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Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen Manufacturing Company UK

Green kitchen is always welcoming and calming. They perfectly integrate with the outer environment while evoking a sense of positivity and balance inside the space.  The colour green reflects friendliness, making people feel more connected. Hence it’s perfect for someone who loves to socialize. Kitchens in green also inspire us to eat a healthier diet. Green can be used in a manner of shades to create a striking impact inside the space. From bright greens to mild and soft mineral tones; different colours leave unique character.

Main Categories of Kitchens in Green Shades

We have listed the main categories of kitchens. Choose the style of a green kitchen that suits the feels and looks of your residency.

  • Modern Green Kitchens Kitchens with sleek lines, advanced fittings, integrated units and decent shades are modern styles. Such kitchens have show-stopper finishing and features that make them luxurious. Best kitchen manufacturers use innovation and contemporary styles to make modern culinary spaces.
  • Classic Green Kitchens – Classic-designed green kitchens have detailed features, pilasters and cornices. Very vintage symbols and patterns are crafted on columns, wooden units and even ceilings. Classic kitchens also include shaker style cabinets, marble worktops, and traditional utility or hardware appliances.
  • Shaker Green Kitchens – Green shaker style kitchens are very grounded, have the least decoration, neutral shades, flat panel doors, least detailing and simple cabinetry. Yet, these classic kitchens look marvellous. For anyone looking for simple, affordable, ever-green and practical cooking space; go with the shaker style of green kitchens.
  • Handleless Green Kitchens – The most well-managed and collected kitchens are handleless kitchens. All of the storage units and appliances are integrated, maximizing space. Such innovative kitchens mostly have high gloss finishing, quartz & granite worktops. If you love a clean but highly functional space; green handleless kitchens are for you.

Captivating Shades of Green for Kitchen Interiors

Bring natural aesthetics in your kitchen space with the splashes of different shades of green. Explore how different types of green tones delight the interiors uniquely.

  • Olive Green – One shade, multiple combos. An olive green easily blends with most of the colours. Pair with dark oak countertops, pastel pink walls, or marble worktops and floor. It seamlessly adds a pop of both classic & modern charm in green kitchens. Choosing an olive green kitchen interior pairs well with brass fixtures and neutral-coloured worktops.
  • Sage Green – Brush up this muted and earthy green tone on your kitchen walls, splashbacks, cabinets and ceiling. Incorporating this aesthetic shade helps in making the space relaxed. Try using bold colour combinations with it; the dark tones of red such as maroon and blood red accessories for vibrancy. Whereas, the natural wood and soft oak finishes give cosy and sophisticated accents.
  • Two-toned Green Kitchen – Two-toned greens are achieved by combing green and one more tone. These two different shades potentially leave a remarkable impact. It is perfect to add depth & dimension. To create a visual interest, add another colour to accessories and trims. Use green on cabinets and another shade on island and wall.
  • Light Green – To introduce freshness, lightness and a touch of vibrancy in a kitchen, people prefer light green kitchens. Spring green, mint green, Paris green and aqua green looks great. The soft hues of those shades create an inviting atmosphere. Light green kitchens look awesome when paired with beige, off-white or white cabinets. Feel the sense of rejuvenation by pairing light and dark green in kitchens.
  • Dark Green – All dark shades of green radiate the moody yet sophisticated. Some dark green variants are forest green, pine green, dark hunter green and deep blush green. When they are used in any kitchen leave a bold statement. It seamlessly blends in all styles modern, conventional and transitional.

Best Fittings and Finishing in Green Kitchens

  • Worktops & Splashback –The thumb rule to rule the interior aesthetics of your green kitchen is to choose the worktops & splashback one tone lighter/ darker than that of the surroundings. Generally, the granite worktop looks perfect with forest green and all-dark green kitchens. Matte countertops are ideal for light green kitchens while glossy goes great with dark shades of green.
  • Hardware & Appliances – Nickel, Matte Black, and golden coloured hardware complement the green tones of kitchens. For appliances, stainless steel, white creams, and wood tones look insanely beautiful with all tones of green. Silver knobs and handles are another choice for picking hardware for a green kitchen.

Why Green Kitchens Are the Best Choice?

People are drawing more towards green kitchens. Green has endless shades. Some popular ones are olive, sage, light green, grey green and spring green. The majority of this colour’s tones complement the distinctive hardware & fittings. So, they are versatile and match up with many styles of rooms. Some believe it improves their mood and energy while others associate a kitchen in the green shade with the reflection of tranquillity. According to some studies, it is believed that the green shades can be soothing. Therefore, green kitchens leave a positive influence. Hence minimizes levels of stress and anxiety. It is no surprise why artists go to their ‘green rooms’ before the performance. It is because green shades do have magical properties of calming down. It adds a sense of stability and serenity.

Bespoke Green Kitchens by TEL Kitchens

Whether you are looking to create a dramatic culinary space or a decent & minimalistic theme of a kitchen; the bespoke green kitchens guarantee you the satisfaction of style and functionality. Have the desired layout, specifications, accessories, materials choice and style. Choose the green kitchen that meets your all requirements and desires. The exclusive colours and finishes allow clients to curate the individuality and perfection in a space. TEL Kitchens is the best kitchen manufacturing company in London. The culinary spaces designed & fitted by us are meticulously crafted to your personalized specifications. Contact TEL Kitchens to customize your green kitchen with our expertise. We are highly recommended, qualified, and certified kitchen manufacturers. To discover more about our modern kitchen fitting services, call now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour accessories go well with a green kitchen?


Accessories for green kitchens do not have a certain style or shade. The kitchens with green shades seamlessly complement all materials, shades and styles of kitchen accessories.

How much does a green kitchen cost in London?


In London, the kitchen manufacturing agencies follow some aspects to make the kitchen quotation. Depending on project size, scope, labour, time, location etc.; costs vary.

Is a green kitchen trendy?


Green reflects a close connection to nature. Green kitchen designs are becoming popular day by day due to their versatility, modernity and nature-inspired looks.

Why green is considered the influencing kitchen colour?


Green colour reflects peace, renewal, growth and safety as per the psychology. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most impactful colours for a kitchen.

What wall colour goes with the green kitchen?


Choose colour that balances out the rest of the kitchen fittings such as cabinets, worktops and floor.


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