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Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Italian Kitchen Design in Metalwood!

Metalwood Italian Kitchen Design is a versatile kitchen with all the aesthetically appealing elements. 

The kitchen design is a unique masterpiece having a complete blend of modular kitchen style with a traditional touch of warm wood. 

This kitchen design with a centerpiece of kitchen island in an elegant marble worktop with additional storage space underneath to accommodate kitchen essentials while keeping the kitchen clutter-free. 

The kitchen cabinet’s inner dividing system in steel makes the entire design durable and well-organized. The kitchen cabinets are designed in such a way that has an open shelf feature, which opens to another storage area. 

It’s a complete modular kitchen design wrapped with innovation, style, and utility. 

Key attractions of Metalwood

  • It’s a versatile kitchen design with a complete integrated concept hidden beneath the kitchen cabinet doors. 
  • The open shelf feature of this kitchen design gives the opportunity to display the collectibles. 
  • The freestanding kitchen cabinet style allows to bring in the warmth in the kitchen space with a fresh look every time.

Design Beyond trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials used  Oakwood, Steel, Marble 
Kitchen Cabinets  Oakwood 
Kitchen worktop  Marble 
Kitchen Island  Marble 
Kitchen cabinet inner dividing material  Steel 
Other Kitchen Materials  Metal 

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