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Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Warm Wood Italian Kitchen design with a timeless charm!

Key Cucine Inside is a timeless Italian kitchen design that leaves a mark on its first impression. The entire kitchen design is a transformable and durable structure composed of ecological materials including powdered glass and recycled ground.

To keep the entire kitchen clutter-free and well organized the cavity cuts through an ice white monolith offers additional space to keep the tools, accessories, and other essentials.

This fitted kitchen design in white and warm wood is finished in Canaletto Walnut with the innovative Swanstone material as its base. 

This Swanstone material is an ecological product created from post-consumer recycled material and lasts up to 5 times longer than the usual materials with a heat-resisting capacity of 240 degrees Celsius.

Key attractions of Key Cucine Inside

  • It’s a timeless modular Italian kitchen design
  • The cavity cuts through the ice white monolith offers additional storage space
  • Kitchen design with innovative and recycled Swanstone material
  • The ecological material Swanstone is antibacterial, hygienic, antifungal, and anti-mold.
  • Swanstone is a scratch-free material.

Design Beyond Trends

Parameter Details
Materials Used Wood, Canaletto Walnut, Swanstone, Glass
Color Description Timeless white matched with warm wood
Kitchen Cabinets Material Canaletto Walnut
Kitchen cabinet style Handleless kitchen cabinets
Additional Feature Cavity Cut monolith with inner dividers and drawers

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