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Key Cucine System

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Showcase the invisible with an Italian Kitchen Design!

Key Cucine System is an Italian kitchen style that leaves a pleasing mark in the cooking space with its all-unique features. 

This kitchen style includes the unique cavity cuts through the ice white monolith that creates the innovative additional storage space to keep the kitchen accessories and tools. 

Warm wood and white kitchen finished in the Canaletto walnut wood whose body is crafted with the innovative ecological material “Swanstone”. 

The Swanstone exclusive features are ample however a few of them include lasting if material up to 5 times longer than the standard materials, hygienic, heat resistant, anti-mold, antifungal and antibacterial. 

Fall in love with this stunning fitted kitchen design and get inspired! 

Key features of Key Cucine System

  • It’s a unique kitchen design with ecological material Swanstone. 
  • It includes the column kitchen cabinets with a space-saving system. 
  • The cavity cut through offers additional storage to keep the space uncluttered. 
  • The foldaway cabinet doors open out completely and also close perfectly. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Oxidized Liquid metal with steel effect, Swanstone, Canaletto Walnut wood 
Surface material  Canaletto Walnut Wood 
Kitchen Cabinet Material  Swanstone 
Other materials  Oxidized liquid metal with steel effect 

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