you can spend ample time relaxing or entertaining.
  3. Amazingly Versatile: Navy works pairs brilliantly well with many other hues. It turns the kitchen soothing and vibrant.
  4. High adaptability: From metallic finishes to natural wooden tones, navy blends in perfectly with other materials and textures. Thus, making it a perfect choice for modern kitchens, traditional as well transitional ones.

Bespoke Navy Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

TEL Kitchens is one of the leading bespoke navy kitchen manufacturing companies in London. Discover a customized and diverse range of trending and stylish kitchens in navy. From handless kitchens that give modern and minimalist appeal to shaker kitchens that exude a heritage appeal, we offer bespoke and made-to-measure kitchens for your home. Our expert designers ensure that the kitchens delivered to you reflect your personality and embrace innovation and individuality. Speak to us today and let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a navy kitchen a good idea?


Navy is one of the most timeless and evergreen colours that complements perfectly with all the shades. Whether you have a grey, white, or cream-coloured kitchen, navy cabinets can make your culinary space look awe-inspiring. Also, white cabinets over navy walls add depth and dimension to the room.

What floor goes with a navy kitchen?


Natural element flooring such as wood and stone adds warmth and makes the space look inviting. Cream or white flooring also pairs up brilliantly with a kitchen in navy.

What colour handles for a navy kitchen?


Matt midnight cabinets team up amazingly with brass or bronze accessories and hardware. They give a vintage-inspired look.

What colour walls go with a navy kitchen?


White, light grey and pastel pink are some of the popular choices for walls for a kitchen in navy.

Do navy and grey go together in a kitchen?


Absolutely. Adding navy cabinets and elements to your grey kitchen adds depth and sophistication.


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