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Key Cucine Surface

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

A tailor-made Italian kitchen design

Key Cucine Surface is a kitchen design with a play on associations between the surfaces and volumes that intersect to craft a complete custom-made kitchen space. 

This kitchen design adheres to a highly creative artisanal design in Canaletto Raw walnut wood and cabinet doors in the green material namely Ecomalta. 

The warm wood texture within this modular kitchen design brings in the warmth of traditional touch while the green material makes it ecological in all. 

Key attractions of Key Cucine Surface

  • The kitchen design allows experimenting with playful combinations creating a complete bespoke Italian kitchen design. 
  • The kitchen cabinet doors are in the green ecological material namely Ecomalta. 
  • The green material helps create a monolithic piece. 
  • It’s a kitchen design in wood with large volumes. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Ecomalta green material, steel, lacquer, Canaletto raw walnut wood. 
Kitchen surface material  Canaletto Raw walnut wood 
Kitchen cabinet doors  30-degree chamfered kitchen cabinet door in Emomalta green material 
Other kitchen surfaces  Steel 
Cabinet finish  Lacquer 

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