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L Shaped Kitchen

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L Shaped Kitchen

L Shaped Kitchen Company UK

A perfect kitchen improves daily interactions and makes the culinary experience more adventurous.  Having a well-fitted kitchen is a great investment. Choosing the right layout is just the icing on the cake. L shaped kitchens are quite popular due to their adaptive design and amazing looks. It gets along with all spaces regardless of how small or big it is. It is conducive to every lifestyle and fits great in both modular & ultra-contemporary spaces. Most people knowingly or unknowingly choose a kitchen with an L-shape. Unlock your kitchen’s potential with the best L shaped kitchen fitters in London. TEL Kitchens’ experienced kitchen design experts combine beauty and functionality to craft your dream kitchen.

What is an L Shaped Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout featuring two adjacent walls connected at the corner and making an L-shape are L shaped kitchen layouts. The cabinets, worktop and cookware are tucked nicely and neatly on these two wall setups. And the linear shape of the kitchen offers excellent flow and movement while cooking. Since the design is wrapped in the corner, it offers great floor space. L-shaped kitchens are the perfect fit for both small and large kitchens. They smartly arrange a small kitchen while making the large kitchen more homely. Those such fitted kitchen services are equally beneficial for versatile rooms.

Why You Should Choose L Shaped Kitchens

  • An Ergonomic Design: L shape kitchen layout features a kitchen triangle. All the important kitchen units like sink, refrigerator and stove align perfectly. The adjacent walls connect at an angle of 90 degrees, making it ideal for fast, quick and easy cooking. While cooking in a kitchen with L layout, your arms and neck won’t hurt. An ergonomic design keeps you easy while enjoying the food preparation.
  • Best for Small Spaces: Traditionally kitchens are on smaller sides of houses. For those small rooms, choosing an L shaped layout can be productive. Offers a great cooking space, workflow, and area to move and store goods. Thus, have the best time showing your cooking skills inside a kitchen with an L layout.
  • Equal Usage of Space: The L-shaped kitchens linearly use the space. Even after a kitchen is fitted, a lot of space gets saved. It is because the corner is used, offering spacious room for other fittings in the kitchen. On one side storage goods are fitted while on the other utility appliances can be fitted. Making a room perfectly in harmony.
  • Multiple Access points: Since the kitchen is put together at the corner, gives us the opportunity to install more than one door for entrance & exit. This means, that in high-traffic zones, you can balance the workflow. Thus these design ideas are great for industrial and commercial kitchens.
  • Divides the Kitchens: Kitchen appliances and storage units are installed along two different walls. Its division makes the place unclutter and smart. Especially large kitchens, studios, industrial kitchens and commercial ones get great benefits from L shaped fitted kitchen services. Nobody wants to mix up their food preparation and washing area. These kitchens offer a comfortable working environment by separating zones.
  • Perfect for Open Plan Layouts: Modern homes usually admire open floor plans. L shape of kitchens easily complements it. The structure easily blends with the other house layout. Get more space for walking, appliances, furnishing and even dancing! This kitchen saves a lot more area.

Different Components in Kitchens with L Shape

Kitchens’ features and functionalities can be enhanced by fitting different units. For L shaped kitchens; here are some important layout considerations to personalize the space for its good.

  • L Shaped Kitchen Fittings with Island

L-shaped fitted kitchens are often paired with Islands. They make kitchens more convenient by increasing utility space, and storage area and improving its looks. Island are freestanding countertops installed at the centre. Use them for preparing, cooking or eating food. Besides from its stunning looks and functional benefits, it acts as a prospect for socializing.

  • Shelving in Kitchens with L-Shape Design

Open shelving is considered to be more friendly with L shape of kitchens especially in small sized ones. It best utilizes the vertical wall space, making room for fresh air and other accessories. A kitchen with an open plan and L-shape looks polished, put-together, and sophisticated without overdoing. By using modern shelving with some décor fitting the surroundings leave a graceful impact. Store food items or crockery inside for aesthetically pleasing ambience.

  • Cabinets in L-Shaped Layout of Kitchens

Both base and upper cabinets work well in kitchens of L-layout. Their size should be not too small and not too large, ask a kitchen fitting expert, if in doubt. For maximum storage full length wall cabinets are a great alternative. Installing it in the corner saves space and provides an extra as well. It also eliminates the possibility of any flow disruption while working.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Style Appliances

Appliances in L shaped kitchens are mostly integrated and compact. Both have their own advantages. As trusted kitchen fitters, we suggest to effectively use space, integrated appliances work great with L shape kitchens. While for very small rooms, compact kitchen appliances hold many benefits. Talk to an expert kitchen designing company to know what type of appliances will work out ideally for you.

  • L Shaped Kitchen Layout Dining

Since L shaped kitchens have plenty of floor space, a dining area is just another way to enhance its functionality. It works especially well in open plan and large kitchens where there is more space to experiment with different dining tables. Small kitchens can look clutters and hence it would be best to use small sized dining sets or breakfast bars. Different shapes of tables can leave a unique impression in the versatile L-shape of kitchens.

Handleless L Shaped Fitted Kitchen Designs

Handleless L shaped kitchens are very popular. they elevate kitchen beauty and make it look tidy. They accentuate the beauty of L-shaped kitchens. It is because the kitchen with L-shape layout is already quite decent and minimalist. Handleless modernise them even more by adding a sense of drama. Our top kitchen manufacturers closely understand the design concept and client requirements to blend this feature into an L layout of the kitchen. If you have a small space, we make it look open and fresh by installing glass finishing, recessed lights and using light shades. Being the leading local kitchen manufacturers in London often suggest to fit island and handleless kitchen fittings to bring comfort & luxury.

Bespoke L-Shaped Kitchen Solutions by TEL Kitchens

Create superior cooking places with the best kitchen installers in London. Our L shaped kitchen designs are popular for their great functioning, trending style, and subtle & bold colour schemes that complement the entire property. Do you know a L shaped kitchen can be personalized in the way you want, according to your lifestyle and favourite design theme? Even a small modern kitchen with L-shape can be designed with advanced features. Such rooms can have elevated storage, décor and seating area. The kitchen manufacturing companies help you achieve your dream kitchen space. Speak to our professional kitchen designers for more information.

Plan, Design and Install L-Shaped Kitchens with Experts

Want to modify your space by installing a brand new kitchen with L shape layout? TEL Kitchens can assist you in planning, designing and installing a perfect kitchen. Our team is accredited, highly-qualified and skilled in kitchen fittings of versatile designs. We are a certified and reliable kitchen manufacturing firm in London. People have a great faith in our capabilities. For the last 12+ years, our local kitchen installers have been serving London and all nearby areas. Our premium fitted kitchens are crafted using the number one quality of materials. The jaw-dropping kitchen services are the fruit of our great attention to the details while handcrafting kitchens. Let’s explore the world of possibilities with the best kitchen fitters in the UK. Connect with the team now…!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place the fridge in an L-shaped kitchen layout?


A refrigerator should be placed near the end of the longer wall. It is a perfect position to make a working triangle. It does not interrupt the workflow.

How to maximize an L shaped kitchen?


A kitchen with an L-shape can be combined with an island, freestanding cabinetry, wall cabinet units, and base cabinets for maximising its functional space.

How long does an L-layout kitchen fit take?


The kitchen installation time depends on the project's complexity. Many factors impact the duration of completing a kitchen design.

How to get started with you for a custom-made L kitchen layout?


TEL Kitchens accepts customer requests through calls, emails, texts and personal visits. Once we finalize the appointment, the project discussions get started.

What type of lighting is best for the L layout of kitchens?


L shape of kitchens looks great with ambient, recessed and pendant lighting. A directional downlight and chandelier over the L shaped kitchen island, task lighting over the sink and cabinet under light bulbs for better illuminance.

What is the best flooring to put in a kitchen with L shape?


Engineered wood, vinyl tile, ceramic, laminate and stone tiles are water & moisture resistant and withstand high temperatures.


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