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Key Cucine Glas

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Italian kitchen design with modular open kitchen concept!

Key Cucine Glas is a kitchen design with a crossover concept of a modular open-style kitchen. This kitchen design has an open kitchen concept up to the living space with the help of an oak wood peninsula that adds an aesthetic element to the living room. 

The addition of gray stone with frosted glass gives a sleek and smooth look to this modular kitchen UK with exquisitely tactile surfaces. This kitchen design opens up a new way of approaching interior design with aesthetically pleasing elements within. 

Key attractions of key Cucine Glas

  • The pretty open concept modular kitchen design with the elegance of frosted glass. 
  • The oakwood gives warmth to the entire kitchen space. 
  • The cool gray contrasting stone enhances the space aesthetics. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  Medea Stone, Saw cut oakwood, Glass 
Kitchen Cabinet material  Saw cut Oakwood 
Kitchen cabinet doors  Aluminum framed cabinet doors in frosted glass. 
Kitchen worktop  Medea Stone 

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