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Key Cucine Eco

Italian Kitchen Designs with a timeless flair!

Italian Kitchen Design in Ecological Sensibility! 

Key Cucine Eco is a kitchen design outcome of a passion for an innovative kitchen design blended with environmental sensibility. 

Eco kitchen style is made with several ecological materials, including the PaperStone that is composed of the fibers generated from the non-petroleum-based resins and recycled paper. 

The aesthetic qualities of the kitchen worktop crafted in an innovative material in checkerboard surface mark the pretty fantastic solution for this modern Italian kitchen design. 

Key attractions of Key Cucine Eco

  • The ecological materials used in the kitchen design marks perfection in every manner. 
  • The ecological materials are 100 percent water-resistant. 
  • The checkerboard surface of the kitchen worktop exalts aesthetic qualities. 
  • PaperStone ecological material is used in the entire kitchen design. 

Design Beyond Trends

Parameters  Details 
Materials Used  PaperStone, Phonotherm 
Kitchen cabinet doors  Structure in Peterstone 
Kitchen cabinet internal cores  Phonotherm 
Kitchen worktop  Checkerboard surface in paperstone material 

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