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Modern Kitchens

Created to Perfection: Bespoke Modern Kitchens

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Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens beautifully transform the space. Designed with innovative storage solutions, they reflect refined worktops, minimalistic finishing and have simply stunning layouts. It all makes them the symbol of a perfect immaculate space. Let us make a positive and gorgeous influence with our smart modern kitchen fitting solutions. We have experienced kitchen designers who discuss your vision and make an incredibly functional kitchen. Create a stunning focal point with the best kitchen design experts in London with TEL Kitchens.

Introducing Modern Style Kitchens

Modern kitchens reflect the most with the least. They are focused on enhancing kitchen aesthetics while boosting functionality. They are designed keeping in mind effective storage and a streamlined workflow. Natural materials, ambient lighting, clean lined textures, subtle colour and hidden cabinetry are its important components. Most of the modular kitchens designed by expert kitchen designers are energy efficient and save long-term costs. They tend to remove unnecessary clutter and make the kitchen refreshed and airy. Also known as contemporary kitchens, these culinary rooms integrate ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances into cabinets and cupboards.

Why Modern Kitchens Are Trending?

Modern kitchens look marvellous in every house setting. What could be the reason behind the huge flex of modern designed kitchens? Let us talk about some of the main reasons:

  • Looks Clean and Clutter-Free – The minimalism of a kitchen with a modern theme is its first identity. Such culinary spaces can be easily recognized from their open & airy ambience. The appliances are fitted smartly to save space while making the room tidy. Since we all love clean and quite kitchens, so they are in trend right now. Handleless cabinets & fittings enhance the kitchen’s looks even more.
  • Infused Premium Materials – The next reason why modern kitchens are so trending is that their materials are special, premium and luxurious. They complement all types of settings, are durable and look phenomenal. Modern bespoke kitchens allow clients to have multiple options such as stainless steel, timber, aluminium, copper glass etc. People love the range of materials they can choose.
  • Smart and Latest Technology – Modern culinary rooms are easily integrated with technology. Allowing users to transform even an ordinary kitchen into a smart and automated one. People love the idea of integrating high-tech appliances and features into their lifestyles.
  • Multiple Design and Colour Options – Ever since the modern fitted kitchen services are introduced, kitchens experienced a dynamic colour shift. Decent shades with muted and subtle finish are easy on the eyes and look fairly sophisticated. Hence, the sleek & understated shades make them highly trending. Black worktops, beige or white appliances, grey walls, and pastel ceilings are modern kitchens’ popular shades.
  • Practical and Looks Smart – Modern kitchen solutions comprises of appliances, accessories, elements, designs and fittings that make life easier. Contemporary kitchens are known for customization according to your lifestyle. Regardless of your house design, or lifestyle; modern kitchens are built to fit in accordingly. All of it makes them look smart, therefore; they are fashionable and trending.

Modern Kitchens Layout

  • L-Shaped Kitchen – Ideal for both small and large kitchens, L-shaped kitchen maximizes the corner space, and provides a good workflow and ease of access to different units. The two adjacent walls connected by L-shaped modern kitchens offer ample storage and cooking space.
  • Straight Kitchen – A single wall is utilized for all kitchen fittings. Perfect for small and narrow spaces. The compact worktop provides a seamless appearance and great functionality. Cabinetry is quickly accessed in such kitchen layouts.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen – U-shaped has become one of the top modern kitchen designs as it ensures smart kitchen operations. The cooktop is surrounded by two walls where usually cabinetry is fitted. It offers a great workflow, aesthetics and practical characteristics.
  • Island Kitchen – Island kitchens are luxury modern kitchen style with a freestanding countertop fitted in the centre. It is used for cutting veggies, preparing, eating, and socializing with friends. Add some furniture and lighting fixtures to make it more useful.

Parallel Kitchen – Parallel modern kitchens have two separate walls for cleaning and cooking. Such spaces are ideal for large families; all the essential cooking appliances are easily arranged in such kitchen settings.

Characteristics of Modern Fitted Kitchens

  • Worktops & Splashback – Modern kitchens’ worktops are made from high-standard materials and advanced techniques. They leave a clean, expensive and delicate texture. It looks perfect, lasts for years and is highly resistant to heat, moisture and scratches. Splashbacks in modern culinary rooms are usually paired with worktops.
  • Lighting & Appliances – Lighting enhances the features and the ambience of the cooking space. Modern kitchens have various lighting types such as shadow gap lights, plinth lights, ceiling lights, pendants, backlit stone etc. Modern appliances are positioned in ways that maintain contemporary aesthetics. They are integrated behind doors, at low levels, and are hidden.
  • Intelligent Storage Solutions –Modern fitted kitchen solutions offer smart storage. Place your favourite frozen food, pickles, biscuits and protein bars at an easily accessed spot. The integral storage units are hardly noticed, fittings such as pull-our larders and corner caddies make a huge impact.
  • Engineered Materials – Modern kitchens generally use engineered materials which are pre-prepared in workshops, tested and then fitted. They come in a variety of finishing, making people more open to personalization. Metallic, mirrored, high-gloss and polished make a kitchen ultra-modern and attractive.
  • Handleless Design – The unfussy and innovative looks of modern kitchen fittings come from handleless designs. Kitchens look put-together, clean and large with such smart fittings. Handleless fixtures have push latches and sliding functionalities. They perfectly brush up the linear aesthetics of a kitchen.

The Modern British Kitchen Collection by TEL Kitchens

TEL Kitchens creates modern kitchens that transcend the expectations of what a kitchen can be. We strive to make all these beautiful modern kitchen services in London easily accessible to everyone. Our skilled team of architects, designers, project managers, builders, renders and labourers are disciplined. While designing kitchens we show an unsurpassed care for quality and detailing. Our mission is to create refined kitchen interiors that abound with the latest technology. From compact to fashionable designs, our craftsmen deliver bespoke handmade kitchens catered to clients’ unique needs.

Why TEL Kitchens Are Your Best Partners for Modern Kitchen Designs

  • A Well-Defined Layout – Our designer precisely plans the modern kitchen layout. The clear-cut definitions and angular shapes contribute to making it not only decent but provide an ergonomic structure. Every kitchen layout prepared by TEL Kitchens’ is meant to improve your cooking life in all ways.
  • Choice of Luxury Materials – We choose only the best materials to incorporate in kitchen installation. The modern kitchens are designed with stainless steel, aluminium, untreated concrete walls, marble worktops, timber cabinets and brick-finished walls.
  • Bold Colour Selection –With our creative and passionate team, go beyond the ordinaries of classic whites & beige. Try bold shades like dark purple, vibrant red, and blue or stay sober in pastel green, pale yellow and oranges. We encourage clients to shift from the perspective of basics.
  • Our belief for ‘Less is More’ – TEL Kitchens’ top kitchen manufacturers believe in comprising multiple benefits in the least fittings. Contemporary-styled kitchens planned by us reflect tranquillity. We aim to provide a simple and tidy room that opens up the space.
  • The Talented and Passionate Team – Our experts put their best knowledge and hands-on experience into creating excellent artistry. This detailed craft put the life inside each fit. With their work inspiration on top, all the projects are delivered on time with the best quality.
  • Friendly Customer Service – We respect everyone. Even if you are our client or a prospect, we don’t give less importance to anyone. Regardless of project size; every customer is welcomed and warmly treated. All the queries are correctly answered and issues are resolved.

Bespoke Modular Kitchen Designing Company in the UK

The beauty of choosing TEL Kitchens is that everyone gets the opportunity to plan and design their modern kitchens. We source the materials from the best production industries. No matter what, quality is never compromised here! Whether your choice is matte finish, ultra-glossy, metallic or ceramic finish; our customized modern kitchen range covers all. Our finishing, colour & shades, texture and style suit all the layouts and kitchen trends. The expert kitchen fitters at our company assist and help clients to make the best selection. Because we deal in all residential, commercial and industrial projects, the range of doors & windows, storage solutions, appliances and all kitchen essential fittings varies. The quality of our custom-made kitchen solutions is unmatchable. It is further enhanced during the fitting phase by our qualified engineers and kitchen installers in London. With extensive choices of each modern kitchen solution; we satisfy diverse customer base. Let us make the dream modular personalized kitchen tailored to your personal preferences.

Cost Effective Contemporary Kitchen Fitting Services

At TEL Kitchens, we take humble pride in our modular reasonable-cost kitchen services across London and all nearby areas. Since we offer versatile kitchen design options, our range suit even the most challenging projects. We are among the best kitchen manufacturing firm that delivers budget friendly kitchen services. That does not mean, we compromise on quality. Regardless of your budget, we give our complete attention and dedication to completing the task. Call us to learn more about our cost-effective modern kitchen design installation.

Best Local UK Based Kitchen Manufacturers

TEL Kitchens are among the leading kitchen fitting agencies in London. Our local kitchen builders are aware, qualified, multi-talented and work sincerely. The detailing we put into each unit adds a touch of warmth and luxury to the place. You can quickly access our designers for kitchen fitting across London. We know what is trending in your area, what specifications people prefer, what are local planning permissions needed and all other important details. So, our kitchen fitting company is a perfect choice for London citizens. Get the bespoke modern kitchens at fair prices completed on time.

3D Modular Kitchen Design Visualizations

We make our projects more refined and beautiful by presenting them as 3d renders before fitting. Our impeccable quality, attention to detail and realistic texture, colours and materials make visualizations highly engaging. Our talented render designers create dynamic photorealistic images of kitchens with all minor to major details. We make sure customers are fully satisfied with the design, interior and finishing. If after the client reviews changes are to be made, the team act right away. We use advanced rendering tools to bring maximum proficiency to our work. Contact our eminent kitchen installers to get your design finalized.

Book an Appointment for Modern Style Kitchens in London

Our stylish range of contemporary kitchens complements your space with intelligent integrations. Want to experience the luxury, comfort and ease of modular kitchens? TEL Kitchens allows you to fully appreciate what endless benefits a contemporary kitchen solution can offer. Get kitchens fitted with modern aesthetics under competitive pricing. We use cutting-edge tools to refine your cooking experience. Call us to discuss the possibilities with popular modern kitchen designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the material and finishes of the modern fitted kitchen?


TEL Kitchens offers an array of kitchen finishes and materials. We ensure you will love our collection picked to design made-to-measure kitchens.

Are modern kitchen fitting services in London worth it?


Yes, people highly prefer homes and apartments if they have modular designed kitchens. It is because these culinary spaces are advanced and look great. They are indeed worth any penny if planned & fitted by the best kitchen specialists in the UK.

What makes a kitchen modern?


The clean lines, minimal decoration, sleek colours, innovative appliances, smart storage, and a blend of natural materials make a kitchen look modern.

What type of lighting fixtures are best for modern kitchens?


The key is to improve the ambience and functionality. Pendant lights over the island, task lights, cabinet LED lights and other accent lights look wonderful.

Can small kitchens be designed as modern kitchens?


Of course, modern kitchens aim to effectively utilize space. It incorporates personalized fittings, appliances and lighting that make kitchens spacious and smart.


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